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MINIMIX - 2005

Minimixes are the mixes Ben made from 1983 to 1993 (and again in the new millennium). They are usually mixes of one track and one artist. They have been broadcasted by Radio Veronica on friday evenings. The dates shown are the dates they were broadcasted for the first time. These mixes are in some occassions the same as on the CDSingles Ben remixed/produced. In other occassions they're just 'practice'. If you have additional information about one or more mixes, please mail me.
In 2000 and 2001 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Saturday, 10 minutes to 3. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2002 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Friday-evending, 10 minutes to 10. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2004 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Friday -evening in Ben's own show 'In the Mix'
In 2005 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
In 2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
From 7-oct-2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 23:15).
From 18-nov-2006 the minimixes were also broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Erwin Peters Avonturen Show (approx. 21:10).

Sugarhill Gang - Rappers DelightWritten & produced by S.Robinson, G. O'brien, H.Jackson, M.Wright
Additional production & Remix by Ben Liebrand

2-6-1989 (Minimix)
9-6-1989 (Minimix)
31-12-2005 (Minimix)
Freeeze - I.O.U.(swingfeel mellow mix )
20-6-1986 (Minimix)
17-12-2005 (Minimix)
Gregor Salto vs The Trammps- Looking good in Disco Inferno
10-12-2005 (Minimix)
Hot Chocolade - 2 in a bed (Sexy thing/every one's a winner)Hot chocolate had a string of hits in the 70's, and this succes was continued into the 80's with this remix.
The mix was supposed to be finished in the month of november 1985. It took however 2 and a half months more to come up with the perfect blend for this mix. After all versions were made I tried an alternative for the bassline. This bassline worked so well and was doubled with a horn riff, giving the track exactly what it needed. The remix became an international hit and a boost fot Errol Browns second carreer. Enjoy this classic
(Sexy gogo waar blijft het ons beloofde feestje minimix)

20-3-1987 (Minimix)
5-5-2001 (Minimix)
3-12-2005 (Minimix)
Dominator vs Africa Bambatta : BambonitatorThese are a couple of totally different tracks.
Human Resource : Dominator was a progressive techno track at the time, Afrika Bambaataa fitted in the hiphouse trend, and the organ bits from Gypsy Woman are again something completely different.Wat brings them together are the fact that they are in the same musical key.Was not Was's Walk the dinosaur completed the mix.
This is a case where the sum is more then the parts. Bambaataa's catchy raps combine excelently with Dominators techno synths, and Crystal Water's Organ from Gypsy Woman brings some relaxing moments to this mix.
Get up and Dance, and enjoy !

16-6-2000 (Minimix)
19-11-2005 (Minimix)
16-12-2006 (Minimix)
Shakira vs Bee Gees vs Britney Spears - Whenever Wherever / Staying Alive / I'm a slave 4 UShakira, Whenever wherever, the hit that introduced Shakira to the rest of the world, meets the track that introduced disco to the rest of the world, Stayin'`alive by the Beegees.
The minimx starts of with the rhythm of Britney Spears' Slave for you, soon to be joined by Shakira's vocals and topped of with the famous Stayin' Alive groove to supply the music. Enjoy!!

8-3-2002 (Minimix)
20-2-2004 (Minimix)
12-11-2005 (Minimix)
3-2-2007 (Minimix)
Gloria Gaynor vs Total Contrast : I will survive
5-11-2005 (Minimix)
Van Halen - Jump
3-4-1993 (Minimix)
21-4-2001 (Minimix)
29-10-2005 (Minimix)
2 Unlimited - No limit (Long version)
27-3-1993 (Minimix)
22-10-2005 (Minimix)
Celvin Rotane : I Believe /Destiny's Child : Say my name
9-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
15-10-2005 (Minimix)
Donna Summer - I feel love vs Shannon - Let the music playDonna Summer vs Shannon - Feel the music play
19-11-2004 (Minimix)
2-10-2005 (Minimix)
Whistle - Just buggin
21-3-1986 (Minimix)
14-5-2004 (Minimix) DMC Remix
24-9-2005 (Minimix)
Weekend LadyClass Action - Weekend
Modjo Lady

