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Yearmixes of the year 1990

On this page I'll sum up the yearmixes which where made on (dutch) radio in the year 1990. Some of these mixes were also put on CD. It are Grandmixes, bvd or tcm yearmixes, or mixes made by dutch mixers and only available on the internet :-)
Grandmix 1990 (Ben Liebrand)
* 31-12-1990 (Grandmix)
Turn up the bass 1990 Mix (Koen Groeneveld & Addie van der Zwan)
1 Chad Jackson Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) (2:03)
2 Deff Boyz, The Swing (1:18)
3 Hi Power Cult Of Snap (0:52)
4 Dom.I.No Up The Par (0:17)
5 Chimes, The Heaven (0:17)
6 King Bee Back By Dope Demand (1:33)
7 Ben Liebrand Move To The Bigband


* 1-12-1990 (Tros Club Mix)
december 1990
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