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MINIMIX - 2000

Minimixes are the mixes Ben made from 1983 to 1993 (and again in the new millennium). They are usually mixes of one track and one artist. They have been broadcasted by Radio Veronica on friday evenings. The dates shown are the dates they were broadcasted for the first time. These mixes are in some occassions the same as on the CDSingles Ben remixed/produced. In other occassions they're just 'practice'. If you have additional information about one or more mixes, please mail me.
In 2000 and 2001 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Saturday, 10 minutes to 3. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2002 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Friday-evending, 10 minutes to 10. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2004 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Friday -evening in Ben's own show 'In the Mix'
In 2005 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
In 2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
From 7-oct-2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 23:15).
From 18-nov-2006 the minimixes were also broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Erwin Peters Avonturen Show (approx. 21:10).

Clannad - Theme from Harry's gameclanmain.jpeg (14352 bytes)* 26-6-1993 (Minimix)
1-12-2000 (Minimix)
Phil Collins - In the air tonight (07:32)* 31-7-1987 (Minimix)
1-7-1988 (Minimix)
24-11-2000 (Minimix)
12-3-2004 (Minimix) In The mix: Armin van Buuren favourit
Haddaway - What is lovehaddaway.jpeg (6976 bytes)* 12-6-1993 (Minimix)
19-6-1993 (Minimix)
17-11-2000 (Minimix)
Snow - Informer (remix)
Lindo Radio* 1-5-1993 (Minimix) Stenders & Van inkel
10-11-2000 (Minimix) Lindo Radio
30-1-2004 (Minimix) On In the mix
SWV - Right hereSWV.jpeg (7664 bytes)* 18-9-1993 (Minimix)
9-10-1993 (Minimix)
3-11-2000 (Minimix)
Ben Liebrand - Techno trance megamix * 13-3-1992 (Minimix)
27-10-2000 (Minimix)
28-7-2001 (Minimix)
14-8-2004 (Minimix)
UB 40 - I can't help falling in loveub40.gif (19968 bytes)

Famous for their melancholic reggae tracks, this one is almost a ballad.Taking only a few riffs from the original, this "reggae ballad" is transformed into a ju
* 10-7-1993 (Minimix)
20-10-2000 (Minimix)
22-11-2004 (Minimix)
Jellybean - SidewalktalkBen got his first decent sampler and the world was sure as hell going to know it. :)John 'Jellybean' Benitez

Released in 1984, this track produced by John "Jellybean" Benitez, pro

Veronica:In The Mix* 1-1-1986 (Minimix) Veronica:Curry & Van Inkel
13-10-2000 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
16-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
Mai Tai - HistoryMai Tai, produced by van Tijn & Fluitsma,Working from the original multitrack, adding the rhythm made famous by Eric B & Rakim. Additional info will follow(06:40)* 4-10-1991 (Minimix)
4-10-1991 (CD Mixes) DMC 105/3 (12")
6-10-2000 (Minimix)
Lil Louis George Kranz - French kiss / Din daa daaLil Louis : French Kiss (1989). Huge club hit currently a hit again in the 2000 remake/remix
George Kranz : Din Daa Daa (1983) Alternative Club circuit and additional acappellas.
Din Daa Daa meets French Kiss. Both songs sharing the same key I tried the
* 29-9-2000 (Minimix)
9-11-2006 (WayFM)
Abba - Lay all your love on meAllthough Abba was a group, simply not played in the clubscene,
there was no getting around it after Disconet (a dj remix service
in the late 70's and early 80's) issued a remix that kept dancefloors moving even in the true underground clubs. Abba was s
* 10-7-1992 (Minimix)
22-9-2000 (Minimix)
27-2-2004 (Minimix)
Stock Aitken & Waterman - Roadblock (dirty roadblock detour)A production by the hit-team Stock Aitken & Waterman. Recorded as a studio project, with only studio session musicians (who also worked on the other SAW producions) This "let's-do-something-different" production also became a hit despite the fact that it (06:48)
Dirty Roadblock Detour* 7-8-1987 (Minimix) Version I? Dirty Roadblock Detour
2-10-1987 (Minimix) Version II Roadblock Detour
15-9-2000 (Minimix) Dirty Roadblock Detour
30-7-2004 (Minimix)
Mel & Kim - Showing outFeatured in this minimix are Mel & Kim's "Showing out" and a vocal line from the disco classic Frantique: "Strutt your funky stuff"
This minimix combines Mel & Kim's "Showing out" and Frantique's"Strutt your funky stuff" into a perfect vocal blend Sampl
* 9-1-1987 (Minimix)
8-9-2000 (Minimix)
Tramps - Disco InfernoDiscoInferno.jpeg (10176 bytes)Featured in the blockbuster movie Saturday Night Fever, The Tramps had a huge hit with Disco Inferno.

