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Harold Zwaartman




Janet Jackson - What have the diamonds done for you lately


* 15-12-2006 (WayFM)


Live @ De DJ's (Club set)


* 15-3-2007 (WayFM)






Hidden Secret - Let's go back


* 11-5-2006 (WayFM)


Zwaardski Mix (Mixfreaks 2005-10)


Tony Scott – That’s how I’m living (bass)
Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up (perc)
Living in a box – living in a box (perc)
Malcom Mcclaren – Buffalo gals (perc)
Nicole – Don’t you want my love (acap)
M&M – Black Stations (horns)
Boer Har



MixfreaksJB MixContest Mix 2nd Place



Wonder World of Samples volume 2



The WonderWorld Of Samples Vol. 1


Sample's or loops are from:
Percussion Forrest (rock the boat)
Short hi-hat Janet (nasty)
Guitar Sister Sledge (thinking of you)
Clap Mac Band (roses are red)
Drums Jody Watley (real love)
Bass Dan Hartman (we are the young)
Carsound Frankie Smith

* 1-3-2007 (WayFM)


The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord in the House


Explenation: I've always been a huge high energy & italo fan. This song was a big hit in the 80's, but not in the charts.
I was making WonderWorld of Samples Vol. 2 and I used 4 loops together. (see tracklist)
I decided to try to make a combination of


Kool & The Gang - Extreme Fresh Edits Take Control


Kool & The Gang - Fresh
J.M. Silk - Let the music take control
The Jets - Rocket to you
lots of samples……………….
Software: Cooledit 2.0 en Making Waves 2.4


De-Wat-Zit-Je-Haar-Goed-Harold-fieliesjeef mix


Used accapella's: Colonel Abrams (I'm not gonna let)
Jocelyn Brown (love's gonna get you)
Short vocals Freez (pop goes my love)
J.M. Silk (I can't turn around)
Nu nu (you ain't really down)
Kenny G (hi how are you doing)
Jellybean (dancing on the fi

* 21-5-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Dance mix through the 90's


Paul Johnson, N-trance, Klubbheads, Speedy J, The Lawjer, The Boss, Lock 'n load, Mac zims, Scoop, Hanni en Da Rick.

* 27-4-2006 (WayFM)


Icy D and Doc Daze - Get on up and dance


Big Hit in Holland!!
Various remixes and versions. (ICY D page on Discogs).

* 1-1-1991 (CD Mixes) Get On Up & Dance (12") Injection Disco Dance Label 1990 Get On Up & Dance (CD5") Injection Disco Dance Label 1990 Get On Up & Dance (12") 4 U Records 1990 Get On Up & Dance (12") BCM Records 1990 Get On Up & Dance (7") Injection Disco Dance Label 1990 Tracks Appear On: Turn Up The Bass - Volume 7 (CD) Get On Up And Dance Arcade 1990 Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1990 (LP) Get On Up And Dance Arcade 1990 Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1990 (CD) Get On Up And Dance Arcade 1990


Icy D and Doc Daze - Gotta like hip


B-side of Get on up and dance.
Various remixes and versions. (ICY D page on Discogs).)


The High Energy/Italo "where is this going?" mix


Dollman - High Sex Drive
Rofo - Flashlight on a disconight
K. Barre - Right by the moon
Tapps - My forbidden lover
Sysley Ferrre - Give me your love
Roni Griffith - Best part of breaking up
Albert One - Heart on fire
Lime - Babe were gonna love ton

* 25-6-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix) 1st hour
5-10-2006 (WayFM)

Counting Crows - Big Yellow Edits


Other sample's or loops used from:
Bohannon - Let's start the dance
Captain Sensible - Wot
Art of Noise - Beat box
Midnight Star - Don't rock that boat
Baltimora - Tarzan boy
Eric B & Rakim - I know you got soul
Blue - U make me wanna
Shanice - I

90's House Classics "Waar moet dit heen mix"


1. Nomad - Devotion
2. Chestnut - Pot of gold
3. Peach - On my own
4. Two unlimited - Let the beat control your body
5. Divine - Native love
6. Usura - In my mind
7. Technotronic - Pump up the jam
8. Tom Jones - Kiss
9. Mr. Lee - Get busy
10. Out

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