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Jürgen Flens




Superwhoomp - Rick James vs Tag Team


It contains Rick James Superfreak and the acapellatrack of Tag Teams Whoomp there it is. Beats are from Salt n
Pepa´s Push it.




Gipsy and Queen - Gipsy Queen
Max Coveri - One More Time
Chriss - Sweets For My Sweet
Ivan - Fotonovella



LL Cool J meets Snoop Dogg- Hey lover, drop it like its hot


LL Cool J Instrumental (Hey Lover)
Snoop Doggs "Drop it like its hot" Acapella


Michael Jackson goes Jazz


Remember the Time (Acapella)- Michael Jackson
Burning up the carneval - Joe Sample
Ring Ring Ring (Sax Sample) De La Soul




Sue Sadlow - My Man
Vanilla - Paradise Me Amore
Cyber People - Doctor Faustus
Patrick Colby - Mandrill
Valerie Dore - Get Closer
Spagna - Call Me
The Flirts - Helpless
The Flirts - Passion (Sample



Say My Name, Smalltown Boy


Bronsi Beat "Smalltown Boy"
Destiny's Child "Say my name"


Destiny'sChild vs Robert Miles:Destinys Children


Robert Miles "Children"
Destiny's Child "Say my name"


10min Megamix


Eric Prydz - Call on me
Tag Team - Whoomp there it is (Acapella)
Kelis - Trick me (Remix)
Spankox - To the Club (Acapella)
Oliver Moldan - Gonna make you sweat
Lil Love - Little Love
Danzel - Put your hands up in the air (Acapella)
Ritmo Dynamic - Calinda
Danzel - Pump it up (Acapella)
Reflect - Need to be loved
Global DJ´s - What a feeling
Roger Sanchez - Another chance


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