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Diederik van der Nat




MixfreaksJB MixContest Mix 11th Place



Deedz Grandmix 1982 (7 min. edit)


Diederick mixes tracks from the year 82 using only the mixing styles available at the time. So NO samples and effects, just breaks loops and music! Whilst we play about 7 minutes from the mid-section of this mix, the whole mix runs for an hour.
Patrice R

* 23-1-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Deedz Grandmix 1982


001 Intro Grandmix 1982 - div. artists
002 Grandmaster Flash &Furious Five - The Message
003 Treacherous Three - Gotta Rock
004 Imagination - Music & Lights
005 Grandmaster Flash - It's Nasty (Genius of Love)
006 Imagination - Just An Ill

* 7-2-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix) From 24:00 till 1:00
14-9-2006 (WayFM)


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