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Raymond Adriaans


CD and 12" (re)mixes



Michael Jackson - I just can't stop loving you

On TROS Radio
1-9-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Replay Stermix 5-2-1987

30-7-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)


George Michael - I want your sex

On TROS Radio
1-7-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Tony Esposito - Papa chico

On TROS Radio
1-7-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody

On TROS Radio
1-6-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Mixed Emotions - You want love

On TROS Radio
1-6-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Jan Hammer - Crocketts Theme

Gunshots on the beats

On TROS Radio
1-5-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Piet Veerman - Sailin'home

On TROS Radio
1-4-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Aretha Franklin & George Michael - I knew you were waiting

On TROS Radio
1-3-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Mel & Kim - Respectable

On TROS Radio
1-3-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)



(Published by MusicMasters UK!)

5-2-1987 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Jackie Wilson - Reet Petite

On TROS Radio
1-2-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Mel & Kim - Showing out

On TROS Radio
1-1-1987 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


High FashionNon Stop Dancemix

Anthony & Rose - Love is everywhere
Tia-Boy Toy
Taffy - I love my radio
Fun Fun - Baila Bolero
Ross - Can't take my eyes off you
Fun Fun - Gimme some lovin'
Christina - Two of Hearts
Kool Moe Dee - Go See the Doctor
Lucia - la Isla Bonita Rap
Micaela - La Isla Bonita
Lili & Sussie - Candy Love
Lee Prentiss - You Plus me
Ritchie Family - The Best Disco in Town

High Fashion/Dureco DCD27
1-1-1987 (CD Mixes)


Bangles - walk like an egyptian

On TROS Radio
1-12-1986 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)



(1st place Madonnamix contest)

6-11-1986 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Jaaroverzicht Part 2

BVD intro is a bit slower than normal
Uh - uh - baby...
Debarge - You Wear It Well
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Can You Feel The Beat
Ken Laszlo - Tonight
Silver Pozzoli - Step By Step (small fragment only)
Miami Sound Machine - Conga
Moses - We Just
Set it up...
I just want to be the one to get right next to you
Flash & The Pan - Midnight Man
Aretha Franklin - Freeway Of Love
Invitation to dance...
Max Him - Lady Fantasy
(instrumental part with many beats)
FunFun - Give me your love
(instrumental part with many beats)
Lime - Unexpectant Lovers
Drum theatre - Eldorado
Ready For The World - Oh Sheila
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round
Mainframe - He Said It
Mainframe - 5 Minutes
Yello - Vicious Games
(instrumental part with many beats)
I love the way he loves me
ends with "Cinderella"

10-4-1986 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Jaaroverzicht Part 1

Raymond made a one-hour-long yearmix of 1985 and sent it to TROS Radio.
It was not broadcast completely - THIS was the first part of the mix.
Two weeks later the last part of the mix was broadcast (see 10-04-86).
Intro: This is what Edith Piaf used to say
Grace Jones - to the Rhythm
Chaka Khan - Eye 2 Eye
Mai Tai - History
Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon
Jenny Burton - Bad Habits
Sandra - Maria Magdalena
Cool Notes - Spend The Night
Princess - Say I'm Your No. 1
Level 42 - Something About You
Commodores - Nightshift
Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love
Aurra - Like I Like It
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Peter Jacques Band - This Night/Going Dancing Down The Street
Miquel Brown - Close To Perfection
Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin' Who?
Total Contrast - Takes A Little Time
Thompson Twins "Dr. Dream"
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream
Billy Ocean - Loverboy

27-3-1986 (Bond van Doorstarters)


Rockwell - somebody's watching you (with M. Sauvé)

On Veronica
1-1-1986 (Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)


Commodores - Nightshift


(Veronica/Top 40 Mixes)

Title/Description Info
Toni Di Bart greatest hits mega mix CD (Freaky)
High Fashion Dance Mix
(Lucia, Taffy, Kool Moe Dee, Fun Fun, Lilli&Sussie, Ritchie Family Etc.)
CD (Dureco)
12" (Dureco)
The Trammps medley (reremix) CD
The Ultimate party mix CD (Dureco)
Lili & Sussie - Tokyo (Remix) CD (Dureco)
12" (Dureco)
The Jaye Bros - Ain't nobody here but us (Remix) CD (Dureco)
12" (Dureco)
Chickens -Laterndlmix CD (Pertisau Oostenrijk)
12" (Pertisau Oostenrijk)
Anthony & Rose - Love is everywhere medley
love is in the air, lay love on you, standing in the rain
12" (Dureco)
Mario Real - change (Remix) 12" (Dureco)
Madonna mix 12" Music Factory Mastermix
The Hit Mix '86 12" Music Factory Mastermix
Future mix 12"
Kool & the Gang MIx 12"
It's partytime 12"
Patrick Cowley mix 12"
Level 42 Megamix (8:16) MusicFactory Mastermix #8,A1
Hitmix 1986 Part 1 (10:40) MusicFactory Mastermix #7, A2
Hitmix 1986 Part 2 (12:14) MusicFactory Mastermix #7, B1

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