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The mixers from the 2000+ area kept on mixing, new mixers started and new shows popped up.

Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix (Veronica, Radio 10) Sven's Classix APK Mix (by Marc Hartman)
Bijna Weekend Minimix (Ben Liebrand,  Radio 10) In The Mix 2019 (Ben Liebrand,  Radio 10)

Before 2010

Bond van Doorstarters (TROS, Radio538, Radio10 '85-'92) Tros Club Mix ('88-'92) Disco Mix Club (TROS-'88) Pitch Control ReRemix
(TROS '88)
Bond Van Doorstarters 2003
(Veronica '03-..
(Avro,Radio 538, '87-'98)
 'And The Beat Goes On' (KRO '83-'85) Avro's Driemaal Doordraai
Thuismixwedstrijden Home-Edit Mixes Tros & Veronica Top 40 Mixes Dance Classics Party Mixes
Dier Op Drie Battle Mixes 3FM Preparty Mixes BNN Rabradio-Mixmania
BNN Ontmaskeringmix Radio538 Mixmania Driemaal Doordraai @ Back 2 the Oldschool Into the Groove
Outlaw Classics      

In the 80s ('till the 90s) in Holland the mixing-season started.
A lot of  guys started making mixes which where broadcasted on national radio.
I liked them and taped a lot of the mixes and decided to keep track on some remixers.
In the early 90s they stopped broadcasting those mixes on the radio. (and they started again in 2001!)
Those mixers kept going on offcourse.
Some started their own company, others kept remixing or started their own acts/studios.
On these pages I try to keep track on what projects/remixes they made.

Around 2000 some new remixers popped up. They met together with other fans in an online community called Mixfreaks.
Some of these mixers also made mixes which were broadcasted on national dutch radio.

Radio Veronica had the 'thuismixwedstrijden (79-83)' ,the 'Home-Edit Mixes(83..)' & Ben Liebrand's In the Mix, Grandmix and Minimix (1983-1992/2000-????) and Tros & Veronica Top 40 Mixes
TROS had its share with the Bond van Doorstarters, Tros Club Mix, Disco Mix Club and The Pitch Control ReRemix
AVRO had the RicksMix and the Avro's Driemaal Doordraai Live-mixes
The Kro had 'And The Beat Goes On' (1983-1985)

TMF (The Music Factory) had from 1995 till 2000 the TMF Video Yearmix
Radio 538: 538 Yearmixes AND rebroadcast of Grandmixes AND the MilleniumMix And broadcasting of Liebrand's Minimixes..
Slam FM : Klubbsound yearmixes since 1996 and "In 2 The MilleniumMix" all by Initial Studio
logozw3fm.gif (660 bytes)3FM
In 1999/2000 the NPS broadcasted the 'Dance Classics Party Mixes'. Mixed by Martin Boer.
In 2000 :The Dier Op Drie mixes.
Rob Boskamp's Club Flavours (every friday@17:45 3FM,www.ruuddewild.nl)
2001-2003:3FM : Patrick Kicken - Battle Mixes (saturday's  between 1300-1800)
2001-2003:3FM Preparty Mixes (mixed by Martin Pieters)on saturday evening, DJ Edwin Diergaarde
2003 BNN's Rabradio-Mixmania on thursdaynights  -  BNN's Ontmaskeringmix'es on 'That's live'
Radio538's Mixmania on Lindo Radio (sunday-evening)  -  On 3FM (various programs) mixes are being played

On Radio 538 (various programs) mixes are being played
  -  Radio Veronica : Bond Van Doorstarters is back (Soul-show.nl)
Avro: Driemaal Doordraai @ Back 2 the Oldschool
  -  Into the Groove on Radio Veronica

History The guys below (most of them) are mixers who had their first successes in the late 80s and the early 90s. A lot of them kept on mixing in the 2000+ years and now have recordlabels or are stillDJ.


The guys below are (most of them) new mixers, their mix-airplay are (mostly) in 2000 and beyond.

