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3FM Preparty Mix

AXWELL Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
1. Supermode-Tell me why
2. Axwell-Feel the vibe
3. Mambana-Felicidad (Axwell remix) beat
4. Axwell & Evelyn Thomas-High energy
5. Axwell & Sebastian Grosso-Together
6. Bob Sinclar & Steve Edwards-World hold on (Axwell remix)
7. Stonebridge feat. Therese-Put’ em high (Axwell remix)
8. Rasmus Faber feat. Melo-Get over here (Axwell remix)
9. Axwell-Watch the sunrise
10. C Mos-2 Million ways (Axwell remix)
11. Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks-Dreams (Axwell remix)
12. Souledz-You can’t hide your love (Axwell remix
13. Hard Fi-Hard 2 beat (Axwell remix)
14. Roger Sanchez-Turn on the music (Axwell remix)
Sander Kleinenberg PP Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Mylo-Muscle car (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Sander Kleinenberg-The fruit
Annie Lennox-Wonderfull (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Usher-Caught up (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Sander Kleinenberg-My lexion
Justin Timberlake-Rock your body (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Sander Kleinenberg-This is Miami
Junkie XL-Don't wake up the policeman (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Sander Kleinenberg-Sacred (vocal)
Spork-Freak like me (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Kane-Something to say (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Janet-All night (don't stop) (Sander Kleinenberg remix)
Sander Kleinenberg-The fruit
Appleton-Everything eventually
Sander Kleinenberg & Junkie XL & Jon Fugler-Venus & mars
Retro Houseclassics Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
1. Turntable Hype-Turntable Hype
2. Eddie Amador-Housemusic
3. House of Venus-Dish & tell
4. Human Resource-Dominator
5. Gat Décor-Passion
6. Groovemasters-The crowd is movin'
7. Lewis Lovebump-Mallorca
8. The Ultimate Seduction-Housenation
9. Alena-Turn it around
10. D Vision-Funky
11. Age of love-Age of love
12. Da Hool-Meet her at the love parade
13. Sequential One-Psychotronic
14. Energy 52-Café del mar
15. The Prodigy-Voodoo people
16. Digital Boy-This is m*thafucker
(5:34min)(mixed by Martin Pieters)(www.prepartymix.nl)
Freemasons/Phats & Small Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
(trax by Russel Small & James Wiltshire)
Phats & Small-Tonite
Phats & Small-Turn around
Phats & Small-Feel good
Studio B-I see girls (Freemasons remix)
Faith Evans-Mesmerised (Freemasons remix)
Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson-Love on my mind
Angie Stone-I wasn’t kidding (Freemasons remix)
Loleatta Holloway-Love sensation 2006 (Freemasons remix)
Phats & Small-This time around
Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson-Watchin’
Walken-Boy meets girl (Freemasons remix)
Blaze feat. Barbara Tucker-Most precious love (Freemasons remix)
Phats & Small & Earth Wind & Fire-September’99
3FM Prepartymix – DJ Zki & Dobre
(Martin Pieters) Website
1. Fresh Tunes-Do you know what I mean
2. Rene & Gaston-Vallee de L’Arms
3. F*Action-Closer baby
4. Jark Prongo-Sweet little thing
5. Chocolate Puma-I wanna be with you
6. Klatsch-Make me feel
7. Klatsch-O boy
8. The Goodmen-Give it up
9. Chocolate Puma-Always & forever
10. Jark Prongo-Rocket base
11. Jark Prongo-Radioshow
12. Klatsch-You & me
13. Klatsch-God save the queer
14. Boris Dlugosch-Never enough (Chocolate Puma remix)
15. Rhythm Killaz-Wack ass mothefucker (Payback mix)
Olav Basoski Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Bob Sinclar Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
1. Love Generation
2. Tonight
3. Sexy Dreamer
4. The Beat goes on
5. Kiss my eyes
6. I feel 4 you
7. Africanism
8. World of love
9. Save our soul
10. New York
11. Yves La Rock-Zookey (bob sinclar remix)
12. Love Generation
13. Salome de Bahia ‘’Taj Mahal’’
14. Bogota
15. You could be my lover
Full Intention / Michael Gray
(Martin Pieters) Website
