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Sjon Janssen is a dutch mixer who made some great remixes and 'combineesjons' and some really great Megamixes. Some of them where broadcasted on Dutch radio, but a lot of his mixes where also played in various disco's in Holland and even in Chili!

Name: Sjon Jansen
Birthday: 25-06-1969
Place of birth: The Hague
Maried to: Sandra
Kids: Nathalie & Kirsten
Hobby's: Music, Mixing, Film, Handbal, Computers
Favoroute mixer: Ben Liebrand
Best mix ever: Grandmix 1983
Best Film ever: The Stand (Stephen King)

Okaysjon's History (written by himself). 
This story is about my adventure as a DJ together with some friends which i started back ik 1984.

It started as a joke because we wanted a Disco on the sportsclub but they had nobody who could do this, so i said that i would do it with a friend of mine. They said that we may give it a try and so was it that i became a "DJ"at 15 years of age. My friend (Robert) and i (Sjon) started collecting the Disco equipment and 15 september 1984 was the day that we had our first Disco.

On the way that we were collecting the equipment 2 other guys wanted to join our fresh drive-in and so we became a Disco quartet (Robert(16), David(16),Hugo(18) and Sjon(15)). As i said 15 September was the first Disco and with the Philips MFB speakers and an amplifiŽr from Roberts father, 1 turntable & a tapedeck from my dad and another turntable & a 4 channels audio mixer from Hugo, we were ready to play....yeah right to play what?. we had a big collection of top 40 tapes and some records from Hugo & the dads of Robert, David and me and with that we started our first Disco, And yes it was an amazing succes.

All the kids from 6 till 16 danced their asses of and Disco White Horse was born (The name we took from the Laid back hit White Horse which was in the top 40 in august of 1984. there by comes that Robert had an wooden horse which was made with a figure saw and that horse did become our logo and name of our Drive-in.Later on we also did play the records for the older people from the club and also thema party's like Salsa, Italian and even a Country and western party.

In 1986 we played on a school for the first time.After a few times of playing the records with all the borrowed stuff from our dads we started to buy our own equipment and thats why i now still have my SL 1200 MKII turntable and my 8 channels phonic audio mixer, and about 500 12"es, 300 7"es,250 LP's, 300 CD12"es and 700 CD's (i just can't stop buying).




Dancing Boops


00 - Intro by Norman Cook
01 - Samantha Fox - You Started Something
02 - Sabrina - Lady Marmalade
03 - Sabrina - My Chico (PWL Remix)
04 - Sabrina - Boys Boys Boys (Peter Slaghuis mix)
05 - Samantha Fox - Love House (The Black Pyramid Mix)
06 - Sabrina - Hot Girl (extended mix)
07 - Sabrina - Boys (Razormaid Remix)
08 - Sabrina - Like a Yoyo [PWL Remix]
09 - Samantha Fox - Touch Me 2004 (Dj Dlg & Redroche Remix)
10 - Samantha Fox - Nothing's gonna stop me now (87)
11 - Sabrina - Yeah Yeah (7'' Remix)
12 - Tatjana - Chica Cubana (Maxi Mix)
13 - Samantha Fox - I Wanna Have Some Fun (Extended Version)
14 - Tatjana - Baby love
15 - Tatjana - Awaka Boy
16 - Tatjana - Baila Baila`
17 - Samantha Fox - I Only Wanna Be With You (Razormaid Mix)
18 - Sabrina - I Feel Love (Extended Mix)
19 - Samantha Fox & DJ Aligator - Touch Me



Dancing Boops


29-3-2007 (WayFM)


From 105 to 130 in 20 minutes


Shakira - Hips Dont Lie (Ft. Wycleaf Jean)(Dj Pole remix 2006)
Robbie Williams - Rudebox (Instrumental)
Robbie Williams - Rudebox (Single Version)
Robbie Williams - Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Ext Vocal)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy back (instrumental)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy back (clean version)
Justin Timberlake - Sexy back (linus loves remix)
Sergio Mendes ft. The Black Eyed Peas - Mas que nada (the masters at work remix)
Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man (GregC Mix)
Ali B and Yes-R ft. Party squad - Rampeneren
Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind (Chus Ceballos Stereo Remix)
Infernal - From Paris To Berlin (Extended Version)
Outwork feat. Mr. Gee - ELEKTRO (hi tacks this track rulez mix)
He's A Pirate' - Pelo Verde Mix
Fedde Le Grande - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
Ali B and Yes-R ft. Party squad - Rampeneren
Pakito - Living on video (noots vocal mix)
Pakito - Living on video (original mix)