Ben Liebrand
(Unofficial Discography)
Remixer and producer of lots of international hits (Salt'n Pepa, Sting) and creator of the Grandmixes; Mixes with ALL dance-hits of one year, packed together in 1 hour-long mix!
Nowadays he makes commercials/videoclips etc. in his graphical 3D studio (Liebrand Images) and an ocassional musical production (Liebrand Audio). In 1999 he made the 3-hour long Millennium mix on CD and broadcasted by  Radio538. From 2000 on he's making new minimixes and grandmixes again!
Rene van der Weyde Together with Lex van Coeverden he IS Atlantic Ocean (Waterfall, body in motion) and Trancemission. Next to that he also makes remixes as TFX.   Martin Pieters Martin made some mixes in the 90's and had a lot of his new mixes played on 3Fm (Prepartty Mixes) in 2001. He also makes Spitsmixen and Hitmix'es for FreshFM and XFM
Peter Slaghuis Also known as Hithouse. Peter made the hit 'Jack to the sound of the underground', and was the remixer for Nu Shooz's I can't wait. And he made a lot mixes in the late 80s and early 90s. He died in the early 90s in a carcrash....   DJ Ed djed.jpeg (22044 bytes) Ed goes a long way. One of his 1st mixes was 4th in the 'Dutch Thuismix- kampioenschappen' in 1983.  Some of his newer mixes were broadcasted on dutch radio in 2001. His mixes can be downloaded @ his site
Ruud van Rijen Ruud made some mixes as 'Driving Force' but became famous with his project 'Twenty 4 Seven'(Dance Artist Bio).  Ruud's recordcomapny :Z-minor   DJ JW Some of JW's mixes were broadcasted on dutch radio in 2001. The're really great. Downloadable @ his site
Ron Scheepsmaker Made mixes for the AVRO: A lot of the RicksMix-es where his work.   Pieter Joosten pieter.mixfreaks.org
Eeg van Kruysdijk Eeg made some megamixes in the early 90s.Mostly together with Marcel Theunissen read about them here (his projects include EGMA, CARMEN, CVlose 2 U,All of Us)   DJ Esanto
Cocktails & Chicks, The Perfect Mix
Ernesto Santoro is a very productive mixer. His megamixes are 2/3 CD's and when he makes a remix, he'll give you 2 or 3 versions. Try his Turn Up The Bass MIX
Rene van der Berge Rene made some BVD's and made some remixes.   Lex

Mixfreak. Mixes since 2002

Bob Snoeijer & Marc Basten Bob made some Tros Clubmixes and Top40 mixes.
Marc joined him in 1991 and now (1999) they have success in Holland (Bob LTD), Germany and the UK.
  DJ D-Nar Hans Hendrikesen.
Mixfreak. Mixes since 2000
Wessel van Diepen / Delmundo Co-Producer of Vengaboys, Nakatomi, Lick, Luvspunge. Wessel is also a DJ at Radio 538 (former VeronicaFM DJ).   DJ Lucien Lucien Vrolijk
Mixes since 2000
Dieter Kranenburg / Typar Dieter made mixes which where broadcasted in Alkmaar (Holland) on local radio and some BVD's and 3MaalDoordraai mixes. He's part of The Sunclub and made some housetracks. He's Co-owner of UD&C musicgroup (recordcompany) with the label Wacky Remedy.   CJ Backdraft Mixfreak.
Mixes since 2000
Robert Waelpoel Made 7 BVD's and a couple of other remixes. He made a track as 'Maximum Overload' on the Rohofski-label and is now working' in the computer-business.   Fox-1 Mixfreak.
Mixes since 2000
Marco Verkuylen /DJ Marco V Made some BVD's and produces a couple of house-trax. Works with DJ Benjamin.
Official Marco V site
  DanceMission Harald
Mixes since 2002? Airplay @ 3FM-Bnn Rabradio, 538 Mixmania
Arjan Rietvinkhttp://come.to/arjanrietvink Mastering and Mixing of lots of megamixes during the late 90's en in 2000. Visit the Official site!   DJ Vernon Real Name : Jesse Zuman
Jean Paul Vis JP has made BVD's and othert mixes for the TROS from 1988, Club-Dj-ed a lot in Holland for 9 years and now has teamed up with Eeg Kruisdijk (EGMA). On his own he made mixes under the nams Tuscany, with Eeg he now produces under the name Nightgroovers.   DJ Sandstorm Sander Verhaar. Made the 3Fm 2000 and 2001 Yearmixes and lots of mixes played on 3FM in 2001 (homepage)
He also mixed some BattleMixes
Luc Poublon (Initial Studio) www: Initials Studio Luc made some Trosclubmixes, a pitch control remix, the Klubbsounds yearmixes for SlamFM (together with Peter Knipmeijer and produced some housetracks under different names.   The Dizzy Devil Marco van Doorn. Made some great mega- and re-mixes like 'About a Dizzy Yearmix
(look @ www.thedizzydevil.nl ). Some of his mixes were broadcasted as BattleMix
Olav Basoski Olav made some bvd's and heas been succesfull with the Dj-set-Megamix-series Works, Samplitude, Houseparty megamixen and other remix and production work.
He made som of his megamixes with DJ Erick E(erdhuyzen).
Visit the official Website (www.olavbasoski.nl)
  KwK Music Pieter Klootwijk. Some of his mixes were broadcasted on Dutch an Belgium radio Since 2005 he's mixing for the Street Dance & Hardwax Label!
2B1 Productions
logo.jpeg (10332 bytes)
Richard van 't Oost ,Edwin van 't Oost and Danny ter Avest.
Richard & Edwin mixed a lot of 538-ricksmixen, some BVD's and 3 538-Megamixes AND a lot CD-mixes.
  OkaySjon OKaySjon-nrbord.gif (9872 bytes) OkaySjon made a couple of great megamixes (A DJ's Decade..) and a couple of great remixes and Battletracks (2 tracks in 1 mix). Visit his site (okaysjon.nl) for downloads 
Lex van Coeverden Together with Rene van der Weyde he IS Atlantic Ocean (Waterfall, body in motion) and Trancemission. Next to that he also makes remixes. He was also known as Sample Syndicate (the TBM Mixes)   Frank Ticheler 2nd Place in the Turn Up the Bass Remix contest by Arcade (1990).
His site
Koen Groeneveld &
Addie van der Zwan
Koen & Addie made lots of mixes, most famous: the Turn Up The Bass Yearmixes. Later in the 90s they became more known as remixers/producers. Their projects: Klubbheads,Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy, DJ Disco, Catalana, Rollercoaster [With Jan Voermans], Ultimate Seduction and some DJ Jean -tracks. (WWW.KLUBBHEADS.NET)   Mixology
Mixfreak. Mixes since 2002
Martin & Bobby Boer Made mixes as 'Danceability' (Veronica Yearmix 1993) and offcourse producing '2 brothers on the 4th Floor' (Official site) (Dance Artist Bio).   Kozmik DJ Mixfreak. Mixes since 2000
Rutger Kroese (Rutti) Rutger made a lot of remixes and productions. 4 Example tracks 4 Tony Scott, Dignity , Re-Play & Sat-R-Day. (Rutti's CruiseControl Productionsl)   Dj DME Mixfreak. Mixes since 2000
Marcel Theunissen Marcel made some megamixes in the early 90s. Mostly together with Ege van Kruysijk read about them here (Incl:EGMA, CARMEN) Later he made dancetracks. His most famous group : Central Seven   DJ Swa Mixfreak. Mixes since 2000
Julius Thijssen & Hens Zimmerman JTHZ made (together AND separate) some megamixes which were broadcasted at  the Bond van Doorstarters (JuliusWWW)   Mediamix Belgian mixfreak
Robin Albers / Jaydee Also known as Jaydee and part of The Sunclub. Robin has been a DJ and radio-DJ for years. Robin owns the 'First Impressions' recordcompany and can be found at Jaydee.Net   Jerry Beke Mixfreak.
Mixes since 2000. BIG Slaghuis fan.
Maurice Steenbergen Together with Martin Scholte : Rotterdam Termination Source (POING). Remixed 2 Stadsradio Rotterdam Yearmixes and some CD remixes and he's the one who made the Veronica Yearmix 1999!   DJ Einstein Mixfreak.
Mixes since 1988
Guan Elmzoon / All Star Fresh / King Bee Guan made some mixes for the Avro (Ricksmix), was a live mixer and had worldhits with his group King Bee (Back by dope demand, party people in the house and Must BEE the music). He is usually credited as producer or remixer  with the name 'Allstar fresh'   The Homeboyz(*)
Bernd Loorbach

