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Olav Basoski

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    The OB Mix Part 1


    Intro: ... And now we have to kill you ...
    S-Express-Theme from S-Express
    S-Express-Superfly Guy (samples:We;re gonna get you, jack to the sound of the underground, ain't nothing going on, we're gonna do a song that you never heard before)

    * 1-2-1989 (Tros Club Mix)



    * 3-12-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)



    * 4-9-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)


    Janet jackson Mix


    * 14-5-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)



    * 26-3-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)



    * 16-1-1986 (Bond van Doorstarters)

    Title Info Number
    Works Tracks include: Recording Technique/ Xtra Funky/ Give Me Olav's Dub/ Easy Piecy Japaneesy/ Hooked On Da Loop/ Give Me/ Ooh + Shine/ House Of Wood/ Mess Around/ The Prize/ Beats U Up/ The Prize/ Sound Speeder/ Keep On Dancing/ Well Do You?!/ Whispers/ Water. - WORK -CD - WRKSA1-B2
    Second Works WORK37-B2
    Work Sessions 2 Rising High
    Title Info Number
    Samplitude vol.1 1997 Label: WORK Product No.: 686594
    Samplitude vol.2 1997 Label:Work
    Samplitude vol.3 1998 WORK37-B2
    Samplitude vol.4 1998 WORK38-B2
    Samplitude vol.5 1998 Label:Work
    Samplitude vol.6 1999 Label:Work
    Samplitude vol.7 In dutch dance charts :begin 2000
      Megamixen (CD)
    Title Info On
    Bobby Brown Megamix Feat: 2 can play that game, Humpin' around, my prerogative & every little step
    Hits in the mix CD MCA (MCD34229), Tr:12
    Houseparty '95 vol.3 The cosmic clubmixx With DJ Erick E Houseparty 95-3 CD ARCADE (0110117)
    FRESH FRUIT - Vol 2 Speed Garage Compilation A speed garage comp mixed by Olaf Basoski. Featuring hits by artists like:Tina Moore/ Todd Terry/ Scott Garcia/ Sil/ Les Indescretes/ Soundbwoy and many more. - 1998 SPGCD2-B2
    Title Info On
    Sil Vila Ducato
    With DJ Erick E
    TUTB Serious Clubhits 2CD (ARCADE 0176406), TR:2-4
    Sil Windows
    With DJ Zki (Rene ter Horst)
    Sil Blue Oyster Year:1991
    Sil New Windows
    With DJ Erick E
    Sil Windows'98 Year:1998
    Sil Come together
    With DJ Erick E
    Sil What you need Year:1997
    Olav Basoski Beats u Up VARIOUS mixed by DAVE ANGEL-16 Flavours Of Tech Funk unmixed 4xLP: React REACTLP 130
    Olav Basoski Water Year : 1997
    Olav Basoski Brings the bass
    Olav Basoski The prize
    Olav Basoski Keeps u dancing
    Olav Basoski Anytime Label: Work, Year : 1998
    Olav Basoski Soca Gang
    Olav Basoski Pass the bottle
    Olav Basoski Dealers DeFunk
    Olav Basoski + Kadoc I'm a T-Bone Year : 1997
    Olav Basoski Moscow Street rock Year : 1997
    Olav Basoski Gotta get moving Year : 1998
    HERBAL 6 Funk U!
    Vinyl contains three mixes done by Olaf Basoski who is the producer of this record too. House on this record is: a bit minimalistic, spacey, quite sharp and hypnotic or made on cutted rhythm. Every mix is different from each other and the record is quite good
    Label : BioMusic
    With DJ Erick E
    YOKI BOYS Groove On
    Pulp Victim The world
    (Olav Basoski, Viper, Barbarus mixes)
    Playground Holland 12": 0521590
    Gorgeous Love Sensation GOBANG! GG012
    Les Indiscretes Without you (Fresh Fruit Holland 12": EPFF22-B2
    Year : 1998
    Les Indiscretes Expression (Fresh Fruit Holland 12": EPFF 023
    Les Indiscretes Mob Hunter Year : 1998
    LAY RUE Got a Man
    A progressive track that lifts the bitch vocal from Shampale Carter's "I Got a Man"
    WORK039 12"
    Year : 1998
    LAY RUE I'll Be the Same
    Olav Basoski produced hard house in 4 mixes for the Work label.Excellent party styled stuff here with a well pumping bassline and clean and crisp drum patterns. One mix has some killer filtered and back flipped loops
    WORK033-B2 12"
    PanCake Don't turn your back
    With DJ Erick E
    Year : 1993
    Serious Clubhits 2, CD2, Track 12: Arcade 0176406
    PanCake See the stars Year : 1993
    PanCake Let you go Year : 1994
    PanCake Ain't missing Year : 1996
    World Series of Life feat. Claudine Nelson   I Would Give Anything
    Olav Basoski Remix
    Year : 1992
    RHYTHM 023 5
    World Series of Life Spread love Year : 1991
    Wodka Masters Pass The Bottle
    With Armin van Buuren
    Work 40
    LaRoche The way you love me Year: 2000
    Label: Spinning
    The giftshop Now i need Year : 1994
    Peach The Stand Year : 1994
    6 Bells All Me & The Mailman / Sweet & Bitter Year:1991
    6 Bells All File 51 Year:1991
    Headcrash So High Year:1995
    Headcrash Give it to me Year:1995
    Ten London/Amsterdam Year:1995
    Floormen Do it to me Year:1995
    Olav Basoski Opium Scumbagz Year : 2000
    Title Info On
    Moby Bodyrock (Olav Basoski Remix) Label: MUTE
    The Lonely Planet Getting Around Label :Very Disco Records
    Mirror Ball Given Up
    Olav Basoski Whiners Quitters Losers Dub remixed by Olav Basoski
    Multiply Records 1999 CDMULTY46
    2 Brothers on the 4th floor Heaven Is Here (Olav Basoski Samplitude rmx) Hi Bias
    Gimmick (Armin) Free
    Vocals by CJ
    Vocals recorded by: BEN LIEBRAND
    ARM003, TR4
    Madison Avenue EYN
    Hatiras Spaced Invaders
    James Brown Funk on a Roll (Eagle records UK)
    Bob Marley Jammin' (AM:PM Records UK)
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood 2 Tribes (ZTT Records UK)
    Mirwais Na´ve Song  
    And :
    Robin S.
    Appollo 440
    First Choice
    Jocelyn Brown
    Reel 2 Real
    Eric Powell
    Amii Stewart
    JT Playaz
    Christopher Just
    JX Tapp
    Phatts & Small
    Robbie Rivera
    3 Drives on a Vinyl
    Big Time Charlie
    Mighty Dub Cats
    DJ Phenix

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