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Lex van Coeverden


Lex van Coeverden remixes



TMF Yearmix 2004


01 - Lange Frans & Baas B Ft Brace - Moppie
02 - Ali B Ft Brace - Ik Ben Je Zat
03 - Lange Frans & Baas B Ft Ninthe - Zinloos
04 - Jojo - Leave (Get Out)
05 - Do - Love Is Killing Me
06 - Elize - Shake
07 - Leki - Crazy
08 - Leki - Breaki



Atlantic Ocean - Trans Atlantis


With Rene van der Weyde

* 1-1-2003 (Mix on Video) On Youtube


Robey - One night in Bangkok(1990 remix)


* 1-1-1990 (CD Mixes)


Yearmix 1989

* 1-12-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Jaarmix 1988


* 22-12-1988 (Bond van Doorstarters)


This is no pleasure trip 1988/1

* 1-12-1988 (Tros Club Mix)


Yearmix 1987 / Total Energy

* 17-12-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)


SOS Band Mix


* 15-10-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)



* 4-6-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Pickin up the Piece2


* 1-3-2007 (WayFM)
29-3-2007 (WayFM)


Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall


With Rene van der Weyde

Artistname Title, remix, other info Where 2B found
Miquel Brown So many men  
Videokids Woodpeckers from space 2House2Handle CD
Relevations First power (Pegasus Remix) Original track written & produced by Mundo Muzique & Andre 'Phenix' Estrada. Remixed by Lex van Coeverden Relevations 1996 12"(Outland TRIP030),TR:B1
Men With Rhythm Dance to the music (Pegasus Dub) Written and produced by D. Buné and E. Vleeming. Additional production and remix by Lex van Coeverden. Dance to the music (Spiritual TRIP130),TR:B1
Miquel brown Close To Perfection Remix by Lex van Coeverden Close to Perfection 7" 1989 (Rams Horn, RHR 1808)
Last of the international Playboys Win Some, Loose Some (Pegasus Rmx) Written by Kühr, Mangus & Ezrin. Remix and additional production by Lex van Coeverden. Win Some 12" (Outland TRIP036),TR:A2
Spangle You Spin Me Round (Pegasus Radio Mix) Original track written by Pieter Burns, Stephen Coy, Time Lever + Michael David Percy Vocals by Spangle, background vocals by Victoria Wilson James. Additional production and remixing by Lex van Coeverden. You spin me CDS (SPANCD01),TR2
Spangle You Spin Me Round (Pegasus Club Mix) Original track written by Pieter Burns, Stephen Coy, Time Lever + Michael David Percy Vocals by Spangle, background vocals by Victoria Wilson James. Additional production and remixing by Lex van Coeverden. You spin me CDS (SPANCD01),TR6
Evelyn Thomas High Energy  
Koto Jabdah  
Hit Factory Watcha gonna do Produced together with Bob Snoeier Rap by Erwin Motman 12" (dance Int.),TR:A1
Hit Factory Watcha gonna do (Piano mix) Produced together with Bob Snoeier Rap by Erwin Motman 12" (dance Int.),TR:A2
Lex van Coeverden Marathon Mix 12" (dance Int.),TR:B
CB Milton Time is up(Atlantic Ocean remix) P+A by Phil Wilde & Peter Bauwens & JP de Coster Backing vocals Dani Caen & Ingrid Simons Additional production and remixing by Lex van Coeverden. Time is up CDS (BYTE 9607-5) in 1996, TR:5