17-9-2005 (Minimix)
Prince & The Wee Papa Girl Rappers - Alphabet Street (07:12)
27-5-1988 (Minimix)
20-8-2004 (Minimix)
10-9-2005 (Minimix)
23-9-2006 (Minimix) As part of ITM
Alexander O'Neal - To make you love me
22-7-1988 (Minimix)
3-9-2005 (Minimix)
Inxs - Need you tonight (07:05)
15-1-1988 (Minimix)
30-9-1988 (Minimix) Different? (II)
8-10-2004 (Minimix)
27-8-2005 (Minimix)
The Bee Gees - You should be dancing
20-8-2005 (Minimix)
26-8-2006 (Minimix)
Taja Sevelle - Love is Contagious (06:51)
25-3-1988 (Minimix)
13-8-2005 (Minimix)
Jan Hammer - Crockett's theme (II)The original version was one of the theme's from the popular tv-series 'Miami Vice'. It was a theme dedicated to the character Sonny Crockett played by Don Johnson, and appeared in several episodes of the series. The Music is composed and performed by Jan Hammer, who was also responsible for the Miami Vice Theme and all other music specially composed for the series. It took Jan up to one week to prepare the music for an episode, which means that if you have a new episode each week, Miami Vice kept him occupied for years. Crockett's Theme is still one of his favorite tracks.
The minimix is based on a new edit of the original. To this edit, new drums and baselines are added. The famous Miami Vice timbales (percussion) appear and the famous Aahhhh sample does it's bit. In Addition to this, voice clips where taken from some of the episodes, and placed over the complete mix.
"He's gotta taste for the money"
20-2-1987 (Minimix)
1-1-1988 (Minimix)
21-4-2000 (Minimix)
6-2-2004 (Minimix)
6-8-2005 (Minimix)
2-2-2007 (Minimix)
Jan Hammer - New York Theme
27-11-1987 (Minimix)
30-7-2005 (Minimix)
Ben Liebrand - Eve of the war remix (07:45)
8-12-1989 (Minimix)
23-7-2005 (Minimix)
3-3-2007 (Mix on Video) View the Video!
Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love can't turn around
19-9-1986 (Minimix)
17-11-2001 (Minimix)
3-9-2004 (Minimix)
16-7-2005 (Minimix)
Kraftwerk vs Janet Jackson-Robots in Control (2005 pumpin mix)
9-7-2005 (Minimix)
Luther Vandross - Never too much (08:43)
19-8-1988 (Minimix)
6-10-1989 (Minimix)
2-7-2005 (Minimix)
Yazoo vs First Choice - Let no man put this situation asunder
28-5-2005 (Minimix)
Moby vs Soulsearcher -Go cos I can't get enough
21-5-2005 (Minimix)
Elo vs Sophie Ellis Bextor - Don't hold me up the wall
14-5-2005 (Minimix)
Earth Wind & Fire vs. The Bangles -Walk like an egyptian
7-5-2005 (Minimix)
18-11-2006 (Minimix)
7-3-2007 (3FM Mixes) On Schiffers.fm
Delirium vs Sheila & the Black devotion : Silence in SpaceTaking Sarah McLaughlan's vocals and matching them to Sheila & the Black devotion's instrumental version of Spacer results in a super laid-back funky version which will surprise you for sure!.
4-2-2004 (Minimix) In the Mix 1st hour
26-3-2004 (Minimix) The wrong version was broadcasted (error on Bens side, he put the wrong version in the broadcast!
30-4-2005 (Minimix)
Star Wars ThemeC3PO & R2D2 are getting very excited about this Star Wars Danc Mix.
16-4-2005 (Minimix)
Bobby Orlando - She has a way vs. Shannon - Give me tonight"O"me tonight
Featuring the groove from Bobby Orlando, a track that was featured recently in a commercial where people were batting tennisballs of of a roof as an invitation to their party, this groove fits like a glove to Shannon's Vocals from "Give me tonight".
Madonna also pops by to cheer everyone up in Vogue style

6-2-2004 (Minimix)
9-4-2005 (Minimix)
Sinead O'Conner vs Guru Josh - Nothing compares 2 YoUr infinityThe original Version was a song by Prince, made into an even bigger hit by Sinead O'Conner. Her famous video, where she cries just that little bit at the right moment, contributing substantually to the succes. Other ingredient is the sax riff from Guru Josh which fit in perfectly on half tempo. Both tracks where at the top of the charts in the spring of 1990.
The Minimix is a more rhythmic and percussive version of the original including bassline and the saxriff from Guru Josh's Infinity. The track starts off with the sax riff, and builds to a triplet feel 6 beat pattern. Guru Josh re-appears half-way the track.

