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Leon Stolk




Mixdown 16


[1] File 13 - Taste so Good
[2] Gino Soccio - Turn it around
[3] Hot RS - The House of the rising Sun
[4] Bananarama - Venus
[5] Jock Hattle - To be or not to be
[6] Village People - YMCA
[7] Eastbound Expressway - Primitive Desire
[8] Mainframe - 5 Minutes
[9] Vivien Vee - Give me a break
[10] Miquel Brown - So Many Men
[11] Hazell Dean - Searchin
[12] The Flirtations - Earthquake
[13] Sylvester - Band of Gold
[14] Laura Branigan - Gloria
[15] Trans-X - Living on Video
[16] Sylvester - Be with You
[17] Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man
[18] Rofo - Rofo's Theme
[19] Humpe & Humpe - Yama-Ha
[20] Sharon Redd - In The Name of Love
[21] Bobby O’ - How to Pick up Girls
[22] Lime - Unexpected Lovers
[23] Nightlife Unlimited - Love's in you
[24] America Gipsy - I'm OK
[25] Edwin Starr - Contact
[26] Sylvester & Patrick Cowley - Do You Wanna Funk
[27] Ferrera - Love Attack
[28] Lime - Come and get Your Love
[29] Telex - Moscow Discow
[30] New Order - Blue Monday
[31] France Joli - Come to me
[32] Jeanny Tracey - Don't leave me This Way
[33] Julius Brown - Party
[34] The 501's - We are Invincilble
[35] Who's Who - Palace Palace
[36] Angie Gold - Eat me Up
[37] Nightlife Unlimited - Dance,Freak and Boogie
[38] Harry Thumann - Underwater
[39] Foxy - Get Off
[40] Macho - I'm a Man
[41] Tapps - My Forbidden Lover
[42] Man 2 Man meets Man Parrish - Male Stripper
[43] Laserdance - Laserdance
[44] K Barré - Right By the moon
[45] Amanda Lear - Follow Me
[46] La Flavour Mandolay

De mix is geheel gemaakt met Adobe Audition 1.5 op een PIII 550 MHz met 256Meg geheugen.
Voor een paar stukjes timestretching heb ik gebruik gemaakt van Prosoniq Timefactory 1.6.
Tevens bevat hij de meest belachelijke plaat (19) die ik ooit heb gehoord, maar die door zijn belachelijkheid toch naar mijn gevoel wel zo geinig is dat ik hem er absoluut tussen wilde proppen.


18-1-2007 (WayFM) Between 22:00 and 23:00


LeonS Mixdown#15 The Passion Medley

Tracy Ackerman-Take My Body
Carol Jiani-Mercy
Quantize-You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Quantize-The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
People Like us Feat. Cindy Dickinson-Deliverence
Marsha Raven-Catch Me
Cafe Society-Somebody To Love
Kim Taylor-Feel So Fine
Astaire-The Power Of Love
Angie Gold-Timebomb
Nicci Gable-Strange Desire
Jessica Williams-They Call Me(The Queen Of Fools)
Jessica Williams-Sunset People
Charade-Break Me
Miriam Lee-The Men In My Life
Charade-Got To Get To You
Astaire-Love Trap
Astaire-In The Name Of Love
Astaire-Love Trap



LeonS MiXDown#14

Janet Jackson - What have you done for me lately
Jellybean - The Mexican
Unique - What I got is what you Need
Chas Jankel - Glad to know you
Change - Lover's Holiday
Oliver Cheatham - Get down Saturday Night
Time Bandits - Only Shooting love
Yazoo - Situation
Miami Sound Machine - Dr. Beat
Company B - Fascinated
Lafleur - Boogie Nights
The Flirts - Passion
Lime - Angel eyes
Time Bandits - Endless Love
Gary Low - You're a Danger
Deodato - SOS Fire in the Sky
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Divine - Shoot your Shot
Valerie Allington - Stop
Hazell Dean - Searchin'
Julius Brown - Party
Poussez - Never Can Say Goodbye
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round
Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now
Tantra - Top Shot
Supermax - Love Machine
Disco Four - Whip Rap


LeonS Mix Down 11

Intro Just the way you're good to me
SOS Band Just the way you like it
SOS Band Just be good to me
Natasha King AM/FM
Loose Ends Hanging on a String
Cool Notes Spend the Night
Change Change of heart
Peter Jacques Band Goin' Dancing Down the Street
Rene & Angela I'll Be Good
Rene & Angela Save your love for #1
Bar-Kays Sex-O-Matic
Stephanie Mills The Medicine Song
Dazz Band Let it all Blow
Fox the Fox Precious little Diamond
Duran Duran Wild Boys
MDMC How about it
Video Somebody


