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this is Grace Jones - Slave to the rhythm (124 BPM)


Grace Jones - Slave to the rhythm


Grace Jones - Slave to the REMIX


Grace Jones - Slave to the rhythm speeded up from 96 to 124 BMP, spiced up with Salt'n Pepa

* 1-3-2007 (WayFM)
19-4-2007 (WayFM)


Beach House Boys


* 2-11-2006 (WayFM)


Spargo vs Vincent Price - You and Me and Vincent


Vincent Price JB Remix Contest 2006 nr-1

* 28-9-2006 (WayFM)




* 20-7-2006 (WayFM)


The Shapeshifters "Incredible" JPL Remix



* 25-5-2006 (WayFM)


CrazyMegaCuts Vol. 4


Mac Band - Roses are red
Tom Browne - Funkin' for Jamaica
Seal - Crazy

Fine Young Cannibals - She drives me crazy
Joyce Sims - All and All
Clair Hicks & Love Exchange - Push in the bush
Doug E. Fresh - Just having fun

Rolling Stones - Miss you


Griezelbus mix



Grandmix 1983 Remixed


* 9-11-2006 (WayFM)


Copa Cabana through the grapevine


Barry Mannilow - CopacabanaGladys Knight - I heard it trough the Grapevine


Doe Maar - Dit is alles


Het leek me een hele uitdaging om een x een reggae remix te maken.
Was dan ook niet makkelijk....zo'n reggae ritme verzin je niet zomaar.
Het leuke is dat ie op 120 bpm loopt (het dubbele van 60)

Het orgineel is: Doe Maar - Is dit alles....als remix


Indeep vs Viola - Last Night JPL Changed My Voice


Last night a DJ saved my life runs at about 100 bpm. If You Could Read My Mind runs at about 122 bpm. The mix is 122 bpm so I had to speed up Indeep and do some real vocal tricks here! It wasn't that easy but I managed to bend Indeep to their limits.




A new mash with special vocal treatment. Listen to the combination of: Pino D'Angio - Ma Quale Idea, Locksmith - Far Beyond and Colonel Abrhams - Trapped like they were made for eachother


Tramps vs Madonna - Music Baby Music


The Trammps - Burn Baby Burn
Madonna - Music
Dutch story on the Why and How:
Ik droom er al tijden van om een acapella woord voor woord
te kunnen re-pitchen. Blaadjes lezen, vragen etc etc.
Komt er op neer dat dit dus kan. Het geheim zit 'm
in de

* 17-5-2007 (WayFM)


My Mine vs Whitney - Love will save Zorro (Mixfreaks 2005-9)


My Mine - Zorro, Whitney Houston - Love will save the day, Reel 2 Real - I like 2 move it. Lot's of work in this one. Problem was Whitney's key. I managed to get it quite allright. Made this one in Fruity Loops...Reason....Ableton Live and Cubase SX. (pff


Anastacia - Slow out of love sensation (Mixfreaks 2005-7)


Anastacia, Kylee Minogue, Lolletta Holloway...those are the 3 ladies I had to deal with. First I made the Anastacia track myself. I wanted a "70's disco feeling" in this remix. Then I started putting in the acapella's. I did the whole remix in Reason and


Justin in Time


A combination that's not so predictable. Lot's of work to Make Justin sing the right way. All the Deep Purple stuff I did myself


Nu Shooz vs CHER - I can't believe XXL



George Michael - Outside


This mix is made with Acid 5.0, slaved to Reason 2.5 and mixed with Cubase SX 2.0 with BFC-2000 (fader remote www.Behringer.com)


Cher has Nu Shooz… Believe in I Can't Wait


De remix die ik maakte loopt op 122 bpm, stuk sneller dus als het org. Er is weinig van het orgineel overgebleven omdat ik alles maar heb nagemaakt op 1 sampletje na. De zang komt van Cher van de acapella "Believe" Let maar eens op de 2e stem die ik er ac


Queen vs Quincy Jones 0- We will buy you a Mercedes


Is een keer met Ableton 4.1 begonnen...erg handig.
Hiermee kreeg ik Janis Joplin "strak" Toen de loop van Quincy Jones erbij gezet en veel gefiltered.
Queen en dat kinderkoortje waren easy. Uit de CDJ zo de comp. in gestretched en wel. Snel in Ableton


