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Kozmik DJ




Dance Megamix 2


* Zeb Roc Ski - keep prepared for the battle
* Wildchild - renegade master
* Chic - you are beautiful
* Phil Fearon & Galaxy - what do I do ?
* Kid & Play - Do it my way
* the Time - Jungle love
* Luisa Fernandez - Lay love on you
* M.C. Sar & the



Prodigy - Girls (kozmikdj likes grrlzz remix)



The Whacky Wack mix II Mitch miller & Orch - The bridge over the river


* 11-6-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Whacky House Megamix


01] Kozmik Dj - Intro (Moby - Go)
[02] Mr Mixi & Skinny Scotty - I can handle it
[03] Felix - don't you want my love
[04] Double Trouble & the Rebel MC - just keep rocking
[05] Fast Eddie - yo yo get funky
[06] Kozmik DJ - Break 1
[07] Fierce ruling

* 26-3-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix) 2nd Hour


Art of Noise vs Rakim - Close 2 the soul


2 weeks ago I bought a compilation doublecd from the bargain bin. there were several nice dance classics on there. including "close to the edit" by the Art of Noise (a record I own on vinyl for some time now) and it renewed my interest in the track. so,

* 23-4-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix) 1st Hour


Dance Megamix 1


Fun Fun - Color my love (Special edit)
Lipps, Inc. - Funky Town
LaTour - People are still having sex
Man Parrish - Six Simple Synthesizers
Hashim - the Soul
Master Genius - Let's Break
Telex - Moskow Discow
Kat Mandu - the Break (remix)

* 19-11-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Doug Lazy vs Wham! - Let Club Tropicana Pump


* 17-8-2003 (MixMania)


Kozmik 2002 - The original Yearmix

* 31-12-2002 (Jaarmix)


Shaggy vs Natural Born Chillers - Wasn't the funky beats


Shaggy - It wasn't me
Natural Born Chillers - the funky beats

* 12-6-2001 (3FM Battle)


The Gizmix TooKaye style


Records used:

Eric B. & Rakim - I know you got soul
Falco - Jeannie (pt1)
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh prince - a touch of Jazz
Digital Underground - Doowutchalike
Alex O'neill - Fake
Nu Shooz - I can't wait
Sly Fox - Let's go all the way
Black Machin



Within Tenptation - Mother earth (Kozmik Dj Mix)


Age of Love vs the Ones - Age of Flawlessness [kzm]


Gorillaz - clinteastwood(kozmix)


Kozmik Dj's (whacky) House Megamix III [kzm]


Kozmik DJ's even whackier followup megamix


Wicked Mix 2


JXL - A little less conversation


I received a copy of the cd 'Elvis in concert' recently and found there were some nice useable samples on there. so I got out my Elvis vs JXL cdmaxi and started adding some in there. switched around between the various versions (radio/extended/original) a

Lucas en Gea - Elke Steen (KDJ dansmix)


Lucas en Gea - Steeds weer huil je (kozmik dj's dansremix)


eminem vs prince - Without me, Controversy


This is a LIVE battlemix
I had Cool edit running, recording some experiments, and I set some cuepoints on the cdj-1000 in the Prince song. I had a cd containing the acapella of Eminem in my other cd player and I started combining the 2. it's take 2 and t

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