Full Intention (Michael Gray & Jon Pearn)/
1. Full Intention-It hurts me
2. Bon Garcon-Freek U (Full Intention remix)
3. Full Intention-Shake your body
4. Jesto Funk-Disco queen (Full Intention remix)
5. Full Intention-Do the spanish hustle (remix)
6. George Michael-Amazing (Full Intention mix)
7. Full Intention-Give me your love
8. Supafly vs Fishbowl-Let’s get down (Full Intention mix)
9. Michael Gray-The weekend
10. Michael Gray feat. Hi Fashion-Watcha gonna do (Sharam Jey remix)
11. Sugababes-Hole in the head (Full Intention mix)
12. Junior Jack-Esamba (Full Intention mix)
13. Full Intention-Satisfied
14. Full Intention-America
15. Pepper Mache-Step into my life (Full Intention mix)
16. Milky-Just the way you are (Full Intention mix)
Craig David Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Deep Dish Prepartymix
(Martin Pieters) Website
1. Deep Dish-Wear the hat
2. Deep Dish-Flash dance
3. Justin Timberlake-Like I love you (Deep Dish Zig Zag remix)
4. Deep Dish-Summer's over
5. Deep Dish-Bagels
6. Timo Maas feat. Kelis-Help me (Deep Dish remix)
7. Dido-Thank you (Deep Dish vocal mix)
8. Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks-Dreams
9. Deep Dish-Flash dance
10. Paul van Dijk feat. Wayne Jackson-The other side (Deep Dish remix)
11. David Guetta feat JD Davis-The world is mine (Deep Dish remix)
12. Deep Dish-Everybody's wearing my head
13. Danny Tenaglia-Music is the answer (Deep Dish remix)
14. Sandy B.-You make the world go around
15. Deep Dish-Say hello (Agnello & Igrosso remix)
Cor Fijneman Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
mei 2005
David Guetta Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Kyau vs. Albert Prepartymix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Hed Kandi Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Laidback Luke Preparty Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Armand van Helden Prepartymix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Ron van den Beuken
(Martin Pieters) Website
Randy Katana, Clokx, The Mystery
Don Diablo
(Martin Pieters) Website
Backburner feat. General Levy
Do you know feat. Rufus Stone
Just let it go feat. 16 Down
P.e.o.p.l.e feat. MC Marxman & MC Stretch
Inside me
Fade away (round & round)
Divided feat. Don Diablo-The music & the peop
DJ Ton T.B.
(Martin Pieters) Website
DJ Ton T.B.-Electronic malfunction
Three Drives-Air traffic
Tangled Universe-Sparkling message
Three Drives on a vinyl-Greece 2000
DJ Ton T.B.-Silent witness
DJ Ton T.B.-Dream machine
Tangled Universe-Melodies from the Universe
DJ Ton T.B.-Electronic malfunction
Fate Federation-Crime scene
Tangled Universe-Rain & thunder
Three Drives-Sunset on Ibiza
Three Drives-Carrera
SpinninRecords PP Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Narcotic Thrust-I like it
Ritmo Dynamic-Calinda
Kadoc-The Night train 2004 (New Phunk remix)
Carlo Resoort-Musica
Age of love-Age of love 2004 (Marco V. remix)
Michael Woods-Solex close to the edge
Perfect Phase-Blow your horny horns 2004
The Freak-Rising angel
8 Ball-Give me what you got
E Craig-Smoke (Smokin' mix)
Sam Sharp vs Ron van den Beuken-Twister
Tiesto Preparty
(Martin Pieters) Website
Tiesto Preparty
(Martin Pieters) Website
United Recordings Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
1. Stuart-Free (Swag Edit)
2. Dominica-Gotta let u go (DJ Tonka remix)
3. Deep Zone-It's gonna be allright (DJ Guan's club mix)
4. Chocolate Puma-I wanna be u (Original mix)
5. Riva-Run away
6. Lambda-Hold on tight (DJ S.P.U.D.'s House edit)
7. Laidback Luke feat. MC Marxman - We can not get enough
8. Trancesetters-Roaches
9. Ilo-Rapture (Creamer & Stephane K. remix)
10. Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa-Burned with desire (Rising star vocal mix)
11. Salt Lake-Rendez vous
Club Caviar Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Club Caviar, DJ Aplha, Liquid DJ Team, Mass Medium
Ferry Corsten Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
E-Craig Prepartymix
(Martin Pieters) Website