2-11-2006 (WayFM)


Pa van Doe Maar in de Weekend mix is Class Action


Doe maar-Pa
Class Action-Weekend




Everytime i hear a Klubbheads track i think 2 myself, i should do some mixing with that kind of tracks. But it never came 2 that point...........until now!!
Harold "Zwaardski" Zwaartman asked me if i wanted 2 come 2 the studio's of Way FM
where he makes his own radioshow. All because he would like 2 ask me some questions about how i started mixing and stuff. I was delighted and would be happy 2 come, but ey....@ that time i didn't have any new mixprojects running, so i couldn't give him the opportunity to play something complete new from my hand.
So that's why i started working on this Klubbheads related mix.

Tracks used:
Klubbheads - Mega Music Dance Experience
Trammps Disco Inferno (Mixed by Ben Liebrand)
Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder On The Dancefloor (G-Club Vocal Mix Edit)
Madonna - Don't Tell Me (Vission Remix)
Madonna - Don't Tell Me (Thunderpuss' 2001 'Hands In The Air' Anthem)
Black & White Brothers - Put Your Hands Up - (Accapella)
Black & White Brothers - Put Your Hands Up - (Gimmick mix)
Klubbheads - Big Bass Bomb (DJ Boozywoozy's Bamboo Bass Mix)
Klubbheads - Big Bass Bomb (Flex Klubb Mix)

1-6-2006 (LocalRadio) WebFM
1-6-2006 (LocalRadio) WayFM


New Coated Classics (volume 1)


00 - Intro
01 - The Fugees - Ready or not
02 - George Michael - Careless whisper (2003 DMC Feb Remix)
03 - Duran Duran - Come Undone (2000 Remix)
04 - Warren G - Regulate 2002 (Street Tracks Remix)
05 - US3 - Cantaloop 2004 (soul mix)
06 - Rolling Stones - Miss You (Dr. Dre Remix 2002)
07 - James brown - Get up offa that thing
08 - Mark morrison - Return of the mack (josh harris retro mixshow)
09 - African business - In zaire business (mara version)
10 - Herbie Hancock - rockit (Jerry Beke Remix)
11 - C & C Music Factory - Everybody Dance Now 2004 (DJ Doc Remix).
12 - Annie Lennox - Pavement Cracks (Dynamo Dresden 808 Remix)
13 - Rod Stewart - Do ya think I'm sexy (Remix)
14 - Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Scratch Ultimix)
15 - The Doobie Brothers - Listen to the music (dj malibu mix)
16 - Kool & the gang ft. Liberty X - Fresh (motivo pop remix)
17 - Rose Royce - Car Wash (B2 White label Mix)
18 - Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz 2003 (DJ Prime Remix)
19 - Bananarama - Long train running 2004 (alma de noche mix)
20 - Phil Collins - I Can't Dance (Ultimix)
21 - Michael Jackson - Smooth criminal (Ultimix)
22 - Bohannon - Lets start the dance (Jazzy Jeff in da house Remix)
23 - Colonel Abrams - Trapped 2001 (Favela Chic Remix)
24 - Marvin Gaye - Sexual healing (us deep mix)
25 - Raul Orellana ft. Jocelyn Brown - Gipsy rhythm (tandf vs. moltosugo club latin mix)
26 - Crystal Waters - Gypsy woman (dimitri from paris remix)
27 - Bob Marley - Jammin (2003 White Label House Mix)
28 - Sheila E - A Love Bizarre (White Label Mix 2002)
29 - Michael jackson - jam (Acapella)
30 - Daft punk - Around the world (motorbass miami mix)
31 - Sheryl Lee Ralph - In the evening (After Dark Mix)
32 - Sister Sledge - Lost in music (chu chu's urban mix 2003)
33 - Barry manilow - Copacabana (2005 lex main vocal mix)
34 - Colonel Abrams - Music is the answer (2003 Remix)
35 - Tears for fears - Shout (skylark Remix)
36 - Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra (2003 Remix)
37 - Blackstrobe vs harold faltermeyer - italian fireflies vs axel foley theme
38 - Kristine W - Feel what you want (peerees extended mix)
39 - Prince - I wanna be your lover (Lacon & Ramone Mix)
40 - Madonna - Holiday (Illicit 2003 White Label Mix)
41 - Prince - When Doves Cry 2002 (White Label Bootleg Remix)
42 - Prince - Kiss (2004 Remix)
43 - Talk Talk - It's My Life 2003 (White Label)
44 - Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (2002 White Label Mix)
45 - Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (DJ guanakito Remix 2003)
46 - Sade - Smooth Operator (de rigueur remix)
47 - Wham - Club Tropicana (2003 white label mix)
48 - Aretha Franklin - I say a Litle Prayer (dance remix)
49 - INXS - I Need You Tonight (Fatboy Slim White Label Club Mix)
50 - Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill 2003 (Infusion Remix)
51 - Pink floyd - The wall (andro remix)
52 - Eurythmics - Here comes the rain again (atfc 2004 remix)
53 - Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 2003 (Future Funk Remix)
54 - U2 - With Or Without You (Whitelabel Bootleg Remix 2003)
55 - Kraze - The party 2001 (Love City Club Remix)
56 - Terence Trent D'arby - Wishing Well (2002 White Label)
57 - Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man 2000 (DJ Amanda Remix)
58 - Madonna - Live To Tell (Thunderpuss 2000 Remix)
59 - Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight (2002 White Label Remix)
60 - Chic - Good Times 2004 (2004 Dance Remix)
61 - Billy Idol - Flesh for fantasie (dub mix)
62 - Eddy Grant - Walking on sunshine (Joey Negro club mix)
63 - Yazoo - Don't go (lemon8 vocal mix)
64 - Madonna - Into The Groove (2003 remix)
65 - Outro