Di Giacomini
Bernd Loorbach and Alex Giacomini. They started mixing in the 80's and had some airplay in the 90's. In the 2000+ years Bernd has his own recordcompany and has BIG successes as Project X. From 2009 on they played their part in the Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix.
Orlando Voorn Remixer. Coming from Amsterdam,   Orlando has mixed and produced from the early 80s till now under the names Living Room, Nighttripper, Baruka, Urban Nature and Fix).
Winner of DMC Mixchampionships (end of the 80's)
  Jo Bergland Kiddiemixes. Jo mixes tracks from K3/M-Kids/Plop for jis kids and shares the mixes with us.
Ruud Zegwaart Keywords: BVD, Pitch Control Reremix, Tros Club Mix. Mix of the Century. Olav Basoski. Arjan Rietvink   JPL JP Luijsterburg. One of the best new mixers I know!!! His combimixes are BVD Quality, his Editmixes TOO much 4 me... But if you like Peter Slaghuis..
Franco Meraldi Franco made some TrosClubMixes and has made mixes for theater and 'mode'show/catwalks. he also teaches DJing. Visit his site www.mixitmusic.com   Gertjan Kuipers (GJK) Made mixes for BVD and mixfreaks in the mix. And also some GREAT yearmixes!! 
Raymond Adriaans Raymond made a lot of Tros and Veronica Top 40/50 mixes, some bvd's and has also had some of his mixes published through Dureco and Freaky records   Martin Drenth (EmDee)

Made mixes for dancetracks, driemaaldoordraai and mixfreaks in the mix. And also some GREAT megamixes!! 

Emile Petiet Emile made 4 tros Club mixes   Martin Dierickx (MD)

Makes a  one hour mix every week for Rising Flow Radio!

Silvere van Welsenis Silvere made a couple of BVD's, a Tros Club Mix, a Avro's Driemaaldoordraai (2001!!) and the "Club Veronica Compleet Mix 1990. On radio, TV and the Club Veronica Magazine Silvere was called 'van Wisum' instead of 'Van Welsenis'. He won the mixcontest and got his prize from Ben Liebrand.      

I started this site June 1999.  Till 2007 it was updated weekly.
From that time it was not that up to date. I started december 2018 again.
Feel free to contribute!

On the pages you'll find descriptions of mixes. No Downloads.
The descriptions are usually written by the mixers themselves (the newer mixes).
When a description says 'I decided to...', that it's offcourse the mixer who decided it, not me.

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