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Thuismix Championship Mixes

In the late 70s (1979) Radio Veronica started a mix-championship. The idea was born during one of the radioshows. Presentation was done by Annette van Trigt, Lex Harding, Bart van Leeuwen, Alfred Lagarde and later also Erik de Zwart. The Show's name? We don't know anymore.

The 1st Mixes where real golden oldies (the Beatles, the Archies, etc) with allways the same nonstop discobeat in the background. There weren't that much beats to be found on 12" in that time.
(A dutch producer copied the idea later and had international succes with the Stars on 45-tracks)

The 1st mixes were made by themselves in the above described way. After a while listeners started sending mixes and the mixingseason had started. Everyone who delivered a mix was played, there weren't that much mixers in that time.
In 1981 the real Thuismix-championship started. The mix should be 7 minutes and have different tracks in it.

The mixes where usually of bad quality, but with lots of humor and nice 'cuts'. Would be great to hear 'em.....

(Julius Thijssen en Hens Zimmerman) Website

(Julius Thijssen en Hens Zimmerman) Website
Thuismix no. 4
(DJ Ed) Website
Number 4 in the National Thuismix Championships

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