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1999 Broadcast : 31st of July1999

Intro Grandmix 89
Keep on Movin' - Soul II Soul
Keep on Movin' - Rap IV Rap
Don't make me over - Sybil
Straight up - Paula Abdul
Waltz with me - Malcom McLaren
Blame it on the Rain - Milli Vanilli
Friends - Jody Watley
All around the world - Lisa Stansfield
Back to life - Soul II Soul
New jack swing - Wrecks in Effect
Dance hall days - Wang Chung
On your own - Bobby Brown
Every little step - Bobby Brown
Hey Ladies - Beastie Boys
The message is love - Arthur Baker
Don't push it - Ruth Joy
You are my baby - Wendy & Lisa
Watcha gonna do - Inner City
Teddy's Jam - Guy
Test of time - Will Downing
Love on top of love - Grace Jones
Fight the power - Public Enemy
Working Overtime - Diana Ross
Nothin" - The Jacksons
I'm still missing you - S O S Band
I got it going on - Tone Loc
Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry
Sleeptalk - Alyson Williams
My love is raw - Alyson Williams
Liliy was here - Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer
Sit and wait - Sydney Youngblood
Do the right thing - Redhead Kingpin
Real Love - Jody Watley
She drives me crazy - Fine young Cannibals
Joy and pain - Donna Allen
Eye know - De La Soul
Joy and pain - Rob base & DJ EZ Rock
Rhythm nation - Janet Jackson
My prerogative - Bobby Brown
1 2 3 - The Chimes
Miami Bass - Stetsasonic
Say no go - De La Soul
The Chief - Tony Scott
Dance Hall - Sly & Robbie
Secret Rendez Vous - Karen White
Like a prayer - Madonna
Musical Freedom - Paul Simpson & Adeva
Running away - Scram
I'm every Woman - Chacka Kahn
Can we talk - Donna Allen
Spend the night - Guy
My fantasy - Teddy Riley & Guy
We got our own thang - Heavy D & the Boys
Rappers delight 89' - Sugarhill Gang
Me myself and I - De La Soul
Roxanne's on a roll - The Real Roxanne
Forget the girl - Tony Terry
Deep in Vogue - Malcom McLaren
The lover in me - Sheena Easton
Miss you much - Janet Jackson
On the strength - Flame & Tony Terry
Express yourself - Madonna
This time - Donna Summer
Got to get - Leila K
I can do this - Monie Love
It isn't - Aretha & whitney
It's real - James Ingram
Funky cold medina - Tone Loc
Party Men - Prince
Street tuff - Double trouble & the Rebel MC
Let it roll - Doug Lazy
Bust a move - Young MC
Sueno latino - Sueno Latino
Kisses in the wind - Neneh Cherry
For those who like to groove - Twin Hype
Respect - Adeva
Warning - Adeva
I thank you - Adeva
That's the way love is - Ten City
It's time to get funky - D Mob
Wait - Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle
Get on the floor - Rob base & DJ EZ Rock
Dig this - K.A.Posse
Turn it out - Home Boys
Going back to my roots - Paradise Gang
Come and get my love - D Mob
What you don't know - Expose
Blow the house down - Living in a box
Forever your girl - Paula Abdul
If I only could - Sydney youngblood
Ride on time - Blackbox
Work it out - Steve Silk Hurly
Just let go - Petra & Co
Eve of the war - Ben Liebrand
A bit of - Kiss AMC
People hold on - Coldcut
Yoyo get funky - DJ Fast Eddy
This is the right time - Lisa Stansfield
Let's play house - Kraze
Numero Uno - Starlight
French kiss - Lil Louis
Just keep rockin' - Double Trouble
Ska train - the Beatmasters
Who's in the house the Beatmasters & Merlin
Let's get busy - Mr Lee
Pump up the Jam - Technotronic
Grandpa's party - Monie Love
The real wild house - Raul Orellana
Something's jumping - Malcom McLaren
Outro Grandmix 89

Total running time 55:32

2 x SL1200mkII turntables with Stanton Triple E cartridges
1 x AKAI S-1000
1 x AKAI MPC 60
1 x AKAI DR-1200 Digital Multitrack recorder
1 x Soundcraft 6000 mixer 67 channels

1 x Master Recorder: Revox PR99 with Studer "Butterfly" recording heads.
Speed: 38 cm/s 2track
Tape: 1/4 inch BASF 911 at 510 nanoweber level

Background info
After gathering all the dance charts of the year, an initial list was made in the month
November. This list was sorted by tempo (BPM beats per minute) and on the 1st of
December, work was started on the mix. It took the full month of December to complete
and perfect the mix, usually working the last 72 hours in one stretch.

Digital Multitrack
This grandmix was made in a totally different way compared to previous mixes.
The Akai MPC-60 was used to program a basic rhythm. Each segment was then recorded
into the S-1000 (or was it S-1100) and was tuned and triggered by the sequencer in the
Akai MPC 60. Eachsegment was then recorded in sync onto the AKAI DR-1200 digital
12-track recorder. After all parts were synchronized and recorded this way, the parts
(recorded on seperate tracks of the multitrack) were mixed down together with a rhythm
coming from the AKAI MPC-60 drumcomputer section.
The total mix which spread over 4 different tapes (due to a maximum multitrack tape length
of 17 minutes) was then spliced together to formone continuous mix.

The Grandmix 89 Directors Cut
The Grandmix 89 as broadcasted 31st of July1999 was transferred from the DMC grandmix 89 CD
to the AKAI DD1000. The mix was then leveled to 0 dB and minor imperfections were corrected.

The intro starts of with "Timewarp complete - Ready for transmission" followed by the original
Intro featuring Ben Liebrand on Vocoder. The mix was then recorded on to DAT.