Collectors Edition 1,2,3
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CD1 CoverCollectors Edition 1
This CD features several minimixen.
The first in a series of hard-to-get liebrand mixes bringing you in supreme digital quality tracks like "Weatherforecast" & "Child in time" (Limited Edition CD)


Time Broadcasted
Weerbericht 7:00 3-Jul-1987
Life's a bitch 6:40 18-Oct-1991
Child in Time 6:03 19-Jun-1992
Switching all systems to techno 5:47 11-Oct-1991
Beatrix 5:52 31-Jan-1992
Beadub 5:49  
Jaws 5:40  
Jaws remix 3:40  
Fanfare for the common man 5:28 9-Aug-1991
Komopmetdiebass 4:08 9 January 1993
Givemethebass 4:10  
Gibmirdenbass 4:10  
Instrumentalbass 4:10  

total playing time: 69:08

CD2 CoverCollectors Edition 2
This CD features several minimixen.
This edition brings you in superb digital quality minimixes like "Melmac Interstate", "The Birds", "Double-O-seven", & "Bolero"
The CD can only be bought from Liebrand Audio themselve.
Playlist was made public on 25-aug-1998

Track & Info Time Broadcasted
Cruisin' on Melmac Interstate 5:49 13/11/1987
Son of Godzilla
(previously released as artist The Crystal Palace)
(Corporate Film Music for Siemens Security Systems)
8:02 Never
New Beat
(Belgian Style New Beat track)
previously released as artist Brussel Syndicate
6:32 06/01/1989
The Birds
(The techno version of the silly 'Vogeltjesdans'/'Birddance')
5:03 22/11/1991
(The Birds Dub)
3:30 Never
double-O seven
(A tribute to James Bond)
6:14 04/03/1988
(The Classic)
7:38 1986
Back to the Batgroove
(previously released as artist The Ripper)
Happy Birthday
(The funnyfarm joins in on your birthday)
(All the nice vocal bits)
0:52 Never
Chant of Godzilla
(Rap and Chant remix)
(previously released as artist The Crystal Palace)
Melmac Interstate Roadmix
(Melmacius Remixius)
6:53 Never

total playing time: 70:55

CD3 CoverCollectors Edition 3

This CD features all new stuff.
This CD was planned as Styles 2, but has never seen the light.
ut now here it is, in the collectors Editions!
Ever wondered what STYLES2 would have been like ? You'll find it on this CD along with some tracks that redefine ambient
The CD can only be bought at Liebrand Audio.

Track & Info Time Broadcasted
Shake that ass
(Based on the Jacksons classic)
6:50 Never
(Smooth track)
4:12 Never
(To set the right mood)
0:40 Never
Go with the flow
Lead synth by Eric van de Bovekamp
5:56 Never
Turn it up
5:23 Never
Rap by Sheryl T (NY Rapster)
6:54 Never
Feelin' Good
(Ragga Housy and very Smooth)
5:42 Never
(Turn of the lights and close your eyes)
10:43 Never
Coproduced with Rene van der Weyde
5:30 Never
(Turn of the lights. If only the speakers survive the bass)
6:12 Never
4:13 Never
Shake your body
(House mix with Ben on vocoder)
7:08 03/02/1989

total playing time: 69:50