Ben's Friends

Offcourse Ben didn't do anything by himself (allthough he allmost allways did all the arranging and reproducing). For Vocals, Trumpets, Guitars, Voices and other REAL instruments he used other musicians.

Rita Liebrand    Erik van de Boovenkamp      Carl Linger     Bernhard Oattes     Ceejay     Gerbrand Westveen     Jochem Fluitsma     Tony Scott     Adam Curry     Rob Stenders   Jeroen van Inkel     Nasty Chat     Rene van der Weyde


Rita Liebrand

Full Name Rita Liebrand - His sister
Instruments Producing, Vocals
Ben Productions Vocals on Goldilox - You are my sunshine
Remixed Bobby Brown Megamix
Remixed Alexander O'Neal Megamix
Other Work Dj-ing with Ben in Hippodrome-Germany end of 80's, begin of 90's

Erik van de Boovenkamp

Full Name Erik van de Boovenkamp
Instruments Writer. Keyboard
Ben Productions Dimples D - Crackchaser, Let me rock you,
Sisters keep on doin' it, Slippin' into darkness,
So Rough So Tough (co-writer),
That will be (Keyboard)
Go with the flow (Synth)
Other Work  

Carl Linger

Full Name Carl Linger
Instruments Voice
Ben Productions Full Term Love (Monie Love),
You showed me (Salt 'n Pepa), Start me up (Salt 'n Pepa),
Superlover Minimix,
Enough is enough-Karl Keaton (backing vocals)
Other Work  

Bernhard Oattes

Full Name Bernhard Oattes
Instruments Voice
Ben Productions Produced (with Van Schaik),
Jaytee (Everything's gonna be allright),
A sign of love (The Revelettes),
Love knows the way
Other Work  


Full Name  
Instruments Vocals
Ben Productions Lead vocals on Give me an answer
Chorus vocals on You're no good
Other Work  

Gerbrand Westveen

Full Name Gerbrand Westveen
Instruments Sax
Ben Productions A love come true, Move to the bigband (Tony Scott),
Sisters keep on doin' it (Dimples D), I wish (Nasty Chat),
Full Term love (Monie Love)
Other Work  

Jochem Fluitsma

Full Name Jochem Fluitsma
Instruments Guitar, Producer
Ben Productions For the love of the music, Spanish Jam,
Intro Styles, You're no good (Carol Kenyon),
Puls(t)ar (Vangelis) (GUITAR)
MAI TAI- Dance in the light (PRODUCER)
Other Work Producer (with Eric van Thijn) of Mai Tai, 4 Fun, Tony Scott

Tony Scott

Full Name Tony Scott
Instruments Rapper
Ben Productions Move to the bigband, Outro Grandmix 1990
Other Work The Chief, The Greenhouse effect, Love let love,
Get into it, Pick up the pieces

Adam Curry

Full Name Adam Curry
Instruments Ideas, Voice.
Ben Productions Various minimixes
Other Work Former Radio Veronica host (together with Jeroen van Inkel) and Veronica TV host, MTV Europe/America Host
Links Curry & Van Inkel Back in The air Page
Adam Curry's Favorite Webpages
Deep thoughts from Adam Curry
About Adam

Rob Stenders

Full Name Rob Stenders
Instruments Ideas, Voice.
Ben Productions Various minimixes
Other Work Former Radio Veronica host together with Jeroen van Inkel, now (dutch) Radio3Fm -host

Jeroen van Inkel

Full Name Jeroen van Inkel
Instruments Ideas, Voice.
Ben Productions Various minimixes
Other Work Radio Veronica and Veronica TV host
Links Curry & Van Inkel Back in The air Page
Veronica FM
Interview (dutch) from Discodance magazine 88-3

Nasty Chat

Full Name Nasty / Nasty Chat
Instruments Voice.
Ben Productions I wish, Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita
Other Work With Martin Boer (2Brothers):2 Static-Boy I'll house Ya,
2 Static - Feel the beat, Samples used by Melodie MC in his hit : Dum da dum, Nasty - Een moment zonder jou (Dutch R&B)
Links Nasty can be found at

Rene van der Weyde

Full Name Rene van der Weyde
Instruments Producer,Remixer, Artist
Ben Productions Inferno
Other Work With Lex van Coeverden: Atlantic ocean productions and remixes for various (dutch) groups & artists.
Creator of various CD-covers for Rednex, 2 Brothers..