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Harold Zwaartman




Janet Jackson - What have the diamonds done for you lately


15-12-2006 (WayFM)


Live @ De DJ's (Club set)



15-3-2007 (WayFM)






Hidden Secret - Let's go back


11-5-2006 (WayFM)


Zwaardski Mix (Mixfreaks 2005-10)


Tony Scott – That’s how I’m living (bass)
Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up (perc)
Living in a box – living in a box (perc)
Malcom Mcclaren – Buffalo gals (perc)
Nicole – Don’t you want my love (acap)
M&M – Black Stations (horns)
Boer Harms (loop)
Frank Sinatra – Love & Marriage
The Cours – Ready or not (acap)
Lisa Lisa – Can you feel the beat (acap)
Dark Raver – Komt tie dan
Guy – Treat me right (acap)
The Breakfast Club – Right on track (loop)
El Debarge – Real love
Total contrast – Takes a little time (loop)
ABC – How to be a millionaire (acap)
Risque – Burn it up (snare)
The Ones – Flawless (acap)
Will Smith – Wild wild west (acap)
Pickwick commercial
The Muppets - Theme
Kelis – trick me
?? – Keep on pushing (acap)
Secret Ties – Dancing in my sleep (acap)
Give me something (acap)
Michael Jackson – smooth criminal (acap)
Beats International – Dub be good to me (acap)
Cathy Dennis – Touch me (synth)
Gwen Guthrie – aint nothing going on (perc)
J. Geils Band – Freez frame (shout)
??? - Ambulance
Michael/Heavy D – Jam (acap)
Harvy – Utra Flava (loop)
Blaze – My beat (acap)
2 Brothers – I can’t help myself (acap)
JX – You belong to me (synth)
Kia – My neck (acap)
Art Garfunkel – Bright eyes (intro)
Graig – Heerlijk (acap)
DJ Chuckie – Da Partycrasher II
The last resort
Shaft - Mumbo sway
Dave & Candy – Lilly was here (loop)
Paul Johnson – Get get down (drums)
Outkast – he ya (shout)
?? - Saxo
Eminem – Just lose it (acap)
Popstars Jingle
Stretch - Why did you do it
Confetti’s – This is the sound of sea (intro)
John Scatman – Scatman (acap)
Animotion – I engineer (acap)
La Bionda – One for you, one for me (paino)
D-Train – Music (acap)
Orlando Johnson – I say yeah (loop)
Pancake – Don’t turn your back on me (synth)
Eurithmics - ?? (acap)
Brainpower – dansplaat (drum-loop)
Paul parker – right on target (drum-loop)
Frank Sinatra – New york, New york



MixfreaksJB MixContest Mix 2nd Place



Wonder World of Samples volume 2


The WonderWorld Of Samples Vol. 1

Sample's or loops are from:
Percussion Forrest (rock the boat)
Short hi-hat Janet (nasty)
Guitar Sister Sledge (thinking of you)
Clap Mac Band (roses are red)
Drums Jody Watley (real love)
Bass Dan Hartman (we are the young)
Carsound Frankie Smith (double dutch bus)
Fill in Guy (her)
Fill in (2) Herbie Hancock (rock it)
Fill in (3) Jody Watley (real love)
Voices Janet (love will never do)
Jody Watley (real love)
Whill smith (getting jiggy with it)
Cherelle & Alex 'O' Neal (saturday love)
Outkast (Rosa Sparks)
Outkast (Ms. Jackson)
Destiny's child (bug a boo)
Dr. Dre (next episode)
Mary J. Blidge (family affair)


1-3-2007 (WayFM)


The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord in the House

Explenation: I've always been a huge high energy & italo fan. This song was a big hit in the 80's, but not in the charts.
I was making WonderWorld of Samples Vol. 2 and I used 4 loops together. (see tracklist)
I decided to try to make a combination of the loops with an 'old' song.
It became this remix that I've just made in 2 days, because almost all the sounds were in the mixer (= pc) already.

