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Avro's Driemaal Doordraai

In the 'AVRO's TopPop Radio' show (presented by Robin 'Jaydee' Albers) a Dj could *LIVE*Mix 3 tracks. This Mix would than be judged by various judges: Ben Liebrand, Ruud van Rijen, Orlando Voorn, Michel de Hey, Guan Elmzoon (King Bee), Jan Engelaar (DJ Jean), Erik Eerthuijzen (Erick E) and Lex van Coeverden for instance.

Once a year there was a big final (the NK Live Mixing/ annual Dutch Mixing Championship)
in Locomotion, Zoetermeer (Holland) with some prefinals across the land. In 1988 Alex van
Oostrom & Tony Prince from London took the LiveMixing-finals over.

The translation: AVRO is the radio-broadcastcompany. Driemaaldoordraai means 'Three-Tracks-In-A-Row' and is as you guessed a mix of 3 tracks mixed together LIVE with samples and other tracks to make it more spicier.

Trackinfo is not allways accurate yet... Working on it

Aurra driemaaldoordraaimix
(Silvere van Welsenis) Website
Like I like It
Happy Feeling

MARRS - Pump up the volume
Ofrah Haza -Im nin alu -
Fleetwood mac - In the middle of the night
januari 1991

Monie Love - It's a shame
JungleBrothers - Wotcha gonna do
Beegees - Nightfever
januari 1991

Timex Social Club - Rumors
Oran Juice Jones - Walking in the rain
januari 1991

(Dieter 'Typar' Kranenburg)
januari 1991

(Dieter 'Typar' Kranenburg)
januari 1991

In the middle of the night
No one does it better
Never feel the same
januari 1991

BS team - you are mixing
In the middle of the night
No one does it better
januari 1991

januari 1991

Forget The Girl - Tony Terry
Can We Talk - Donna Allen
januari 1991

What's On Your Mind - Information Society
Jane Proove - the only one
Big Fun van Inner City
januari 1991

Push It - Salt 'n' pepa
Get on the dancefloor - Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
What's on your mind - Information Society
januari 1991
"The World of music"
The Art of Noise
Kinge Bee
Ultra Nate
januari 1991
'We're gonna rock you'
King Bee
januari 1991

(Francois Louwers)
Express yourself - Salt 'n' Pepa
Escapade - Janet Jackson
??? - Tribe called quest + Public Enemy

(Vincent Hendriks)
Snap - The Power
2 Live Crew - Me so Horny
januari 1990

(Ed van de H)
april 1989

(Hans H)
april 1989

(Hans D)
Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real
Midnight Starr - Snake In The Grass
mei 1989

(Johan W)
Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance
Alyson williams-sleeptalk
Art Of Noise - Paranoimia
Deze mix werd door de jury toen gekozen als mix van het jaar bij driemaal doordraai
april 1989

NV - Its allright
Conza Abrahams - Tell from how soon we forget
Field Zone - If you ever should be lonely

Innercity - Big fun
Information society - What is on your mind
Barras house - Cromen city

Johnny Kemp - Just got paid
Tina B - Bodyguard
Bomb the bass - Don't make me wait

Chicko chedsey - Good dance
Pam Pam - Give it to me
Georgio - Bed Rock

(Francois Louwers)
Two puertoricans - Do it properly
Judy and the rose - Voodoo love
J.M. Silk - Love can turn around

Free Boys - Night time
Information society - What is on your mind
Babi Lahiri - Badiela

Salt' n Pepa - Push it
Black Right - Dieing alive
Information society - What is on your mind

Milli vanilli - Girl you know it's true
Bobby Brown - Don't be cruel
Shoube shoots - Should I say yes

(Marc Engel)
Eight wonder - Cross my heart
Taylor Dane - Prove your love
Ceejay - A little love
The mix also has a small Pippi Langkous sample in it

Lipps Inc - Funky Town
Derek B - We got to choose
Dan Hartman - Relight my fire

James Brown - Static
Mark Anthony - 9090 main street
Kid 'n play - Do this my way

Froon - Bobby Mugabe
Derek B - We got to choose
Herby Hancock - Rock it

Sheila Garrington - Kissing
Hazel Dean - Maybe
X division

Kid 'n' play - I did it my way
Georgrio - Bedrock
Joaine & Co - Hard court

Mica Paris - You are my 1 temptation
Patricia Rushing - Forgive me not's
Station band - Talk to me live

(Daan van den Einden)
Jesse Johnson - She I can't resist
Narada Michael Walden - Divine emotions
The Jets - Rocket 2 U

Madonna - Borderline
Narada Michael Walden - Devine emotions
S-express - Theme from S-express

Terry Billy - Don't lock me out
Joyce Simms - Lifetime love
Rick Ashley - Never gonna give you up

Eleanore - Adventure
2 life Crew - One on one
Narada Michael Walden - Devine emotions

Get down, saturday night
Nathalie Cole - Pink cadilac
Narada Michael Walden - Devine emotions

Rick Ashley - Never gonna give you up
Valaya - Sound to the doom

MARRS - Pump up the volume
Ofrah Haza - Im nin ah lu
Gangstar Rap - rappers

(Ed van Helden)
Ceejay-could this be love...(intro)
pretty poison-nighttime
Informatien society Whats on your mind
Bomb the bass-beat dis
Lovely Threesome
CeeJay (Ben Liebrand) - Could this be love
TKA - Come Get My Love
Sheila E. - Love Bizarre
I knew Stone love is once bitten
(Daan van den Einden)
ARETHA FRANKLIN & GEORGE MICHAEL - I Knew You Were waiting, ( + accapella GEORGE DUKE - Broken Glass )
KOOL & THE GANG - Stone Love
VESTA WILLIAMS - Once Bitten Twice Shy, ( Dub Version )

(Marc Mandersloot) Website
Alexander O'Neil - criticize (with fake samples) Jellybean - Who found who
Pebbles - Girlfriend
juni 1987

(Marc Engel)
Roxanne - Give a little love
Koto - Jabdah
juni 1987

(Anthony Beck)
Rick Ashley - Never gonna give you up
MARRS - Pump up the volume
Alexander O' neal - Critisize
januari 1987
Who's zoomed my magic man lately
(Bernd Loorbach) Website
01. Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who
02. Rochelle - My Magic Man
03. Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately
oktober 1986

First unknown
Second unknown (maybe Tonight by Ken Laszlo, but I'm not sure)
Mike Mareen - Dancing In The Dark
maart 1986

Phyllis Nelson - I Like You
Ken Laszlo - Tonight
Two Girls - Another Boy In Town
januari 1986

Miquel Brown - Close To Perfection
millie scott-prisoner of love
barbara mason-another man

Princess - Say I'm Your No. 1
Collage - Romeo, Where's Juliet
Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love

Talk Talk - Such A Shame
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Simple Minds - Don't You
augustus 1985

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F
Koto - Visitors
Kasso - Running

First unknown
P. Lion - Happy Children
Scotch - Disco Band
No lies, or release the tension and go back to the scene
(Brian Cortino) Website
01 SOS Band - No lies
02 JA Groove - Release the tension
03 Incredible mr Freeze - Back to the scene

First unknown
Ken Laszlo - Tonight
Silver Pozzoli - Step By Step
februari 1985

(Stef Bruinsma / Dj Cooly D)
januari 1985

Joyce sims-lifetime love-- (die titel moet je ook ff aanpassen bij 13-6-1988)
Tom brown-Unkown instrumental
linda lewis-class -style
januari 1985

januari 1985
Italo mix

Thanks to Michael Geuting for lots of 1986 info

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