Total playing time 74:00
Total hours worked on it (between 11-2004 and 02-2006) ca. 150 hours



Lumidee vs. Beenieman - Never leave you Dancehall queen

31-10-2003 (RabRadio)


The Year 2002 In 2002 Seconds



Groove Armada & Enigma

Return to my friend



In-Grid vs. Doop - Tu Es FouDoop

In-Grid - Tu Es Foutu
Doop - Doop



Run DMC vs. Madhouse - A prayer like this

Okaysjon mix 22
It's 8:10 in the morning and you're on your way to work when you hear Madhouse on the radio and somehow you think it is Run DMC with It's like that. But at the moment they start to sing you hear that it isn't Run DMC but Madhouse. You get a bit more awake and start listening with a little bit more attention to the song and you take notice of the fact that it is possible that both tracks match very well. With a lot of work to do in front of ya you keep thinking about that combineesjon the whole day and what is the first thing you do then when you're finaly at home and you got the time to crawl behind your PC. RIGHT you give the combineesjon a try, and with succes i think.



George Michael vs. Mary J. Blidge - MixFreeek's Family Affair

Okaysjon mix 21
This combination is born with the idea to do something with the George Michael song Freeek because of the title in combination with the fact that I am a Mixfreak. So I started listening to it and the first track that come up to me to combine it with was Mary J. Blidge's Family Affair. When I started mixing the tracks I mentioned that they really fit very nice together and with that and a couple of hours of cutting and pasting a new Combineesjonmix was born.


Alcazar vs. K-Ram -A Sexual menage a trois

Okaysjon mix 20
This combineeSjon is a try-out, because everytime I hear the Alcazar song I have points in the track where I would like to sing the lyrics of K-Ram's Menage a Trois. So I grabbed the songs and put them in Vegas Audio Pro 2.0 and started cutting and pasting, combining and slicing. And after an hour of 5 I had a small mixdown of a nice combineeSjon. The hard part was the beatline of K-Ram since they are not that straight as expected. To be honest, the BPM is changing every 4 or 5 beats so a lot of cutting was needed to get the beats in place of Alcazar.