Original song The Immortals (the ultimate warlord)

Used loops Kalinda
Boney M (rasputin)
Tom Wilson (techno cat)
Grooveyard (watch me now)

Sample's Bobby 'O' (I'm so hot for you)
Agents are not aeroplanes (the upstroke)
Dead or alive (you spin me around)
Charly Danone (you ain't got a chance)
Buckingham palace (give me your name)
Electric Theatre (balletdancer)


Kool & The Gang - Extreme Fresh Edits Take Control

Kool & The Gang - Fresh
J.M. Silk - Let the music take control
The Jets - Rocket to you
lots of samples……………….
Software: Cooledit 2.0 en Making Waves 2.4


De-Wat-Zit-Je-Haar-Goed-Harold-fieliesjeef mix

Used accapella's: Colonel Abrams (I'm not gonna let)
Jocelyn Brown (love's gonna get you)
Short vocals Freez (pop goes my love)
J.M. Silk (I can't turn around)
Nu nu (you ain't really down)
Kenny G (hi how are you doing)
Jellybean (dancing on the fire)
Jenny burton (dancing for my love)
Laser dance (humanoid invasion)
Tramaine (fall down)

Drum & percussion loops: Colonel Abrams (I'm not gonna let)
Stevie V (dirty cash)
E.B.T.G. (missing)

Extra song: Total Contrast (kiss)


21-5-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix)


Dance mix through the 90's


Paul Johnson, N-trance, Klubbheads, Speedy J, The Lawjer, The Boss, Lock 'n load, Mac zims, Scoop, Hanni en Da Rick.


27-4-2006 (WayFM)


Icy D and Doc Daze - Get on up and dance


Big Hit in Holland!!
Various remixes and versions. (ICY D page on Discogs).

1-1-1991 (CD Mixes) Get On Up & Dance (12") Injection Disco Dance Label 1990 Get On Up & Dance (CD5") Injection Disco Dance Label 1990 Get On Up & Dance (12") 4 U Records 1990 Get On Up & Dance (12") BCM Records 1990 Get On Up & Dance (7") Injection Disco Dance Label 1990 Tracks Appear On: Turn Up The Bass - Volume 7 (CD) Get On Up And Dance Arcade 1990 Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1990 (LP) Get On Up And Dance Arcade 1990 Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1990 (CD) Get On Up And Dance Arcade 1990


Icy D and Doc Daze - Gotta like hip


B-side of Get on up and dance.
Various remixes and versions. (ICY D page on Discogs).)


90's House Classics "Waar moet dit heen mix"

1. Nomad - Devotion
2. Chestnut - Pot of gold
3. Peach - On my own
4. Two unlimited - Let the beat control your body
5. Divine - Native love
6. Usura - In my mind
7. Technotronic - Pump up the jam
8. Tom Jones - Kiss
9. Mr. Lee - Get busy
10. Outhere brothers - Boom boom boom
11. Double trouble - Just keep rockin
12. Felix - Don't you want my love
13. Exposure - Partyclaps
14. Chimo baya - sample.
15. Icy D & Doc daze - Get on up and dance
16. Orlando Johnson - I say yeah
17. Interactive - Who is elvis
18. React to rhythm - Loop
19. Phats and small - Turn around
20. Ramirez - El Gallinero
21. BFI project - Why not jazz
22. Beatmasters - I can't dance
23. Ultimate seduction - Ultimate seduction
24. Total confusion - Total confusion
25. Dimples d - Sucker DJ (BL)
26. Human resource - Dominator
27. 20 Fingers - Lick it
28. Livin Joy - Dreamer
29. Twin hype - For those who like to groove
30. Blackbox - I don't want anybody else
31. Sample - Rock the funky beat
32. Rockers Revenge - Walking on sunshine
33. Samantha Fox - In my house
34. Tapp - shake that ass
35. Steve silk Hurley - Come on let's work
36. Gala - Freed from desire
37. Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny
38. Tom Wilson - Techno Cat (remix)
39. Hithouse - Move you feet
40. KLF - Last train to trancentral
41. Adamski - Killer
42. Deborah Wilson - Got to be free
43. Salt 'n pepa - Push it
44. Jean & Peran - You got my love
45. Fat boy slim. - The funk soul brother
46. Black box - Right on time
47. Dance to trance - Power of American natives
48. The age of love - The age of love
49. Whammer slammer - Loop
50. Mc hammer - You can't touch this
51. ……… - Don't call me baby
52. Whitney Houston - I'm every woman
53. Chad Jackson - Hear the drummer get wicked
54. Blackbox - Everybody everybody
55. 2 brothers - I can't help myself
56. Afrika bambataa - Just get up and dance
57. Beatmasters - I can't dance
58. 2 live crew - Me so horny
59. 2 brothers - Never alone
60. Maxx - Get away
61. F. Action - Let's closer baby
62. Latour - People are still having sex
63. Everything but the girl - Missing
64. Armand van helden - Witch doctor
65. Avantgarde - Get down
66. BBE - Seven days and one week
67. Kadoc - The nighttrain
68. Modjo - Lady
69. Ann lee - Two times
70. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a place on earth
71. 740 boyz - Shimmy shake
72. Dish and tell - House of venus
73. Sisqo - Thong song
74. Madonna - Ray of light
75. Fire on high - Float in a dream of XTC
76. Earth wind & fire - Boogie wonderland
77. The adventures of stevie V - dirty cash
78. Rob base - Get on the dancefloor
79. Captain jack - Captain jack
80. Star 69 - Sample
81. 666 - Alarma
82. DJ Dick - Weekend
83. D-Devils - Devils gate
84. Two funky - Are you ready
85. Atlantic ocean - Waterfall
86. Jungle brothers - I'll house you
87. Doop - doop
88. Shannon - Give me tonight
89. RFTR - Extrasyn
90. Right said fred - I'm too sexy

