1999 broadcast: Radio538 October 1999

Timewarp complete-Ready for transemission
Intro Grandmix 92
My Lovin' - EnVogue
Mr Loverman - Shabba Ranks
Mistadobalina - Del Tha Funkee
Free Your Mind - En Vogue
Start Me Up - Salt'N'Pepa
Too Funky - Geoge Michael
People Evereyday - Arrested Development
Tennessee - Arrested Development
Joy - Soul II Soul
Wishing on a Star - Cover Girls
Jump - Kriss Kross
Erotica - Madonna
Warm it Up - Kriss Kross
Move the Mountain - Soul II Soul
Keep on Walking -Ce Ce Peniston
Just Another Day - John Secada
How Gee - Black Machine
Live and Learn - Joe Public
Jump Around - House of Pain
I missed the Bus - Kriss Kross
Is it Good to You - Teddy Riley & Tammy
Funky Funky People - Black Machine
Don't worry 'bout a thing - Incognito
Hunpin' Aroud - Bobby Brown
Keep it Comin' - C & C Factory
A little bit more - Kim Sims
I'm doing fine now - Pasadenas
The lover's got.. - Heavy D & the Boyz
Things that You do - DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Promises - Paris Red
Remember the Time - Michael Jackson
Expression - Salt'N'Pepa
Lift Every Voice - Mass Order
Hot Body - Jamie Principal
Brother Like Sisiter- Cookie Crew
Ain't 2 Proud to Beg - T.L.C.
Don't Lose The Magic - Swan Christopher
Please Don't Go - Double You
I'll Never Know - Beckie Bell
Running So Hard - Sophia
Follow me - Aly-us
Finally - Ce Ce Peniston
Jam Michael Jackson
The Best Things In Life - Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson
We got a Love Thing - Ce Ce Peniston
Hypnotized - Clubland
Nu Nu - Lidell Townsel
You're Love is Lifting Me - Nomad
Saying Hi there - Sleppwalker
Sweat Dance - K-yze
Pride a Deeper Love - Clivilles & Cole
Guitar - Larry Spinosa
Pennies from Heaven - Innercity
Bakerstreet - Undercover
Keep it Comin' - C & C Factory
Hello San Fransisco - Dance to Trance
Rhythm is a Dancer - Snap
Club Lonely - Lil Louis & the World
It's a Fine Day - Opus III
I would give Anything - World series of Life
Steppin' out Tonight - Beckie Bell
Passion - Gat Decor
No Faith - Zeon
La Musica Tremenda - Ramirez
Para los Rumberos - Mambo Kings
Body Motion - Sadomasy & DJ One
I'm Gonna Get You - Bizarre Inc.
Rollercoaster - X-es
Solid Session - Format
The Magic Friend - 2 Unlimited
Make you Hole - Andronicus
It's my Life - Dr.Alban
Tales... - Paradise 3001
Pacific Symphony - Transformer 2
I want you Forever - Obstruction
Have a Nice Day - 2 the Core
Don't you Want me - Felix
Turn up the music - Dr.Baker
Workaholic - 2 Unlimited
El Ritmo Barbaro - Ramirez
The music's got me - Bass Bumpers
Oumpa Loempa - Aquastep
Let the bass be louder - Bass Boys
Oumpa Loempa - Aquastep
Hablando - Ramirez & Pizarro
Pot of Gold - Chestnut
The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love
Big Boom - Sequencial
Psychotronic - Sequential
Twilight Zone - 2 Unlimited
House Nation - Ultimate Seduction
The Ultimate Seduction - Ultimate Seduction
Pullover - Speedy J
The Mayday Anthem - Westbam
Dildo - Interactive
Nana - N.u.k.e.
Te Quierro - Intrance feat. D-Sign
Der Klang Der Familie - 3 Phase
Outro Grandmix 92 "There can only be one"

1 x Philips 850 MKII CD player
2 x Akai DD 1000 Optical Disc recorders
2 x Tascam DA-30 DAT recorder

Background info
After gathering all the dance charts of the year, an initial list was made in the month
November. This list was sorted by tempo (BPM beats per minute) and on the 1st of
December, work was started on the mix. It took the full month of December to complete
and perfect the mix, usually working the last 72 hours in one stretch.

Digital Optical Disk Recorder
The grandmix 92 (as well as 90 and 91) were made in a totally different way compared to previous mixes.
Only one CD player was used to load all songs into the Akai DD-1000 Optical Disk Recorder.
The Akai DD1000 can edit, timestretch and mix songs digitally. It can record from Analog sources,
as well as Digital AES/EBU, spDif and Optical Sources. Although the DD1000 can play only 2 songs
simultaneously, it has the option to merge songs, and thus layer them as needed. It also has great
timestretch capabilities even compared to today's standards. The DD1000's are perfect for another
reason, they never 'crash' messing up your edits , In over 10 years they 'locked up' maybe 3 times.
Switching the machines 'off' and 'on' again is all that is needed to continue your work.
Needless to say the machines are still in use here today

The Grandmix 92 Directors Cut
The Grandmix 92 as broadcasted on Radio538 October 1999 was transferred from the DAT master
to the AKAI DD1000. The intro starts of with "Timewarp complete - Ready for transmission" followed by the original

Intro featuring Ben Liebrand on Vocoder. The mix was then recorded back on to DAT.