Puretone vs. R.O.O.S. -Adicted to instant bass moments

OkaySjon mix 19
This combination is born after I saw the Thelma & Louise bassed videoclip of Puretone. I really liked the clip and with that I also liked the song very much. So from that point I decided that I wanted to combine this track in a combimix. But then came the question, which number did fit into this great song? Iroos1[1].jpeg (21469 bytes)
played the song 4 times in a row and finally a track jumped my mind. I placed both tracks into Vegas and started beatmatching first, and quickly I heard that the BPM and the tones matched amazingly good. So with that I started to cut & paste and play with the tracks. And within 4 hours i did have a combimix of 5:47 minutes.



Alarmmix 2001



Diana Ross-Megamix

OkaySjon mix 16
This mix wasn't the first thing that came to me when i started thinking about a new mix to create, but in the time i was thinking about a new mix i was chatting through ICQ with Helen Willemse which is a "big" Diana Ross collector. So that's when the idea came up to me to make a Megamix of some disco orientated Ross songs. I asked Helen if she would liked that and she said yes so i decided to give it a try. After searching for some good dance remixes of Ross songs Helen thought it would be easier to send me a couple of CD's including only Ross remixes which i could use in the mix. With that i started and it did well in the beginning but then (after 6 days of listening to Diana Ross) i didn't have no inspiration anymore for the Ross mix so i did put it aside for a while. In the meantime i did make another mix which is downloadable since a week ago (okaysjon mix 15). But at sunday evening i decided to finish the Diana Ross Megamix and i succeeded :o).


Eurythmics vs.Tone loc-Here comes the Wild thing again

OkaySjon mix 14
This mix is some kind of rip off from my 2nd DJ's decade mix. In the Decade mix both tracks seemed to fit very well so that's why I decided to give it a try to put both tracks in a small combat mix. Both tracks are playing through the whole mix so none of the tracks come by in a solo part.


4-5-2006 (WayFM)


Danceless-American natives become one

OkaySjon mix 13
This mix i made in about 4 hours and i came to the idea when i heard Faithless on the radio, when the song played i started whisteling the song of dance to trance's power of american natives and with that i dicided to give it a try. after listening all
the versions i have from the songs i started mixing in Vegas pro and within 2 hours i had the rough version ready. then came the finetuning and at last the outro which was the most difficult part of the mix.


One day flies vs. Robbie williams-1 Day DJ

OkaySjon mix 12
This mix I made in about 2 hours and was started as a joke while I was
bored and surfed the web to look for some funny stuff. I found the site of Kopspijkers and saw a picture of the one day flies and thought 2 myselfÖ.who knows I can make something nice from that record. After listening to it for 2 times I got the feeling that robbie williams's Rock DJ would fit into the song so I started trying. After 1,5 hour i got the rough version and 30 minutes later i had a version which i think isn't that bad.


Prince vs. Mayte - The most beautifull girl/boy in the world

Okaysjon 4

This is my first mix ever made. I made it in Cool Edit Pro single track and the tracks I used for this mix are The most beautifull girl in the world from Prince and The most beautifull boy in the world (english and spanish versions) by Mayte. The BPM and the music are exactly the same on every track so it wasn't very hard to combine them. It was only a matter of placing the right edits at the right places to make it a nice combination and some moments in the mix it sounds like it's a real duet between Prince & Mayte. Nice fact is that this mix is chosen by Eddy van Loo to be on the playlist of the Mixfreaks Party BBQ on 10-11-2000


Rolling Minoque-Anybody seen Kylie

OkaySjon mix 9
This mix I made because I was wondering which songs where almost the same as Kylie's song the word is out. It realy sounds like a Ben Liebrand production but it isn't. after listening the song for several times I'd come up with the song Anybody seen my baby from the Rolling Stones. I loaded them into Vegas pro and started trying, after 4 hours i had a result i didn't like for 100% so the next day i did a remake of it and the result is now for download.


