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Mixit Music Millenium mix 2000
(Franco Meraldi)
december 1999
Goose Pimples Mix
(Franco Meraldi)
(Kraftwerk , Snap, Dee Lite, etc.)
1980 mix
(Franco Meraldi)
Mixed in 1988 on a two track Akai (19cm/s)
Daybreak - Everybody get off
Jimmy Bo Horne - Is it in
Lakeside - Fantastic voyage
Change - A lover's holiday
Geraldine Hunt - Can't take the feeling
Stacy Lattisaw - Jump to the beat
Ray Martin
februari 1988
1979 mix
(Franco Meraldi)
Mixed in 1988 on a two track Akai (19cm/s)
Jimmy Bo Horne - Spank
Stephanie Mills - Put your body in it
Leroy Hutson - Unforgettable
Mouzon's Electric Band - Everybody get down
Nightlife Unlimite - Love is in you, Disco choo choo
Front Pa
januari 1988
Freak Out 1
(Franco Meraldi)
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh, I love it
K Jee - Salsation
D Train - The shadow of your smile, Keep on
Lakeside - Fantastic voyage
Billy Ocean - Are you ready
Sharon Brown - I specialize in love
Chic - You are beautifu
januari 1986
Challenge mix
(Franco Meraldi)
Various disco tracks
januari 1985
Dance Paradise
(Franco Meraldi)
Various tracks,
Grace Jones, Imagination, Cool notes, Chaka Kahn....
januari 1985
Silent mix
(Franco Meraldi)
Various tracks,
Funky Four - Feel it
NV - It's alright
Doctor's Cat - Watch out
Xenon - Galaxy
Koto - Japanese wargame
Hashim - Al-naafiysh
and more……

Intended to be the second
shaeke mix, but never did!
That's why I called it "Silent".
juni 1983
Shaeke mix
(Franco Meraldi)
Limited Ed. from il Disc Italy.
Various tracks,
Phaex - Talk about
Doctor's Cat - Feel the drive
Jock Hattle - Crazy Family
Leon Haywood - I'm out to catch
Yello - I love you
and more......
mei 1983
Feather mix
(Franco Meraldi)
Mainly tracks from the Funky Dutch formation Blue Feather, also M.D.M.C., Lime, Shirley Lites.
januari 1983

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