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Avro's Driemaal Doordraai - Oldschool

Klique 3dd
(Silvere van Welsenis) Website
Change 3XDD
(Silvere van Welsenis) Website
You Are my melody, Miracles, Hold Tight
The Limit driemaaldoordraai
(Silvere van Welsenis) Website
LoveAttaxx, Crimes of Passion, Destiny
Oldschoolmix 2003
(Silvere van Welsenis) Website
Aurra: Happy Feeling. Aurra: You And Me Tonight. Aurra: Like I Like It (intro). September: The Lover In Me. Bobbi Humprhey: No Way. Millie Scott: Automatic. Sherrick: Just Call. Gayle Adams: Love Fever. France Joli: Gonna Get Over You. Fatback: (sample) Is This The Future.
Alexander O'Neal Driemaaldoordraaimix
(Silvere van Welsenis) Website
Critizice, What Can I Say ( To Make You Love Me ), Innocent
Lillo Thomas Driemaaldoordraaimix
(Silvere van Welsenis) Website
Settle Down, ( You're A ) Good Girl, Sexy Girl

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