Eddy Grant-Grantmix (OkaySjon megamix)

OkaySjon mix 8
This mix I made because I like the music of Eddy Grant and I just wanted to have a mix with some of his best songs in it. So I did give it a try, I must say it isn't the most mixable music there is on this planet but I think I did make a good start so far. To know if it is sinfull to preceed with the mix and maybe put in some more songs of him i just want to have your comment on this PREVIEW


Level 42-Tired of waiting (OkaySjon remix)

OkaySjon mix 7
This mix is my first remix of 1 song, it isn't exactly the same as a mix that includes more songs because now you have to use your immagination and fantasie to rebuild one single track with maybe some samples or extra beats. the only extra's i used in this mix is a extra beat that i placed over the other beat and further i used some samples from the song itself and brought them back to the song at different places. i made this mix after a question from Ronald kuipers in the mixfreaks list where he asked people to remix songs of level 42 for a Level 42 mixfreaks remix CD


Living in a box-Living in a gatecrash

OkaySjon mix 5
This mix is born as a joke, I was searching through my records/CD's when I got an email from a friend with a request for the song gatecrashing. I said that I did have that song and that I also had living in a box from the same band. He said that I was wrong and that living in a box was the name of the band. I tried to explain it to him but he wouldn't believe me so I said that I would make a mix of that living in a box song with gatecraching together and so was this mix born in 13 hours, 2 bottles of cola and 10 sigarettes. It isn't my best mix but because of the story that goes with it i decided that everyone may listen to it.


Gazebo vs. Enigma-I like sadness

OkaySjon mix 6
This is my last mix I made this far and with this mix I can hear some progression in my mixes and I now know that the more you practice the better it goes. The songs I used in this mix are I like chopin from Gazebo, Sadness from Enigma and a sample from Lil louis's Frensch kiss. I came up with the idea of this mix when I played I like chopin in the car on my way to Tilburg. When I heard the first few tones I immediately started to sing the words from sadness and the idea for a mix was born. When I came back from Tilburg I started directly with the mix and 9 hours later the mix was on his way to my homepage server. The comments i got on this mix so far are all positive and stimulating to start on a next mix


Radical lady in ghosttown

OkaySjon mix 2
This mix is my first mix I made in Vegas. The tracks I used for this mix are Lady from Wayne wade, Roots radical from Jimmy cliff and I used a small piece of Ghosttown from the Specials. I worked on it for 8 hours and I had to edit most of the beats to make them synchrone for as far as I was able to. Between the BPM of the 2 main songs was a difference from 6 BPM so I had to pitch them pretty heavy to make them synchrone at a way that they not become too slow or too fast and I think I did it not bad at all. This mix was also a tryout to learn more from the program Vegas. For this mix I just looked through my record archieve and came up with Roots radical which is one of my favourate reggae songs, then I searched in my archieve for a record with almost the same BPM but ended up 6 Beats ahead and chose Wayne wade's Lady. Ghosttown was also having the same beat as Lady so i tried to put that song in it as well but after all it is only a small piece i put in.


Phil's Tune

OkaySjon mix 3
collins1[1].jpeg (10997 bytes)
This isn't really a mix but it's more something like an intro. i started trying to make an intro for my own mixes but after a few hours of searching and thinking about how this intro should be i gave up.
The only positive thing that i did found was the begin and the fade out of "In the air tonight" from Phil Collins and some lyrics from the intro tune on the Styles album of Ben Liebrand. i started combining those incrediŽnts and ended up with a tune i now have under my windows startup. it's not the most difficult thing i made but it's just nice in his own way.


Broads goes rapping with delight

OkaySjon mix 1
This mix is the first mix I made in Cool Edit Pro multitrack.The tracks I used in this mix are Sing Sing Sing from the Broads, Pump up the volume from Marrs and Rappers delight from the Sugarhill gang. I worked on it for ten hours and I was inspired by Ben Liebrand's version of the half century mix in this mix he did Sing Sing Sing and Pump up the volume as a minimix. It all started as a tryout to learn Cool Edit pro multitrack and I was surprised that I get some comments to make more of this mixes after my first mix experiment.


Sudden InspireejSjon Combineesjon

I was just listening to a CD called REMIX and on that CD i heard Charles Shaw - Does your mother know and the beat he used did make me think of Milli vanilli at first and after a while i also thought i heard some Dennis Edwards-Don't look any further in it. So I took those tracks and started trying to combine them and along the way some other tracks popped my mind and so a new CombineeSjon was born :o) Used tracks: Charles Shaw - Does your mother know Dennis Edwards - Don't look any further M People - Don't look any further Milli Vanilli - Girl you know it's true Milli Vanilli - Blame it on the rain Tina Turner - I can't stand the rain


A DJ's Decade (1984-1994) (part 2)


A DJ's Decade (1984-1994)


Chi chi liah vs. Yello - Proud Mary I love you


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