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About this site

The Dutch Mix History site started as "The Unofficial Ben Liebrand Discography", a site about the mixes Ben Liebrand made which where broadcasted on dutch national radio. There were allready some other sites about  him (Kees Uffens Unofficial Website and The Grandmix site), but neither of them had a complete overview of the mixes he had made. So I started a page myself. It grew. It grew bigger. And bigger.

And then I started adding the tracks he made on CD and 12". In the beginning of 1999 my sources started to dry out. My own collection was completely logged and the Internet had also no real new mixes anymore. Fortunately I still got some info through the Megamix / Mixfreaks mailinglist. But the site was 'finished'. And I wasn't yet. I wanted to make more, to spread the Dutch Mix History.

So I started to make pages on other mixers. It started with Koen and Addie (The Klubbheads), Ruud van Rijen (Twenty 4 Seven) and Ege and Marcel (EGMA). And offcourse the programs that broadcasted their mixes. The Bond van doorstarters, The TROS Club Mixes, Ricksmix, Driemaal Doordraai and so on. And the site grew.

New info surfaced and new pages came. I started to search for (and found!) e-mail adresses from those old mixers and through them I found more info and more mixers. And I don't plan to stop! But my focus will still stay the same. Radiomixes. Twan van Loon started the Dancemania site, a site about Dutch remixers with the mixes and productions they made on CD.

But why this site? Well.... I had a great time taping the mixes and listening to them. They where a big part of my youth and through this site I can do something back to their creators. I could not find any info on their history on the Internet, and this way they are credited fo the great work they (and the radio-DJ's!) did for Dutch Dance and House music.

Thanks guys...