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Snoop Dog vs Vanity 6 - Drop it like its hot


Snoop Dog - Drop it like its hot
Vanity 6 - Nasty
Mixed in half an hour by Chris for a friend who wanted a remix of it.


Yearmix 2004


01:Dj Casper-cha cha slide
02:Upr-God is in tha house
03:Armand V Helden-My my my bass only
04:Tiga-Pleasure from the bass
05:mario Piu-Champ elisees
06:Kevin sunray-I feel good
07:Party dudes-Pump it up
08:Coldfusion-Origins Part One
09:Milk and sugar-Let the sun shine
10:Amuka-Apriciate me
11:JayDee-Plastic dreams
12:R&R Klinkenberg-Fearless
13:Narcotic trust-Safe from harm
14:Alex romano-Big bagz
15:The sub club_Boom boom
16:Eric preydez-Call on me
17:Azoto-San salvador
18:Samurai jack-Got to be love
19:Stonebridge-Put em high
20:Pitfall-Play on
21:Dave leatherman-Eple
22:Olav basoski-Waterman
23:Ferry Corten-Its time
24:Dr kucho-Lies to yourself
25:Brad carter-Morning always comes to soon
26:Age of love/Marco V-Age of love
27:Freestylers-Push up
29:Paul van dyke-Crush
30:Double dragon-Seperated
31:Ferry corten-Everyting goes
32:Nalin & Kane-Cruising
33:Don diablo-Useless
35:Marco V-Automanual
36:T Edwards-Who are you
37:R&R Klinkenberg-Till ya drop
38:Mike heart-Sex machine
39:Pure energie-Sugar baby love
40:Sensation 2004-Anthem
41:Club robbers-White stripes
42:Enola Gray-Real clubsound
43:Drunken munky-Yeah
44:37Hz/Bush-Death of democracy
45:Marcel woods-Time is running out
46:E graig-Smoke
47:Vd karsten-Cry
48:Project medusa-Eclipse
49:LMC/U2-Take me to the clouds above
50:Ferry corsten-Right of way
51:4 Strings-Turn it around
52:Gate 42-Flow
53:DJ Jose-Attention
55:Svenson-The sunlight Theory
56:Deep Spirit-Lonely
57:Dj Zany-Sky high
59:Cosmic gate-Tomorrow
60:Antibazz-Major tom


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