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Emile Petiet

Emile was a big fan of the mix-shows on dutch radio,
and a big fan of the 'BVD' mixers and Ben Liebrand.

at 6 he started taping stuff from the radio on his mono-recorder and 'faded' the music
away when te DJ started talking. The Mono-recorder became a stereo-recorder. Then
amplifiers, decks and turntables came into view. He bought himself two SL1200's and
started mixing. Later he bought more MIDI stuff, a sampler and Cubase.

1985 - 2000

From 1985-1989 Emile Dj-ed at 'Lokale Omroep Krimpen', from 1989 he DJ-ed at 'Lokale
omroep Capelle'. His show?  JIPS/Jongeren informatie programma. later they called it
Shock-therapy :).

The other DJ's where Ferry Corsten (!) and Robert Smit. They had guests
like Paul Elstak, Rene van der Weyde, Ronald Molendijk and Marcel Hol. With co-DJ Jeroen
van der Spek
(who made a Trosclub mix too) he had the Capelse top 15. They
interviewed Koen & Addy (the Klubbheads) when they had produced the TurnUpTheBass
Yearmix 1991.

With Jeroen he made a Pippi Langkous- House Remix which was a bitch too make. The original
version had a very sloppy rhythm, so they had to cut and paste for 2 months before they
were finished.

Emile started buying vinyl in 1985, his favourits being Steve 'Silk' Hurley -Jack your
body and JM Silk - i can't turn around. His favourite dutch mixer was href="hithouse.htm">Peter Slaghuis, Sample King of Europe.


Emile lives in Krimpen aan den Ijssel and is now (2001) 33. Once a month he still plays on
the Lokale Omroep Capelle. with music from the 70's, 80s and nineties.

His Studio

1. Two Technics SL1200 turntabes

2. Denon double cd player DN-2500F.

3. Philips cd-recordable/rewriteble cdr880.

4. Dateq lpm 7.3 mixer.

5. Yamaha mv1602 16 kanaals mixer.

6. Akai S-950 Sampler.

7. Revox PR99 Tape deck.

8. Atari 1040ST met cubase.

9. Roland TR505 drumcomputer.

10. Roland D-5 Synthesizer.

11. ART DRX Multi-effect processor.

12. Nakamichi CR-3E Cassette deck.

And some small stuff like a patch bay and speakers.

His Mixes/Productions

His 1st mix was broadcasted on 24 jan.1991. Alltogether he made 4 Tros Club mixes
and was a guest in Martijn's studio twice.




Tros House Mix Volume 4


* 23-7-1992 (Tros Club Mix)


Tros House Mix Volume 3


* 10-10-1991 (Tros Club Mix)


Tros House Mix Volume 2


* 11-7-1991 (Tros Club Mix)


Tros House Mix Volume 1


* 24-1-1991 (Tros Club Mix)


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