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Natalie Imbruglia - Maneater Edits


* 28-6-2006 (WayFM)


Madonna - burning up



The Prodigy - Girls (editmix)


Oe, the Prodigy almost released their new album "always outnumbered" but the promoversion of this album was already available. Rough breakbeattracks from the UK. Slamming!


Janet Jackson - nasty


Always liked the breakbeats in this track.. so i've made an editmix with it, combined with the 'uuhs' and 'aahs' from miss Jackson ;) No chorus or something, just four minutes of freaking edits (i've made this one at night and i've put it directly online.


Freeez - pop goes my love


Last week this song came suddenly in my mind.. and i had to edit it. I've used 'pop goes my love' and 'scratch goes my dub'.. and hey, the part on 2,04 minutes (the crossover between the two versions, 1-2-3 > "scratch" part.. ) was on my mind, but wasn't


Duran Duran - is there something i should know?


Started with this one last week and finished it today. 80's pop in the mix!


Justin Timberlake - rock your edits (DUB) Again a short, funky tune with lots of freakin' edits. Just for fun.



HIPTOTHEGAME - keep the edits alive


To show my respect to all the editors today, i've made this short tune. It's based on Shannon's 'let the music play' and contains samples from Madonna, Billy Ocean (wah!), Breakmachine, Ollie & Jerry etc. With this edit i want to thank all the folks who k


Nathalie - my love won't let you down


And finally i've finished my Nathalie-remix :) I've made an editmix of this track in 1999, but i want to do it again. It was much harder then i thought... and i fact, i don't know if the 2004-version is that better then the 1999 - one.


Wang Chung - everybody have fun tonight


Check out this extended edit mix. Lots of freakin' cuts & beats for y'all. Thanks again Jeff for suggesting Wang Chung ;)


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