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Yearmixes of the year 1989

On this page I'll sum up the yearmixes which where made on (dutch) radio in the year 1989. Some of these mixes were also put on CD. It are Grandmixes, bvd or tcm yearmixes, or mixes made by dutch mixers and only available on the internet :-)
Grandmix 1989 (Ben Liebrand)

31-12-1989 (Grandmix)
Yearmix 1989 (Ruud van Rijen)


28-12-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)
Yearmix 1989 (Bob Snoeier)


7-12-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)
Yearmix 1989 (Lex van Coeverden)


1-12-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)
december 1989
KNA Yearmix 1989 (Koen Groeneveld & Addie van der Zwan)
ntro: "hey there's a tape recorder here"
" See what's on it"

LA mix - Get loose
TYREE - House music is my life
onbekend -
TYREE - Hardcore hiphouse
The Beatmasters feat. MC Merlin
Mr Lee - Get busy
Dj Fast Eddie - Hiphouse
Monie Love - Grandpa's party
onbekend -
onbekend -
TYREE - Move your body
Doug Lazy - Let it roll
Kool Rock Steady - Get hype
Tony Scott - That's how i'm livin
Dj Fast Eddie - Let's go
Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty - I can handle it
TYREE - Turn up the bass
Dj Fast Eddie feat. Sundance - Git on up
onbekend -
"sample" I'ts not over - First Choice
Dj Fast Eddie - Yo yo get funky
Double trouble - Just keep on rockin'
The Beatmasters feat. Betty Boo - Hey dj
D-Mob - It is time to get funky
Dj Fast Eddie - Most wanted
onbekend -
Double trouble - Street tuff
Ends with sample "Over", repeating and fading.


1-12-1989 (Bond van Doorstarters)
december 1989
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