Megamixes on CD
Mix Tracks Info
STAD MAFFIA MIX It's Beautiful-LOVABLES/Disco Band-SCOTCH/Dancing All The Night-PAUL HARADA/Incantations-G.A.N.G./Don't Cry Tonight-SAVAGE/ Florida(Move Your Feet)-PAUL SHARADA/Another Life-KANO/Take It As A Game-EVELYN BARRY/Give me A Break-JOE MARAN/The World Is You-MIKO MISSION/O.K. Run-M.BASIC/Gitano-FOCKEWULF 190/Penguins' Invasion-SCOTCH/Tequila-BO' BOSS/Disco King-CARRARA/Batida-CARIOCAS/Are You Loving?-BRAND IMAGE  
ITALO BEAT VOLUME 1 1986 Computer(in my mind)-AGO/Doctor Jekyll-ATRIUM/Mr. Fantasy-LEE MARROW/Anybody-VIDEOVISION/I'm Your Lover-JOE YELLOW/Doctor Faustu's-CYBER PEOPLE/Executive Dance-EXECUTIVE/Secrets-ALBERT ONE/Destiny Time-ROY/Only One-TOM HOCKER/Steppin' Up-ALESIS/Mind Of Change-FRED VENTURA/Gipsy Queen-GIPSY & QUEEN/Activate My Heart-MECCANO/To Be Or Not To Be-JOCK HATTLE 62
ITALO BEAT VOLUME 2 1987 The One You Love-WISH KEY/Vampires-RADIORAMA/Aliens-RADIORAMA/Love At First-JOE YELLOW/La Isla Bonita-LA ISLA BONITA/For Your Love-ALBERT ONE/Play The Game-RUDY & CO/Come On-ALAN BARRY/Jabdah-KOTO/Everybody Needs Somebody-BLUE / Africa-ANTHONY/Fire On The Moon-ALEPH/One Night-TOMMY/I Mas Made For Loving You-NASTY BOYS/Boom Boom-PAUL LEKAKIS/Trading Love-FLORENCE 63
ITALO BEAT VOLUME 3 1987 Warrior-RIKY MALTESE/My Dream-TENSION/Last Summer-WISH KEY/Give Me Love-SUSANNE/Why-STYLOO/Rappin' Reggae Night-GMT ONE/Let's Go-ANTHONY'S GAMES/Mama-MALTESE/Nothing-BODY POMER/Robin Hood-WILLIAM KING/Sexual Fever-DE GAMA/Hypnotic Tango-MY MINE/Hold Me On Your Heart-STRAVAGANZA/Easy To Say-D.CONNECTION/Leave Me Alone-FRED VENTURA/ Disco Halloween-FORBIDDEN FRUITS featuring JIMMY McFOY 64
ITALO BEAT VOLUME 4 1987 La Isla Bonita-RAFAELLA/Last Summer-WISH KEY/Yeti-RADIORAMA/Hey Boy-CELESTE/The Walkman-KASSO/Dr. Faustu's-CYBER PEOPLE/Jabdah-KOTO/Night Girl-BRIAN ICE/Dirty Talk-KLEIN & MBO/Activate My Heart-MECCANO/On Ice-NATASHA KING/Never Dance-CRYSALIS/Space Trouble-WHY NOT/Space Hopper-PROXYON/I Mas Made For Loving You-NASTY BOYS/In The Night-DAY DREAM 65
ITALO BEAT VOLUME 5 1987 Fantasy-LEE MARROW/Let's Go Dancing-AVALANCHE/Let's Go-ANTHONY'S GAMES/Save A Prayer-GMT ONE/La Isla Bonita-RAFAELLA/Miami Vice-WHY NOT/Hopes & Dreams-ALBERT ONE/Gringo-ROBY BENVENUTO/Sexual Fever-DE GAMA/Bambina-DAVID LYME/Bye Bye Mi Amor-DAVID LYME/Robot Is Systematic-ELECTRIC MORKERS/Hot Leather-PASSENGERS / America-RISEN FROM THE RANK/Hot Sun On Video-VENUS/One More Time-BIANCA66
ITALO BEAT VOLUME 6 1988 Fire-RADIORAMA/Desire-RADIORAMA/No Moman No Cry-WISH KEY/ Hey Boy-CELESTE/Run To Me-LENA/Make It Up-WISH KEY/House Machine-DJ LELEMEL/Night & Day-FREDVENTURA/Get Down On It-NEW YORK RAPPERS/Red Man-50 + 50 BROTHERS/Hold The Line-CHESTER/Be My Lady-VANESSA/I'm In Danger-ALEPH/Over & Over-ATRIUM/Brown Sugar-GIPSY & QUEEN/Gigolo-GREEN ICE 67

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