Ivan-The Baila Editz


Edits made with Making Waves and Hz37


Daft Punk vs Curtis Mayfield - Right on for the Harder Better Faster Stronger Darkness


The basis is a loop of 'Curtis Mayfield - Right on for the darkness (1973)' (can be heard unmixed at the end of the mix). Combined with Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger. Also included 2 raps by Sweet Tee from 1987....I got da Feelin' and It's lik



Destiny's Child - Lose my Breath (Dancemission & JPL Remix)


En zo hebben we 'm gemaakt:

Harald had de Acapella en toevallig had ik de cd single gekocht. Die had een remix extra erop staan. (daar heb ik dat "hit me" vandaan) Samen wat remixen....dat idee hadden we al een tijdje. We zouden dan uiteraard met dezel



Kool Moe Dee - Go see JPL


Adding loads of instruments to the original version plus some bits of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing".
Ik heb als eerste de 12" van Kool Moe Dee opgenomen van vinyl. Deze duurt 3 min. 57 sec. (niks aan dus die 12") Ik had ook een album versie met wat aang

* 26-11-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


CrazyMegaCutsMix 3



First Choice - School what you want



AlphaVille vs Beyonce - Crazy in love, Big in Japan (XL)


AlphaVille - Big in Japan
Beyonce - Crazy in love


AlphaVille vs Beyonce - Crazy in love, Big in Japan


AlphaVille - Big in Japan
Beyonce - Crazy in love

* 15-10-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Prince - The 1999 Hustlle (2004 Remix)


In 1976 Van McCoy made the track "Do the Hustle". I tried lot´s of other songs to combine but it took one year (!) to find the right one. . In the beginning of March I got hold of Prince - 1999 A capella...and this is the result.


Marvin Gaye - Sexual Colibri


This is a mash up with Marvin Gaye and Incognito. They have a funky little song called Colibri and...it´s instrumental! I had to stretch Marvin to 108 BPM and "autotuned" him a little bit. Sound like a Motown record!!



Craig David - Fill me in vs Antonio Carlos Jobim - Samba de Uma nota só


My favorite kind of music....BOSSANOVA. Shurly I had to do something with it once. It´s a very simple mix. One A capella and one Jobim track. Jobim runs at about 142-144 BPM. So Craig had to be stretched several times to fit the bossanova. A little reverb



Nathalie vs Total Touch - Touch my love


1983 was my favorite year of music. Nathalie - My love won´t let you down is from that year….so it had to be remixed…..I took the instrumental and vocal side of this track and looked long enough to find a fitting a-capella. Total Touch is a dutch group wi




At the start of 2004 the CrazyMegaCutsMix no. 4 is finally ready…37 records in around 11 minutes. Listen how you can recycle the tracks several times in one mix. It took me lot´s of weeks to make all the combinations…..and I could go on for more…..but all


Paul van Dyk - Edits of our lives


I made this mix in a couple of hours. That was the fun of it. It's purpose was to put a little bit of revival in editheadz.com. All remixes of this song have been made by different famous editors in one day. This is one of them....


Jewel - Intuition


During a trip to Canada I was playing Jewel constantly. Well...as soon as I got home I started to work on "Intuition". It was fun to do. Lot´s of remixes have been made of this song....but never like this!


First Choice - School Put Asunder


This mix contains : Kristine W, Supertramp and First Choice . I started this one with Kristine W - Feel what you want. Hard times to find matchable tracks were a fact. First Choice came first.....after that I tried with luck Supertramp.



EBTG - Missing a Fiesta (XL)


This XL version of EBTG - Missing a Fiesta is mixed with the intention that it should sound great in clubs.

* 9-4-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix) 1st Hour


EBTG- Missing a Fiesta


It took a very long time before I found a track that I could remix with Grace Jones - I´ve Seen That Face Before. This remix started with her. Then I found the Sunclub - Fiesta (very popular track here in the Netherlands). EBTG was mixed in at the end. VB


Tone Loc - Wild Things Don't Stop


Tone Loc - Wild Thing
Brian Ferry - Don´t stop the dance
Santana - she´s not there
Salt ´n Pepa - Push it
Everything but a girl - Missing

129.1 BPM


GrandMaster Cyndi - The True Message


Nice, slow and jazzy...That´s this mix. Inspired by Kruder & Dorfmeister I made Cyndi Lauper´s True Colors a 90 BPM special loungemix! It´s actually a combi with Grandmaster Flash - The Message. Warm synths and slide guitars....and scratches!! It was a he


