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1999 broadcast : Radio538 august 1999

Timewarp Complete, Ready for transmission Intro Grandmix 90
Sadeness - Enigma
Love don't Live here Anymore - Double Trouble
Close to You - Maxi Priest
Dub be Good to Me - Beats International
Thinking of You - Maureen Walsh
Can't Stop - After 7
Hold On - En Vogue
Lies - En Vogue
Easy - Ice MC
Inna City Mamma - Neneh Cherry
Justify my Love - Madonna
Tom's Dinner - DNA feat. Suzanne Veag
Next to You - Aswad
Don't be a Fool - Loose Ends
Fascinating Rhythm - Bassomatic
All or Nothing - Milli Vanilli
Geat a Life - Soul II Soul
She ain't woth it - GlennMadeiros feat. Bobby Brown
Giving you the Benefit - Pebbles
Natural thing - Innocence
Living in the Light - Caron Wheeler
Silent Voice - Innocence
A Dream's a Dream - Soul II Soul
Oops Upside your Head - Snap
I've got you under my skin - Neneh Cherry
UK Blak - Caron Wheeler
Unbelievable - EMF
Ghetto Heaven - The Family Stand
Don't Worry - En Vogue
Welcome to the real world - Jane Child
Make you sweat - Keith Sweat
Let's push it - Innocence
Won't give up on you - TKA
911's a Joke - Public Enemy
Breakdown - Seduction
La Raza - Kid Frost
It's a Shame - Monie Love
Take your time - Mantronix
It's time - The Winans
The Power - Snap
That's my attitude - Troop
Hear the drummer get wicked - Chad Jackson
What U waitin' for - Jungle Brothers
Keep on running - Milli Vanilli
Sucker DJ - Dimples D
Cult of Snap - Snap
Do me - Bell Biv Devoe
Bad Habits - Whistle
Swing - The Def Boys
I wanna get you - Guy
Why you get funky on me - Today
Just can't handle it - Hi Five
Psycho funk - Boo ya Tribe
Up the Par - Domino
Power Generation - Prince
Rub you the right way - Johhny Gill
Welcome to the terrordome - Public Energy
I'm your baby tonight - Whitney Houston
Heaven - Chmes
Poison - Bell Biv Devoe
Back by dope demand - King Bee
Fools gold - Stone Roses
Move to the Bigband - Ben Liebrand feat. Tony Scott
Nobody - Tongue N Cheek
Thinking about you - London Beat
She's mine - Basic Black
Nothing but a party - Basic Black
Doin' our own thing - Jungle Brothers
Black cat - Janet Jackson
Papa was a rolling stone - Was not Was
People - Soul II Soul
Ice ice baby - Vannilla Ice
Monie in the middle - Monie Love
Escapade - Janet Jackson
Must be the Music- King Bee
Feels good - Tony Toni Tone
Vogue - Madonna
Listen up - Quincy Jones
Warrior - MC Wildsky
Better World - Rebel MC
Pump pump it up - Hypnotek
Everybody - Blackbox
Dance dance - Deskee
What is love - Deelite
What time is love - KLF
Body Language - Adventures of Stevie V
Do what you wanna do - 2 in a Room
Let the rhythm pump - Doug Lazy
Thunderbirds are go - FAB feat. MC Parker
La Serinisima - DNA
Nothing compares to you - Sinead O'Conner
Killer - Adamski
Pray - MC Hammer
The Space Jungle - Adamski
Don't believe the hype - Snap
Mary had a little boy - Snap
I don't know - Blackbox
Dirty Cash - Adventures of Stevie V
Rockin' over the beat - Technotronic
Let's get busy - Clubland
Doin' the do - Betty Boo
Groove is in the heart - Deelite
Ragga House - Simon Harris
Don't you love me - 49ers
Feel the rhythm - Jazzy P
Put your hands together - D Mob
I can't stand it - 24seven
Most Wanted - Fast Eddie
Cinema - Ice MC
Wiggle it - 2 in a room
Don't you love me - 49ers
Don't worry - Kim Appleby
Yaaah - D Shake
This Beat is Technotronic - Technotronic
Get up - Technotronic
Move your body - MC Fixx-it
Git up - Fast Eddie
Let there be house - Deskee
Cubik - 808 State
Ultimo Imperio - Atahualpha
Hold me back - Westbam
Are you dreaming - 24seven
Pump that body - Mr Lee
Gangster Boogie - Tony Scott
Can't touch this - MC Hammer
Outro Grandmix 90

1 x Philips 850 MKII CD player
1 x Akai DD 1000 Optical Disc recorder
1 x Tascam DA-30 DAT recorder

Background info
After gathering all the dance charts of the year, an initial list was made in the month
November. This list was sorted by tempo (BPM beats per minute) and on the 1st of
December, work was started on the mix. It took the full month of December to complete
and perfect the mix, usually working the last 72 hours in one stretch.

Digital Optical Disk Recorder
This grandmix was again made in a totally different way compared to previous mixes.
Only one CD player was used to load all songs into the Akai DD-1000 Optical Disk Recorder.
The Akai DD1000 can edit, timestretch and mix songs digitally. It can record from Analog sources,
as well as Digital AES/EBU, spDif and Optical Sources. Although the DD1000 can play only 2 songs
simultaneously, it has the option to merge songs, and thus layer them as needed. It also has great
timestretch capabilities even compared to today's standards. The DD1000's are perfect for another
reason, they never 'crash' messing up your edits , In over 10 years they 'locked up' maybe 3 times.
Switching the machines 'off' and 'on' again is all that is needed to continue your work.
Needless to say the machines are still in use here today

The Grandmix 90 Directors Cut
The Grandmix 90 as broadcasted on Radio538 august 1999 was transferred from the DMC grandmix 90 CD
to the AKAI DD1000. The intro starts of with "Timewarp complete - Ready for transmission" followed by the original

Intro featuring Ben Liebrand on Vocoder. The mix was then recorded on to DAT.