LeonS All Time favorites Mix

Herbie Hancock Tell Everybody
Gino Soccio Dancer
Cerrrone Freak Connection
Lipps inc. Funky Town
Stone Time
Time Shaker Shake
CJ & Co Devil's Gun
Giorgio Moroder Chase
Sunbelt Spin It
Cerrone Love in C minor
Donna Summer I Feel Love
Munich Machine Get on the Funk Train
Giorgio Moroder From Here to Eternity
Voyage Kechak Fantasy
American Gipsy I'm Ok You're Ok
Macho I'm a Man
Ferrera Love Attack
The Ring Savage Lover


LeonS 9th One

Don't know anymore
Forecast Happy Days
Weeks & Company. Rock your Wold
Dance reaction Discotrain


LeonS 8th One

Spence Get it on
Broads Sing, Sing, Sing
Visage Fade to Grey
Forrest Rock the Boat
Lakeside Fantastic Voyage
Rockers Revenge Walking on Sunshine
Galaxy Dancin' Tight
Unique What I've got is What you Need
Shalamar Make That Move


LeonS 7th One (A Drunken DJ Goes Italo)

Evelyn Barry Take it as a game
Brian Ice Talking to the Night
Eddy Huntington U.S.S.R.
Miko Mission How Old are You
Koto Japanese Wargame
Fancy Check it Out
Cyber People Doctor Faustu's
Doctor's Cat Feel the drive
Scotch Take me Up
Mr. Flagio Take a Chance
Koto Visitors (AlieN Mix)
Fancy Slice me Nice
Fancy Lady of Ice
Fun Fun Color My Love
The Radio Pirates What Shall we do with a drunken DJ
Silver Pozilli Step by Step



LeonS UpTempo MiX (6th One)

Marsha Raven False Alarm (intro)
Hazell Dean Searchin’
Miquel Brown He's a Saint, He's a Sinner
501’s We are Invincible
Laura Pallas Emergency
Lorraine McKane Let the night take the Blame
Miquel Brown So many men So little Time
Yello I Love You (samples)
Jock Hattle Crazy Family
Trans-X Living on Video
Lime Babe we’re gonna love Tonight
Le Jeté La Cage aux Folles
Revanche Music Man



LeonS 5th One

Grand master Flash & Melle Mel White Lines
Sugarhill Gang Rappers Delight
SOS Band The Finest
Herb Albert & Janet Jackson Diamonds
Chic Good Times
Kurtis Blow The Breaks
Gino Soccio Try it Out
Colonel Abrams Trapped
Paul Sharada Move your Feet
Doctor's Cat Feel the drive
Oliver Cheatham Get down Saturdaynight
Harold Faltermeyer Axel F.



LeonS ItaloMiX (2nd one)

Fun Fun Happy Station
Cyber People Void Vision
Fancy lady of Ice
Baby’s Gang Challenger
Koto Visitors
Sabrina Boys
Cruisin’ Gang China Town
Max-Him Japanese Girl
Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy
Mike Cannon Voices in the dark
Max-Him Lady Fantasy
Laserdance Humanoid Invasion




Michael Bow Love And Devotion
Marcha Raven Catch Me
Miquel Brown So Many Men
Miss Kimberly DJ Girl
Café Society Somebody to Love
New Order Blue Monday
Samantha Gilles Let me Feel It
Waterfront Home Take a Chance on Me
Patrick Cowley & Sylvester Do You Wanna Funk
Nightlife Unlimited Just be Yourself
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes



LeonS 4th One

Rick Astley Never gonna Give You Up
Kylie Minogue I Should be so Lucky
Sinitta Cross My Broken Heart
Pebbles Girl Friend
Taylor Dane Tell it to my Heart
Sinitta Toy Boy
Freez IOU
Shannon Give Me tonight



LeonS 3rd One Pre-Released December 26th 2000

Laura Branigan Self Control
Propaganda Machinery
P4Fx P Machinery Relax
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax
Thompson Twins Don’t Mess with Doctor Dream
?????? (Not finished Yet!)



LeonS 1st One

René and Angela Save your Love for # 1
Peter Jacques Band Goin Dancing down the Street
Silver Pozzoli Around My Dream
Fern Kinney Groove Me
The Twins Ballet Dancer
Scotch Disco Band
Hot Cold Love is Just a Game



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