Starting of with t
* 1-9-2000 (Minimix)
13-1-2001 (Minimix)
Michael Jackson om MARRS - Pump up the volume/BadToday's minimix is a combination of M/A/R/R/S's Pump up the volume, and Michael Jackson's Bad.
Bad, and Pump up the volume both share the same tempo and key, and that combination was a minimix waiting to happen. Several voice-overs taken from audio test
On radio 538* 25-9-1987 (Minimix) On Radio Veronica
25-8-2000 (Minimix) On radio 538
23-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
Prince vs. Mighty Dub Katz - Magic 1999################* 20-8-2000 (Minimix)
23-9-2006 (Minimix) As part of ITM
Rocker's Revenge - Walking on sunshineBen Liebrand acid mix(06:11)* 9-9-1988 (Minimix)
18-8-2000 (Minimix)
7-1-2006 (Minimix)
Ben Liebrand - Grandmix / Summermix SecondHour Preview * 11-8-2000 (Minimix)
Felix - Don't you want me vs Sergio MendesSergio MendesThe mix consists of 2 tracks, Sergio Mendes with Fanfarra a rather poppy latin track with an out of this world intro, and Felix with Don't you wan* 11-9-1992 (Minimix)
4-8-2000 (Minimix)
23-4-2004 (Minimix)
Sergio Mendes Felix - Sergio Mendes vs Felix * 4-8-2000 (Minimix)
Sting - Mad about you (06:29)* 25-1-1991 (Minimix)
28-7-2000 (Minimix)
Madonna - Open your heartA hectic big sounding remix with many edit effects* 5-12-1986 (Minimix) ?
14-6-1991 (Minimix)
21-7-2000 (Minimix)
10-9-2004 (Minimix)
Janet Jackson - Miss you much (06:37)* 15-9-1989 (Minimix)
14-7-2000 (Minimix)
11-6-2004 (Minimix)
24-9-2004 (Minimix)
Tina Turner - Two people (07:34)* 7-11-1986 (Minimix)
7-7-2000 (Minimix)
Whitney Houston vs Public Enemy - I'm your baby tonightPublic Enemy with a pounding rhythm meets Whitney Houston's I'm your baby tonight. This combination is a daring mix of Hardcore hiphop and a great R&B song. The rough rhythms complement Whitney's performance in such a way that the groove just makes you wa* 22-2-1991 (Minimix)
30-6-2000 (Minimix)
23-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
Ben Liebrand - Het weerbericht * 23-6-2000 (Minimix)
Dominator vs Africa Bambatta : BambonitatorThese are a couple of totally different tracks.
* 16-6-2000 (Minimix)
19-11-2005 (Minimix)
16-12-2006 (Minimix)
Tony Scott - Move to the bigband (Jazztrip)This is a track written by Ben Liebrand (music) and Tony Scott (Lyrics). It was produced by Ben Liebrand for the album Styles.
Move to the Bigband is a fusion between Bigband and rap, featuring real horns arranged by Gerbrand Westveen, combined with a sp
* 9-6-2000 (Minimix)
6-1-2007 (Minimix)
3-3-2007 (Mix on Video) Watch the video!
The Klubbbheads - Megamix (Sixpack 2000 mix)Ingredients:
Klubbheads : Discohopping - 1997 (contains Born to be alive)
Klubbheads : Clubhopping - ????
Klubbheads : Release the pressure - 1999
klubbheads : Kickin' hard - 1998
Klubbheads : Pumped up funk - 1997
klubbheads : Turn up the bass - 2
* 2-6-2000 (Minimix)
Janet Jackson - Let's wait a whileLet's wait a while is a beautiful balad from Janet's first true solo album " Control". The album was called this, as it was Janet's first album where she was no longer under the influence of her brothers and parents influence. The album was produced by Ja* 27-3-1987 (Minimix)
26-5-2000 (Minimix)
20-2-2004 (Minimix)
9-4-2004 (Minimix)
24-9-2004 (Minimix)
Kraftwerk - MegamixContained in this mix are:
It's more fun to compute, Wir sind die roboter, (stop) Radio aktivitšt, Computer Liebe, Pocket Calculator (Taschen rechner).
This Megamix combines several Kraftwerk tracks with breakbeat loops and reversed parts from the origi
* 1-11-1984 (Minimix)
7-6-1991 (Minimix)
19-5-2000 (Minimix)
9-4-2004 (Minimix)
Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night (2step mix)The original version was a big hit in 1979. It was produced by Eumir Deodato, who also released some great stuff under his own name. In 1991 Ben made a New jack swing mix, closely based on Guy's Her. Check it out !
A new style is emerging, and becoming m
* 12-5-2000 (Minimix)
Crystal Waters - Gypsy WomanThe original version was a huge hit, starting in the clubs, and later crossing over to radio. It has one of the most pounding basedrumms ever combined with a daring organ intro, and a very very very catching sing-along hook. La da dee, la da da.
To comp
(06:59)* 17-5-1991 (Minimix)
5-5-2000 (Minimix)
16-7-2004 (Minimix)
30-9-2006 (Minimix)
Bobby Brown - Megamixbrown.gif (12383 bytes)Bobby Brown was big in the 80's . Many of his tracks are produced by L.A. & Babyface.
This minimix is actually made by Rita Liebrand. It was a megamix req
* 23-2-1990 (Minimix)
28-4-2000 (Minimix)
Jan Hammer - Crockett's theme (II)The original version was one of the theme's from the popular tv-series 'Miami Vice'. It was a theme dedicated to the character Sonny Crockett played by Don Johnson, (07:00)* 20-2-1987 (Minimix)
1-1-1988 (Minimix)
21-4-2000 (Minimix)
6-2-2004 (Minimix)
6-8-2005 (Minimix)
2-2-2007 (Minimix)
Level 42 - It's overlevel42mmx.jpeg (20105 bytes)The original Version was a beatiful balad
This Minimix is an Art of Noise style remix, made from the original multitrack, the mix flows back and f

