1st Broadcast 198
7 on Radio Veronica

2nd Broadcast : Saturday 29th of May 1999 from 18:00-19:00 Hours on Radio 538


Timewarp complete, ready for transmission
Intro Grandmix 87
Art Of Noise - Dragnet
Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full
Club Nouveau - Lean On Me
Levert - Casanova
Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further
Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme
Sly & Robbie - Boops
George Michael - I Want Your Sex
Prince - Sign 'O' The Times
Abigeal Mead & Nigel Gold - Full Metal Jacket
Madonna - La Isla Bonita
Stock, Aitken, Waterman - Pack Jammed (With the party posse)
Lillo Thomas - Down Town Rithm
Stock, Aitken, Waterman - Roadblock
Shakatak - Mr. Manic & Sister Cool
Boogie Box High - Jive Talkin'
Say When - Boys
Stephanie Mills - Putting A Rush On Me
Millie Scott - Love Me Right
Hot Chocolate - Sexy Thing
Hot Chocolate - Every One's A Winner
Hot Chocolate - Every One's A Winner (Groove Mix)
Terence Trent D' Arby - Wishing Well
Swing Out Sister - Surrender
Nat Augustin - That Girl
Aretha Franklin & George Michael - I Knew You Were Waiting For Me
Tina Charles - Dance Little Lady
Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
John Adams - Strip This Heart
Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain
INXS - Need You Tonight
Jody Watley - Looking For A New Love
Pointer Sisters - Be There
Tramaine - The Rock
Prince - Hot Thing
Donna Allen - Serious
Donna Summer - Dinner With Gershwin
Living In A Box - Living In A Box
Alexander O' Neal - Fake
Pebbles - Love/Hate
Herb Alpert - Diamonds
Shanice Wilson - (Baby can you tell me) Can You Dance
Jody Watley - Don't You Want Me
Cameo - Back And Forth
Richenel - Temptation
Shalamar - Circumstantial Evidence
One Way - Better Quit
ABC - The Night You Murdered Love
ABC - The Reply
ABC - The Sheer Chic Mix
Johnny Hates Jazz - I Don't Want To Be A Hero
Starpoint - D.Y.B.O.
Tina Turner - Afterglow
M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up The Volume
Was Not Was - Walk The Dinosaur
Mico Wave - Misunderstood
Dance Like A Mother - You Ain't So Tough
Mason - Pour It On
Donna Allen - Sweet Somebody
Jellybean - The Real Thing
Michael Jackson - Bad
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody
Off - Electrica Salsa
Spagna - Easy Lady
Spagna - Call Me
Herb Alpert - Keep Your Eye On Me
Prince - Housequake
Terence Trent D' Arby - Dance Little Sister
Mai Tai - Bet That's What You Say
Voices In The Dark - Keep It Warm
Nona Hendryx - Why Should I Cry
Breakfast Club - Right On Track
Alexander O' Neal - Criticize
Georgio - Tina Cherry
Five Star - Whenever Your Ready
Kool & The Gang - Peacemaker
Mick Jagger - Let's Work
Total Contrast - Kiss
Jellybean - Who Found Who
Georgio - Lover's Lane
The Jets - Cross My Broken Heart
Whispers - Rock Steady
Daryl Duncan - Rock The House
Colonel Abrams - How Soon We Forget
Janet Jackson - Pleasure Principle
Bananarama - Love In The 1st Degree
Teen Dreams - Slip-Slide
Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Madonna - Causing A Commotion
Rick Astley - My Arms Keep Missing You
Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield - What Have I Done To Deserve This
Jesse Johnson - She (I Can't Resist)
Total Contrast - Jody
Deja - Serious
Company B - Fascinated
J.M. Silk - Let The Music Take Control
Rick & Lisa - When You Gonna
Edwin Starr - Whatever Makes Our Love Grow
Steve Hurley - Jack Your Body
Jack E. Makossa - The Opera House
Blue Mercedes - I Want To Be
Chic - Le Freak
Earth, Wind & Fire - System Of Survival
Whitney Houston - So Emotional
Mel & Kim - F.L.M.
Mel & Kim - Respectable
Samantha Fox - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
Prince - U Got The Look
Ben Liebrand - Cruisin On Melmac Interstate


