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During the late 90's a group of dutch mixers and mixfans joined up and formed 'Mixfreaks'. Mixes made bij the mixers from this group were sometimes played on dutch (or English, or Italian or Brazilian) radio. The mixes NOT broadcasted on dutch National Radio like the mixes broadcasted on 3fm and radio538 will be mentioned below.
ITM 2007-06-01
(Ben Liebrand) Website
Beyoncé ft Jay-Z - Crazy in love (acap)
The O'Jays - For The Love of money
Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Mistadobalina
The Real Roxane - Bang Zoom
Cherl Lynn - If you were mine
Lisa Stansfield - Change (Driza Bones Mix)
Five Star - Can't Wait
Mark Ant

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