Lindo Radio* 10-4-1992 (Minimix) Stenders & Van Inkel
14-4-2000 (Minimix) Lindo Radio
12-3-2004 (Minimix) In The Mix
26-1-2007 (Minimix)
Whitney Houston - I'm every womanThe original Version was a song by Chaka Kahn, now performed by Whitney Houston, with Chaka on backing vocals.
This Minimix is a trance version following the lines of Format's Solid Session. It is a deep trance sound, with percussive elements and lots of
* 27-2-1993 (Minimix)
7-4-2000 (Minimix)
Whitney Houston - I will allways love youThe original Version was the titel song for the hit motion picture 'The Bodyguard' ruled the number 1 chart position all over the world for weeks in a row.
This Minimix is one of the most crazy minimixes ever. It takes the original ballad, shreds it to p
* 13-2-1993 (Minimix)
31-3-2000 (Minimix)
9-7-2004 (Minimix)
Sinead O'Conner vs Guru Josh - Nothing compares 2 YoUr infinityThe original Version was a song by Prince, made into an even bigger hit by Sinead O'Conner. Her famous video, where she cries just that little bit at the right moment, contributing substantually to the succes. Other ingredient is the sax riff from Guru Jo* 23-3-1990 (Minimix)
14-2-1992 (Minimix)
24-3-2000 (Minimix)
30-1-2004 (Minimix) On In the Mix
2-4-2005 (Minimix)
DJ Jurgen - Higer and HigherThe original Version was produced by Erik de Koning, DJ Jurgen & Mark van Dale, and features the vocals of Karen Shenaz. It was produced with italo and trance influences. Rene v.d. Weyde pointed me to the possibility of making a minimix version. Quickly t* 17-3-2000 (Minimix)
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel FAxel F stands for Axel Foley. The song was written as a theme for the movie Beverly Hills Cop, and appears whenever the lead character Axel Foley, played by Eddie Murphy comes in to action.
Harold Faltermeyer also worked closely with Giorgio Moroder and
* 1-1-1985 (Minimix)
13-12-1991 (Minimix)
10-3-2000 (Minimix)
30-4-2004 (Minimix)
Drum Theatre - EldoradoElectric Drum theatre was one of the bands in a wave of rock/dance acts like Duran Duran, Mister Mister and Talk Talk (I sense a pattern here....)
This is one of the early remixes, using the first Akai 612 Sampler to add drum and vocal effects. The phasi
* 3-3-200 (CD Mixes) The Minimix CDS
7-2-1986 (Minimix)
20-12-1991 (Minimix)
3-3-2000 (Minimix)
26-3-2004 (Minimix) Adding a substantial amount of precussion and fills to this track, draws it from it's pop background straight to the dancefloor
2-3-2007 (Minimix)
Ben Liebrand - ChaseChase by Giorgio Moroder is absolutely one of my favorites. It is perhaps THE track which inspired me to start making music. The original track features elements like reverse triangle patterns, filtered hihats and beautiful sequencer lines. The original t* 25-2-2000 (Minimix)
Queen/Genesis - Mama will rock youQueen - We will rock you
Genesis - Mamma
With a little bit of Bohemian Rapsody at the start.
The minimix combines these two tracks as they have the same BPM and partially also the same tonal key. The combination of these 2 rock classics amount s to mor
* 29-5-1992 (Minimix)
16-10-1992 (Minimix)
18-2-2000 (Minimix)
25-6-2004 (Minimix) A mash-up made long before anyone had heard of the term "mash-up"
29-1-2005 (Minimix)
8-12-2006 (Minimix)
15-12-2006 (Minimix)
Ben Liebrand - Music & Passion (Clubmix)This track is inspired by Barry Manilow's Copa Cabana. In order to create this track, only a few vocal lines were used.As the original version did not feature an acappella, these vocal lines needed to be re-recorded. The organ-line was inspired by Morel's* 11-2-2000 (Minimix)
3-12-2004 (Minimix) A combination in mash-up style of Morel's Groove and the vocal hook of Copacabana.
Armin van Buren - CommunicationCommunication is an energetic track by the dutch producer Armin van Buuren. The track is called "Communication" and the original production is a powerful trance mix with great melody lines. Several minutes in to the track while you are already enjoying th* 4-2-2000 (Minimix)

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