On Ministry Of Beats, 19:50
Paul van Dijk Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
(Martin Pieters) Website

Ministry Of Beats
Armin van Buuren Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
25th Prepartymix
(Martin Pieters) Website
'Spinnin Records' Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
K Klass-Talk to me
Masai-Do that thing
Love Inc.-You're a superstar
4 Strings-Let it rain (nieuwe single)
E Craig-Drumbeatz
Project Medusa vs Exor-Moonshine
Combined Forces
(Martin Pieters) Website
Mark van Dale & Enrico
(Martin Pieters) Website
Dub Foundation feat Enrico & Mark van Dale-Emotions
Mark Dale & CB Milton-Something going on
Love Foundation-New day
Mark van Dale vs Enrico-Powerwoman
Mark van Dale vs Klubbheads DJ Team-Raise your hands up
Mark van Dale vs Enrico-Waterverve (DJ Quicksilver remix)
The Sunbox-Belong (Mark van Dale & Enrico mix)
Bassline Pumpers-The frontdoor
Club Squad-C'mon baby
Rainbox-Seed, Scatterrd (Dub Foundation remix by Mark van Dale & Enrico)
Piet Bervoets & Benno de Goeij
(Martin Pieters) Website

Carlo Resoort
(Martin Pieters) Website

Fresh 40 Mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
House Classics PT2
(Martin Pieters) Website
Lewis Lovebump-Mallorca
99-Anastacia (sample)
Human Resource-Dominator (Sample)
Stardust-The music's soundsbetter (acappella)
PM project-You know I want you
Mankey-Believe in me
The O.T. Quartet-Hold that sucker down
The Mackenzie-Innocence
Itty Bitty & Boozy Woozy-Tempo Fiesta
C.Y.B.-Come on boy
Blank & Jones Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
juni 2002
Dj Tiesto mix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Flight 643
Dallas 4 PM
In my memory
Theme from Norefjell
Allure - No more tears
Lethal Industry
Gouryella - Gouryella
Surburban train
mei 2002
Marco V & Benjamin Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
april 2002
Klubbheads Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
maart 2002
Bob Snoeier Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
februari 2002
Brooklyn Bounce Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
januari 2002
Dj Jose & G Spott Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
december 2001
Destiny's Child Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
november 2001
Faithless Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
We come 1
Salva Mea
Mohammed Ali
God Is a DJ
Jennifer Lopez Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website
september 2001
DJ Jean
(Martin Pieters) Website
augustus 2001
Missy Elliott Megamix
(Martin Pieters) Website

augustus 2001
Powermix 113 "G-Spott"
(Martin Pieters) Website
Powermix 112 "Craig David prepartymix
(Martin Pieters) Website
Walking Away
Fill me in
Powermix 110 : 3FM Pre Partymix "Playing-Into space"
(Martin Pieters) Website
Plaything - Into Space
Bob Sinclair - I Can Feel it
Frank'O Moiraghi - Show me (spacer)
Gabriel Crockert - Krischa (A1 Remix)
Dejure - Sanctuary
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman
The Prodigy - Out Of Space
Powermix 108: Janet Jackson
(Martin Pieters) Website
Powermix 104 : "3FM Down Beat Mix"
(Martin Pieters) Website
Powermix 101 : "Holland Clubsound Megamix"
(Martin Pieters) Website
The Course-Ain't nobody (acappella)
Stardust-The music sounds better....(acappella)
Madison Avenue-Don't call me baby (acappella)
Kosheen-Catch you
Alena-Turn it around (acappella)
Eddie Amador-House music
Moloko-Bring it back
Mousse T feat. Hot'n'juice-Horny 98
Meja-All about the money
Shades of Rhythm-Musical freedom
BBE-Deeper love
DJ Jean & Peran-Give it to me
Powermix 103 : "Mixx Jackson-Outkast"
(Martin Pieters) Website
Janet Jackson-Nasty
Outkast-Miss Jackson
Destiny's child-Independent woman
Mya-Case of the ex
Dr.Dre-The next episode
Kosheen-Hide U
Pras Michel feat Odb-Ghetto superstar
Powermix 107 "90's Magic Spring Mix"
(Martin Pieters) Website
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key The Secret
2 Static - Feel the Beat (acappella)
Ann Lee - 2 Times (acappella)
Vengaboys - Up and Down
Novy vs. Eniac - Superstar
Bob Marley vs. Funkstar - Sun is Shining
S-Express - Theme from S-Express
DJ Jurgen - Better of Alone
Poco Loco Gang - Poco Loco
Scoop - Drop It
Niels van Gogh - Pulverturm
Powermix 111 "Holland Clubsound Megamix pt.2"
(Martin Pieters) Website
Stuntmasterz - Lady Boy is mine
Fused - Saving Mary
WMC Feat. Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue
ATC - My Heart Beats Like a Drum
Gumba Freaks - Down down down
Duke - So in Love With you
Avant Garde - Get Down
Mark van Dale & CB Milton - Somenthing's going on
Modjo - Lady
Rollercoaster - The crazy Drummer
Hostyle - Feelin' Good
Sylver - Forever in Love
Delerium - Silence
Paul van Dijk - We Are Alive
Powermix 114 "Hard Trancemania Megamix 2001 pt.1
(Martin Pieters) Website
Powermix 77: Back to the 90's Megamix pt.3
(Martin Pieters) Website
DJ Bobo-Somebody dance with me
ICE MC-Think about the way
Studio X-Los kings del mambo
Down Town-You don't know her
Atlantic Ocean-Body in motion
Kim Lukas-All I really want
Whigfield-Saturday night
740 Boys-Booty shake
Twenty 4 Seven-Slave to the music
Debra K.-Shy guy
Usura-Open your mind
Bit Machine-Somebody real
Livin joy-Dreamer
20 Fingers-Lick it
Crystal Waters-gipsy woman
Kym Sims-Must be free
Alex party-Wrap me up
Powermix 79: Back to the 80's Megamix pt.2
(Martin Pieters) Website
Aha-The sun always shines on tv
Bryan Adams-Run to you
Phil Collins-Easy lover
Tiffany-I think we're alone now
Michael jackson-Bad
New Order-Blue monday
Prince & The Revolution-Erotic city
Moses-We just
Paul Young-Come back and stay
(8 min)
Powermix 90: Vengaboys - Uncle John (remix)
(Martin Pieters) Website
The Vengaboys-Uncle John
NUKE-Nana Candyman-Knockin'boots
Mr.President-Coco jambo
Fun Factory-I wanna be with you
Reel 2 real-Are U ready for some more
Latino Party-Esta loca (max mix sample sequence)
Powermix 97 : TLC Hitmix
(Martin Pieters) Website
powermix69 -Back to the 80's & 90's
(Martin Pieters) Website

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