The High Energy/Italo "where is this going?" mix

Dollman - High Sex Drive
Rofo - Flashlight on a disconight
K. Barre - Right by the moon
Tapps - My forbidden lover
Sysley Ferrre - Give me your love
Roni Griffith - Best part of breaking up
Albert One - Heart on fire
Lime - Babe were gonna love tonight
The Flirts - Passion
Yazoo - Situation
Le Jete - Le cage aux folles
Risque - Burn it up
Michael Bow - Love and devotion
Brenda K. Starr - Pickin up the pieces
Miquel brown - so many men, so little time
Sylvester - do you wanna funk
Jellybean - the real thing
Man Parrish - Hip hop be bop
Loverde - Die hard lover
Donna summer - I feel love
Jellybean - The Mexican
Mirage - No more no war
Freez - IOU
Scotch - Disco band
My mine - Hypnotic tango
Jock Hattle - Crazy family
Electric Theatre - Balletdancer
Man parrish - Six simple synthesizers
Bobby ‘O’ - She has away
Camaro’s gang - Ali shuffle
Peter Jaques band - Going dancing down the street
Max him - Lady fantasy
Azul Y Negro - The night
Jody Watley - Don’t you want me
Man parrish - Male stripper
Poussez - Come on and do it
ABC - The look of love
Lisa - Rocket to your heart
Nuance - Loveride
Maria Fidal - Body rock
Fun fun - Happy station
Hotline - Guilty
Righeira - Vamos ala playa
Kat mandu - The break
Colonel abrams - Trapped
Patrick cowley - Megatron man
X ray connection - replay
Roy - Destiny time
The Twins - Love system
?? - Hot hot give it all you got
The sparks - Beat the clock
Digital emotion - Don’t stop the motion
Telex - Moskow discow
Lime - Your love
Samantha gilles - Let me feel it
Cori Joasis - Takin it straight
Mike and Brenda Sutton - Grrriiip my hips and move me
Thomson twins - Dr dream
Paul Sharada - Keep your love alive
Paul lekakis - Boom boom
Grant miller - Red for love
Fun fun - Colour my love
Lime - Unexpected lovers
Easy Going - Fear
The Jets - Rocket to you
Premio nobel - Baby doll
Bohannon - Let’s start the dance again
Hazel dean - Searchin
Fancy - Slice me nice
Yvonne elliman - Love pains
Den harrow - Future brain
Hashim - Al nafysh
Farley J. funk - Love can’t turn around
Eurithmics - Sex crime
Dimples D - Sucker DJ

25-6-2004 (Mixfreaks In the mix) 1st hour
5-10-2006 (WayFM)

Counting Crows - Big Yellow Edits

Other sample's or loops used from:
Bohannon - Let's start the dance
Captain Sensible - Wot
Art of Noise - Beat box
Midnight Star - Don't rock that boat
Baltimora - Tarzan boy
Eric B & Rakim - I know you got soul
Blue - U make me wanna
Shanice - I love your smile
Herb Alpert - Keep your eye on me
Rebel MC - Street tuff
The Three Degrees - The heaven I need
Whistle - Just buggin
Felicity - So turned on
Marco Borsato - Als er nooit meer een morgen zou zijn
Art of Nose - Moments in love
Full force - Alice, I want you just for me
Trio - Da da da
UB 40 - I got you babe

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