Pink vs Madonna - American Pink


Pitched up to 118.5 beats per minute Madonna is combatting Pink. American Life is allmost "unmixable" Unless you´re the owner of an acapella. Unfortunatey I wasn´t....So Imade a whole new track starting from scratch with my new Waldorf synth. It turned ou


Stevie Wonder - Village Ghetto Mix


Track 3 on the CD "Songs in the key of life" is called: Village Ghetto Land. Perfect song for a remix. I made a fitting track underneath the song. It´s actually a combi-mix with Ruff Ryder. He´s doing the rapping! The Sampled horns are taken from Stevie W



Eminem vs Wild Cherry


Eminem - Without Me
Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music
Barry Manilow - Copa Cabana
For those who like to groove!!! It took me a long time to make this mix. I just could not get it right. It was just the thing that I wanted to remix Wild Cherry for a l

* 26-11-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Sting - Russians


After my first remix of Sting called "Shape of my Edits" I decided that the man needed to be remixed a lot more. Russians was the next project. Problem was….the song is to perfect to be remixed…but I tried. New drums, new Bassline, some Will Smith….and a

* 7-5-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix) 1st Hour, Announced,NOT broadcasted!)
4-6-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Genesis - I can't dance the funbky beats


Nice, slow and funky!! That´s what it is. My first combimix ever made!! Genesis - I can´t dance with Eric B & Rakim - I know you got soul...check out the result and see if you like it


Genesis - I can't dance (XL)


For the first time I remixed one of my own remixes. The thought was...making it bettter and better! I used more percussion and synths in it and the track became much more funky! It´s actually a combimix with Erik B & Rakim - I know you got soul. Really a


Roxy Music - Shannon is the drug for me


- Santana - Oye como va
- Roxy Music - Love is the drug
- Shannon - Give me the night
This is a really cool Combimix. The original songs used where: Roxy Music - Love is the drug, Shannon - Give me the night, Carlos Santana - Oye como va....all put tog


Tone Loc XL


This is really something....mixing the other way around. First the short version, then the extended version. The same remix but better!!! Anyway...this remix has a bizar turningpoint in it. Actually 2 turningpoints! Listen to it !!!!!!!

Sting - Shape of my heart (extended version)


This long version is to my opinion better then the short one. Nice and slow and less edits!! I think one of the better combi-mixes I made

Steelers Wheel - Stuck in the middle with Vanity 6


Reservoir Dogs (1992) triggered me to do at least something with this song as Quentin Tarantino did in his Film. Best part was finding a song that could fit in. So it became a "non" edit combimix of Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the middle with you and Vanity

* 2-12-2003 (3FM Mixes) 5:45 At Maurice Verschuren's radioshow called??

Lou Reed - Take a walk on the Nasty side with Run DMC


Another "combi-mix" by JPL...There´s no such fun to remix old songs. The problem again is the BPM.....still changing!! I think this one really worked out well... Guests in this mix are Janet Jackson, Run DMC and GLOBE & Whiz Kid...check out the electro be

* 30-8-2006 (WayFM)

Let it Be Missy Elliott


Beautifull intro....The Beatles - Let it Be...so loop the beginning and add Missy Elliottt it....and let it "Work it" !!! Stange but a logical combination.

Britney Spears - oops I edit again


Upbeat edited and totally different than the original version. The Planet Rock look-a-like beats that are added make britney miauw.

Prodigy - Breathe The Editz


Again hardcore edits...this time they should be called crazy cuts. Listen to it !!!!!! !


Tone Loc - Don't stop the Wild thing


When I listened to Santana - She´s not there, I looped only the beginning and mixed it with Brian Ferry - Don´t stop the dance! Tone Loc was added later. So it looked that Tone was in contol of the mix now. It was really lot´s of work to make it a differe

Sting - Shape of my heart


Have you seen the film "Leon" or as they call it in the USA "The Professional" by Luc Besson? The credits-song is made by Sting and is called "The shape of my heart". Nice, beautifull slow song with a guitar....but it can be different!! I planned to make

madonna - edit another day


Back to editing.....the track "Die Another day" was made for edits!!! So many remixes have already been made of this song.... This is my version....so.....face DA music!!!!!...check out yourself.

Beegees - Staying alive with females


This time a NO-EDIT mix. Just an old song called Staying Alive remixed with Cookie Crew - Females. Staying Alive was hard to remix cause the beats are irregular. That´s why I added other heavy drums to it.....and it became more than phat!!!!....

