1st Broadcast 1986 on Radio Veronica

2nd Broadcast : Saturday 24th april 1999 from 18:00-19:00 Hours on Radio 538

Intro: "Timewarp Complete" + Control - Janet Jackson
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
Ego - Nat Augustin
Let's Go All The Way - Sly Fox
Alice, I Want You Just For Me - Full Force
Bang Zoom Let's Go - The Real Roxanne
Radar Love - Centerfold
Just Buggin' - Whistle
Don't Waste My Time - Paul Hardcastle
Headlines - Midnight Star
Rain Or Shine - Five Star
Broken Wings - Mr. Mister
Ain't Nobody Ever - Aretha Franklin
Point Of No Return - Earlene Bentley
Borrowed Love - S.O.S. Band
Stay A Little Time Child - Loose Ends
Night of Pleasure - Loose Ends
C'est La Vie -Robbie Neville
Human - Human League
Set Me Free -Jaki Graham
Mountains - Prince
Nasty - Janet Jackson
I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz
Walk This Way - Run DMC
Typical Male - Tina Turner
Ain't Nothin'goin'on But The Rent - Gwen Guthrie
Prove Me Right - Shannon
Facts Of Love - Jeff Lorber
Can't Wait another Minute - Five Star
Notorious - Duran Duran
I'm Not Perfect - Grace Jones
Goldmine - Pointer Sisters
Rumours - Timex Social Club
Jealousy - Club Nouveau
Mixed Up World - Timex Social Club
Boing Boom Tchak - Kraftwerk
Broken Glass - George Duke
The Finest - S.O.S. Band
Paranoimia - Art Of Noise
Automatic - Millie Scott
Dreamer - BB & Q Band
Point Of No Return - Nu Shooz
You and me tonight - Aurra
Prisoner of love - Mildred Scott
Can't Let You Go - Haywoode
I Wouldn't Lie - Yarbrough & Peoples
Dance Around The World - Richenel
Armed And Dangerous - Atlantic Starr
The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby & The Range
Who's Johnny - El Debarge
Kiss - Prince
Gravity -James Brown
100 % Pure Pain - O'Chi Brown
Say It Say It - EG Daily
Open Your Heart - Madonna
Female Intuition - Mai Tai
Passion From A Woman - Krystol
Burning Love - Confunk Shun
Burnin'up - Michael Jonzum
Sweet Freedom - Michael Mcdonald
Lessons In Love - Level 42
What Have I Done For You ? - King MC (featuring Screamin' K)
What Have I Done for you Lately -Janet Jackson
Talk To Me - Chico Debarge
Oops Oh No - Latoya Jackson & Cerrone
Word Up - Cameo
Hey Don't Waste My Time - The Walkers
Goin'to The Bank - The Commodores
A Love Bizarre - Sheila E
All Played Out - Life
When I Think Of You - Janet Jackson
I'm Not Gonna Let You - Colonel Abrams
The Promise You Made - Cock Robin
What's The Colour Of Money - Hollywood Beyond
Come Get My Love - T. K. A.
What I Like - Anthony And The Camp
Saturday Love - Cherelle & Alexander O'Neal
Set Fire To Me - Willy Colon
Holiday Rap - MC Miker G & DJ Sven
Midas Touch - Midnight Star
Sweet Sexy Thing - Rick James
You Are Everything - James "D-Train" Williams
Find The Time - Five Star
Dial My Number - Pauli Carmen
Just Another Lover - Johnny Kemp
Shadows Of Your Love - JM Silk
How Will I Know - Whitney Houston
Unfaithfull - Full Force
In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment - Princess
Showin'out - Mel & Kim
If I Say Yes - Five Star
Say When - Nirvana
Dictator - Centerfold
Control - Janet Jackson
Ti Sento - Matia Bazar
People Of All Nations - Shawn Christopher
This Time - Private Possession
Speculation - Colonel Abrams
Mr. DJ - The Concept
Jack Your Body - Steve Silk Hurley
You And Me - Symphonia
To The Beat Of The Drum - Wired
What You See Is What You Get - Brenda K Starr
Don't You Try It - Raw
Ain't Nothin'but A Party - Phil Fearon
Love Can't Turn Around - Farley Jackmaster Funk
We Just - Moses
I Can't Turn Around - JM Silk
Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
Venus - Bananarama
Warriors Of the Wasteland- Frankie Goes To Hollywood

2 x SL1200mkII turntables with Stanton Triple E cartridges
1 x Teac Tascam mixer 3A (8 channels)
1 x Teac Tascam 4 channel tapedeck for tapeloops
1 x Master Recorder: Revox PR99 with Studer "Butterfly" recording heads.
Speed: 38 cm/s 2track
Tape: 1/4 inch BASF 911 at 510 nanoweber level

Background info
After gathering all the dance charts of the year, an initial list was made in the month
November. This list was sorted by tempo (BPM beats per minute) and on the 1st of
December, work was started on the mix. It took the full month of December to complete
and perfect the mix, usually working the last 72 hours in one stretch.

Reel to reel tape
These early Grandmixes were all edited on tape.
As the edited tape was the final thing, each edit and crossfade not only had to be
rhythmically correct, but even more important , at the right volume level. The mix
would otherwise become louder and louder, resulting in overload and distortion.
Ben never liked limiters and compressors on final mixes, so the grandmix was also made
without them.
This mix was transferred from analog tape to the Sony SL-F1 prior to broadcasting.

TV appearance
The Grandmix 86 was also the first mix that made it to a TV show. Mixes started to become
mainstream gathering a steady growing audience. Ben Liebrand was the first DJ/Producer to
show on TV how these mixes were made. On the TV show "Tineke" Ben demonstrated how
tapeloops worked, synchronizing records to tape-looped rhythm patterns live on stage.
As Tineke was switching between to sets of Studio decor for each interview, Ben had 7 minutes
to install a mixer, turntables and a four-track tape recorder, including selecting a tapeloop, and
synchronizing the record "Broken Wings" to this loop, whilst hooking up his system to the
TV studio set-up. The difficult bit was to stay "cool" (temperature wise) when the cameras
switched on.

Directors Cut
The Grandmix 86 as broadcasted 24th of April 1999 was transferred from to the Akai DD1000 .
The mix was then leveled to 0 dB and minor imperfections were corrected.
The intro starts of with "Timewarp complete - Ready for transmission" followed by the original
"Control" Intro featuring Ben Liebrand on Vocoder. The mix was then recorded on to DAT.