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Ruud Zegwaart

Ruud's first mixes where (offcourse) broadcasted on
the Bond van Doorstarters, an item in the Soushow.

The 1st years Ruud mixed together with Robert Officier. Later he went solo.

Together with Roelof Wiedijk, Ruud entered 'The Turn Up The Bass - The Mix'. Contest.
Their mix was within the 1st Ten. Roelof nowadays works (sometimes) with Olav Basoski.

In 1990 Ruud started a studio with Olav Basoski, but he never made a mix together with him.

In 1992 he produced his first album, Trendy House Beats. Together with Alex Verstaag aka DJ Real-X. All tracks are 100% arranged and produced by Alex and Ruud.
In 1994 he started working for Arcade Germany (Dusseldorf) as 'Director of Finance & Operations', and was responsible for 'the business' in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In that role he mad evarious deals: Label deasl: Dos Or Die (Kosmonova, Aquagen an DJ Quicksilver.)
DJ Quicksilver " I have a dream/Bellissima" was in 1996 the 1st golden CD for Arcade in Germany. (over 420.000 sold)
In Austria he made a deal with Manfred Deix (und die good vibrations). A golden album
(1996) (over 25.000 sold).
01-01-1997 he stopped working for Arcade ans atrted working with Ralf Kappmeier (Sash!).
From 1997 to 2000 he dis a lot forr Dos Or Die en X-It Records
In 1999 he made 'The Mix of the Century'. Mixed by Arjan Rietvink and Produced by Ruud.

In 2000 (april), 'The Mix of the Century Vol.2' was published. With the same setup.




Michael Jackson Tros Club mix

Never broadcasted! But among the 3 best according to Peter de Mooij (there was a mixcontest)

* 1-1-1992 (Tros Club Mix)


Tros Club mix in 1992

Tros -1992* 1-1-1992 (Tros Club Mix)


Dance Classics mix

Dedicated to Peter Slaghuis


Dance Classics Mix

Radio 538 Soulshow* 19-1-1991 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Tros Club mix in 1991

Under the name 'Marty Korenman

Tros -1991* 1-1-1991 (Tros Club Mix)


Various Tros Club mixes in 1991

Tros -1991* 1-1-1991 (Tros Club Mix)


Easygoing Mix/Welcome To The Slow Jam

Mixed with Robert Officier
incl. Sybil, Marshall/Hain, Lisa Stansfield, etc.

Radio 10* 14-6-1990 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Decade/Decennium Mix from the 80's

Mixed with Robert Officier
long mix with hits of the 80's

Radio 10* 1-6-1990 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Various Tros Club mixes in 1990

Tros -1990* 1-1-1990 (Tros Club Mix)


Decennium Mix 1989 The best tracks of the 80s

With Robert Officier

Radio 10 -1989* 1-1-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Various Tros Club mixes in 1989

With Robert Officier

Tros -1989* 1-1-1989 (Tros Club Mix)


The Artistic Yearmix 1988

With Robert Officier

Radio 10-1988* 1-1-1988 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Eleanor - Adventures

With Robert Officier

* 1-1-1988 (Pitch Control ReRemix)

Remix Ordering info
Simone Angel - Contact (Remix )
(from the Zonnet commercial)/td>
The Michael Zager Band - Let's All chant (Remix)  

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