Whodini - Friends / AM/FM Cuts


I allways wanted to have Natasha King remixed...well this is the way to do it. I added Whodini to it and "Friends" took over the whole remix. There's another famous song hidden in it.



Okay….the CrazyMegaCutsMix no. 2 is finally ready…29 records in 11 minutes, and again, everything is vinyl. This mix is 116 BPM and will give you lot´s of memories of the 80's. Just listen to this editmix and figure out if you can recognise all tracks!!!!

Prodigy - Smack My Mix Up


If you like hardcore edits....this is the one to download. It's a short one...but lot's of noise!!!


SOS Band - Even When You Edit


This is my tribute to the SOS Band...they have cool and relaxed beat loops and I tried to magnify that! So if you wanna hear a remix of SOS Band - Even when you sleep with lot's of edits and "in style"...try it!

Nia Peeples - Trouble


Back to 1988 with Nia Peeples - Trouble. (thanks to Frank Ticheler) Fat beats and edits on an oldschool track!!

Sly Fox - Extreme Beats


Back to 1985 with Sly Fox. This is an over 7 minutes edits and cutsmix with a really crazy 3 minute surprise-break!! The original song name is Commo Tu Te LLama (tell me what's your name)

Herbie Hancock - Herbie Will Never Die


The 1983 tophit Rockit. It´s remixed with Mc Shy-D as a rapper in edit style!!! Find out yourself what songs are mixed-in extra special!!....just check it!

Bomb the Bass - Don't Make Me Edit


One of the best songs of 1988…just edited with itself and itself and itself

Yazoo - Don't spin me around


Dead or Alive - You spin me round at 128.1 BPM and Yazoo - Don´t go...They just fit like a glove.


Xena - On the upside


Inspired by "Gershwin's" Shannon remix I made this one...so this remix has the extreme edits!!

Coro - Can´t Let The Edits Go


Yeah...2003 "Doppler Edits" of the track Coro - Can´t let you go!!!! The first time I heard the track Steve Picardi (Razor) remixed it. Now I made my version of it...nice and...long!.....

Cameo & Mel B - Word Up / Mixdown


Cameo is my gang...looking back in the 80's....really a cool gang. The dry beats of Word up are mixed with a deep bass and a lot of percussion. Guests in this remix are: Mc G.L.O.B.E and Mel-B!

Missy Elliott - I Can't Stand SupaDupaCuts


I added a totally new look to this song and made lot´s of "reversed" edits!

Sweet Senstation - Never Let You Edit


Freestyle remixed in Edits!!! "I never let you go" turned out in "I never let you Edit". So lot's and lot´s of Edits and 7 extra layers of percussion!!!

Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Edit


The first edit remix made by two editheadz...JPL and Funkafilia. Edits on edits on edits on edits! This result prooves that we should do it more often! Yo yo get funky!!!!! 1982 was the year of Planet Rock (respect!)....now it´s 20 years later...and check

Britney Spears - I Love Rock & Edits


The original track of "I Love Rock & Roll" is performed by Joan Jett...but in this remix-edit-version it´s Britney-Time....Time to make phat beats and pay no attention to her singing capabilities. Slow and funky at 90 beats per minutes moaning all the way

Man Parrish - Hip Hop Don´t Stop The Edits


Man Parrish from Brooklyn New York was one of the first people outside of Kraftwerk to make a record you could call electro. He has produced lots of records over the years including "Hip Hop Be Bop", "Boogie Down", C.O.D.'s "In The Bottle" and has worked

Boogie Boys - Dealin´ With Edits


Back to edits now...in 1986 this song was produced. The original title is - Dealin´with life - I used to mix this track in almost every song around 100 BPM in the late 80´s....now it is time to hear it in a different way.



Well…it's done…finally lot's of edits in 80's songs. 24 tracks in 8 minutes and 15 sec… and all tracks are from vinyl!! The mix is made in about two weeks in the evening. In the end I came up to 132 mixtracks
Michael Jackson - Don't stop 'til you get eno

Mantronix - the Simple Simon Cuts


You gotta listen yes you gotta regard! Music by Mantronik and lyrics by M.C. Tee. Remixed by JPL in full effect! E..e.e.e.e.e.e.e.d.d.d.d.di.i.i.i.i.ittttttssss.s.s...s.s.

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