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Silvere van Welsenis




Sergio mendes - mas que nada (Remix Edit)


* 28-9-2006 (WayFM)


The Subsequent Test Mix


Intro cardiac auscultation heart sounds, Chemise - she canít love you, Double Vision - clock on the wall (Beat), Delegation - you and i, T connection - saturday night, Kool & gang - big fun, The whispers - rock steady, Leroy burgess - heartbreaker, George

* 3-8-2006 (WayFM)


Gwen Stefani versus Mac band, I Ain't No Holla Stalemate


* 28-4-2006 (Radio Horsens)
1-5-2006 (Radio Horsens)
1-6-2006 (Radio Horsens)


Zomermix 2005


Grandmaster Flash: The Message
Imagination: Music and Lights
Randy Crawford: Streetlife
Chic: Good Times
Level 42: Lessons in Love
Patrice Rushen: Forget me Nuts
Freddy Jackson: Heíll Never love You
Oliver Cheatman: Get Down Saturday Night



Klique 3dd


* 29-3-2004 (Avro's Driemaal Doordraai - Oldschool)


80's mix


01 Princess - After the love has gone
02 Loose Ends - Hangin' on a string
03 Jaki Graham - Set me free
04 Jocelyn Brown - Somebody else's guy
05 Brenda K.Starr - You're the One
06 Fern Kinney - Groove Me
07 Tom Browne - Funkin' For JAmaica
08 Herb

* 13-2-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


The Say What Mix 2004


Spence: Get It On
Mike Anthony: Why Can't We Live Together ( sample )
Five Star: Let Me Be The One
Tom Brown: Funkin For Jamaica
Donna Allen: Serious
Advance: Take Me To The Top
Magic Lady: Betcha Can't Lose With My Love
The Fatback Band: I

* 7-2-2004 (Bond van Doorstarters - Veronica)


Change 3XDD


You Are my melody, Miracles, Hold Tight

* 19-1-2004 (Avro's Driemaal Doordraai - Oldschool)


BVD 1007


Leon Haywood: Don't Push It Don't Force It. Al Hudson & Partners: You Can Do It. The Whispers: And The Beat Goes On. 9.9: All Of Me For All Of You. Instant Funk: ( Just Because ) You'll Be Mine. Gene Chandler: Get Down. E.G. Daily: Say It Say It. A

* 18-10-2003 (Bond van Doorstarters - Veronica)


The Limit driemaaldoordraai


LoveAttaxx, Crimes of Passion, Destiny

* 29-9-2003 (Avro's Driemaal Doordraai - Oldschool)


Oldschoolmix 2003


Aurra: Happy Feeling. Aurra: You And Me Tonight. Aurra: Like I Like It (intro). September: The Lover In Me. Bobbi Humprhey: No Way. Millie Scott: Automatic. Sherrick: Just Call. Gayle Adams: Love Fever. France Joli: Gonna Get Over You. Fatback: (sample) I

* 30-6-2003 (Avro's Driemaal Doordraai - Oldschool)


Alexander O'Neal Driemaaldoordraaimix


Critizice, What Can I Say ( To Make You Love Me ), Innocent

* 24-3-2003 (Avro's Driemaal Doordraai - Oldschool)


Lillo Thomas Driemaaldoordraaimix


Settle Down, ( You're A ) Good Girl, Sexy Girl

* 27-1-2003 (Avro's Driemaal Doordraai - Oldschool)


Aurra driemaaldoordraaimix


Like I like It
Happy Feeling

Radio 3 FM (Avro's Back To The Oldschool with Jeffrey Willems)* 4-2-2001 (Avro's Driemaal Doordraai)


Mix 1995


Mixed together with Marco van den Hoorn (from Sassenheim) and limited and finished together with Arjan Rietvink. The 1st halve was miced by Silvere, the second 4 minutes were done by Marco.

Radio 538* 26-3-1995 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Mix IV 1993


Radio 538* 21-7-1994 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Mix II 1993


Radio 538* 13-1-1994 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Mix I 1993


Radio 538* 20-5-1993 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Summer Mix Replay


A mix with lots of golden oldies

Radio 538 Soulshow* 20-6-1991 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Swingbeat Mix II 1990


Radio 538 Soulshow* 31-1-1991 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Club Veronica Compleet Mix


With this mix Silvere became the winner of the Club Veronica Mix contest. He got his 'prize' from the hands of........ Ben Liebrand.

* 25-5-1990 (CD Mixes)


Mix I 1990


Radio 538 Soulshow* 18-4-1990 (Bond van Doorstarters)


The End Of This Decade Yearmix


Radio 538 Soulshow* 3-1-1990 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Swingbeatmix 1


Silvere made this mix for a mixcontest by the mag 'Disco Action'. He reached 5th place.
The mix was made eith 1 pickup with pitchcontrol an 1 without.

Radio 10 Soulshow* 20-12-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)


The Female Housedub


Starts with a intro from the dutch version of Mary Poppins (something like Superweldigenefantacolozachte) with a fat beat, followed by CJ: He's So Devine

Radio 10 Soulshow* 27-9-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)




Starts with a country-record by Buck Owens
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Peter de Mooy ( radioshow producer ) didn't like the countrypart, and started broadcasting the mix when Rick began singing....

* 15-6-1989 (Tros Club Mix)


La / Babyface & Jimmy Jam / Terry Lewis Mix


Intro :Prince If I Was Your Girl Friend, followed by Bobby Brown

Radio 10 Soulshow* 15-3-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)




Starts with accapella intro SOS band - The Finest
Show was presented by Hanno Dik, Ferry Maat was on a holiday.

Radio 10 Soulshow* 25-1-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)


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