2 x SL1200mkII turntables with Stanton Triple E cartridges
2 x TC Electronics TC2290 sampler delays
1 x Teac Tascam mixer 3A (8 channels)
1 x Master Recorder: Revox PR99 with Studer "Butterfly" recording heads.
Speed: 38 cm/s 2track
Tape: 1/4 inch BASF 911 at 510 nanoweber level

Background info
After gathering all the dance charts of the year, an initial list was made in the month
November. This list was sorted by tempo (BPM beats per minute) and on the 1st of
December, work was started on the mix. It took the full month of December to complete
and perfect the mix, usually working the last 72 hours in one stretch.

Reel to reel tape
These early Grandmixes were all edited on tape.
As the edited tape was the final thing, each edit and crossfade not only had to be
rhythmically correct, but even more important , at the right volume level. The mix
would otherwise become louder and louder, resulting in overload and distortion.
Ben never liked limiters and compressors on final mixes, so the grandmix was also made
without them.
This mix was transferred from analog tape to the Sony SL-F1 prior to broadcasting.

Sampler delays
The Grandmix 87 was the first mix where 2 TC electronics sampler delays were used.
These sampler delays were 2 seperate delays linked with a synchronisation cable to provide
phase correct stereo sampling. The units each have 32 seconds of memory at a wopping
1 Megahertz sampling rate (By comparison, a CD player has 44.1 KHz sampling rate).
This rate provides a frequency response running up to 32 KHz bandwith and thus provided
state of the art sampling and playback.

So how was it used ? Instead of using 2 turntables, only one was used, and instead of starting-in
the next record by hand, it was first recorded into the sampler. It was then triggered by a reed-relais
which was fitted on the SL1200 along with a small magnet on the turntable of the SL1200. After the right
speed was determined, the next segment (in the sampler/delay) could be triggered exactly at the right
moment by the magnet passing the reed-relais. The turntable and the record were marked by a small
marker. Now the timing of the moment of triggering could exactly be adjusted by off-setting
the record to the turntable-platter slightly forward or back. The turntable would then be reversed
half a rotation , and started...... When the magnet passes the reed-relais, the next section was triggered.
In these way, records could be started exactly in-sync from the very first beat, and a crossover could be
performed over and over again, concentrating on the sound levels, as synchronisation was already taken
care of by "automated" triggering.

The Grandmix 87 Directors Cut
The Grandmix 87 as broadcasted 29th of May 1999 was transferred from the original 1/4 inch analog
edited tape, to the Akai DD1000 Optical Disc Recorder.
The original tape was eq-corrected using the test-tones recorded on the tape in 1987.
Recording these test-tones at the beginning of a master tape were standard procedures with analog recordings.
They are used to compensate errors in frequency response between different analog recorders. A usual series
of tones comprised of a 1000Hz tone for basic level, a 10KHz tone to calibrate the high-end, and check the
azimuth (tape head angle) settings, and a 100Hz tone to check the low-end, all recorded at -10 or -20 dB.
The tape was played back using the Studer A80 analog tape recorder at a speed of + 1% (just as in 87).
The reason for speeding up the tape, is because when the mix was made, several records had to be mixed
in at approx -1% to get them synchronised properly wth the previous track. Ben then decided to spin up
the entire mix to compensate for the lower speed.
The mix was then leveled to 0 dB and minor imperfections were corrected.
The intro starts of with "Timewarp complete - Ready for transmission" followed by the original
Intro featuring Ben Liebrand on Vocoder. The mix was then recorded on to DAT.