23-3-1990 (Minimix)
14-2-1992 (Minimix)
24-3-2000 (Minimix)
30-1-2004 (Minimix) On In the Mix
2-4-2005 (Minimix)
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - White lines (Freestyle Mix) (06:54)
16-2-1990 (Minimix)
14-5-2004 (Minimix)
26-3-2005 (Minimix)
Salt & Pepa - Push itSalt N Pepa - Push it
Sheila E - Glamourous Life
Prince - When Dove Cry
Kraftwerk - Number
Leon Haywood - Don't Push it don't force it
Afrika bambaataa - Planet Rock
Musique - Push push In The Bush
8-7-1988 (Minimix)
19-3-2005 (Minimix)
Derek B - Rock the BeatDerek B is joined by James Brown, Public Enemy and loads of loops to create this funky remix
12-3-2005 (Minimix)
Alexander O Neal - CriticizeMinimix Classic with poundin Stock Aitken & Waterman style bassline(07:12)
6-11-1987 (Minimix)
16-12-1988 (Minimix)
5-3-2005 (Minimix)
Mr Lee vs The Trammps - Get busy at the disco InfernoYet another Disco Inferno, this time with Mr Lee and a touch of Whitney

Mr Lee - Get Busy
The Trammps - disco Inferno (acap)
Whitney Houston - I'm every woman (acap)

26-2-2005 (Minimix)
Madonna vs Liberty X - Just a little bit of VogueMadonna - Vogue
Liberty X - Just a little bit
Blackbox - Strike it up
Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco

19-2-2005 (Minimix)
Lil Louis vs Whitney - I Wanna French Kiss SomebodyLil Louis - French Kiss
Whitney Houston - I wanna love somebody

5-2-2005 (Minimix)
Queen/Genesis - Mama will rock youQueen - We will rock you
Genesis - Mamma
With a little bit of Bohemian Rapsody at the start.
The minimix combines these two tracks as they have the same BPM and partially also the same tonal key. The combination of these 2 rock classics amount s to more then the mere sum of the parts.
The second part of the "we will rock you" chorus is "instrumental" as the keys of the 2 tracks otherwise would clash.
The minimix was originally made in the Akai DD1000. The 2 tracks were loaded from CD and Queen was slightly time-stretched to match the tempo of Genesis' Mamma

29-5-1992 (Minimix)
16-10-1992 (Minimix)
18-2-2000 (Minimix)
25-6-2004 (Minimix) A mash-up made long before anyone had heard of the term "mash-up"
29-1-2005 (Minimix)
8-12-2006 (Minimix)
15-12-2006 (Minimix)
Pink vs Salt'n Pepa - Get this party started / Push ItPink, more known for here rock oriented tracks delivers a party groove for the dancefloor. Taking the track further into dance, Pink is accompanied by Salt'N'Pepa's Push it groove and the Class Action "Weekend" acappella provides additional party vocals.
25-1-2005 (Minimix)
Trammps vs Technotronic - Pump up the Disco Jam InfernoA mash-up combining Technotronic's - Pump up the Jam and The Trammps' Disco Inferno. Guaranteed to move the dancefloor
22-1-2005 (Minimix)
Tramps - Disco Inferno (70s Edition)DiscoInferno.jpeg (10176 bytes)Featured in the blockbuster movie Saturday Night Fever, The Tramps had a huge hit with Disco Inferno.

Starting of with the Intro of Shout, the rhythm builds up using filtered loops of disco inferno. A vocoder is added in the chorus as well as Syndrums (real ones this time) and classic disco rhythms. This remix should have no problem fitting in with all the filtered disco stuff going on momentarily.

15-1-2005 (Minimix)
Crystal Waters vs Do - Homeless in HeavenFeaturing Do' Heaven Piano and Strings mix with
Crystal Waters' Gypsy Woman Vocals
1st airplay was planned on 24-dec-2004, but due to programmatic changes the broadcast was cancelled. 26-dec-2004 was the tsunami in Asia. Homeless in Heaven gets very actual.

24-12-2004 (Minimix) Not Broadcasted
8-1-2005 (Minimix)

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