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MINIMIX - 1986

Minimixes are the mixes Ben made from 1983 to 1993 (and again in the new millennium). They are usually mixes of one track and one artist. They have been broadcasted by Radio Veronica on friday evenings. The dates shown are the dates they were broadcasted for the first time. These mixes are in some occassions the same as on the CDSingles Ben remixed/produced. In other occassions they're just 'practice'. If you have additional information about one or more mixes, please mail me.
In 2000 and 2001 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Saturday, 10 minutes to 3. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2002 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Friday-evending, 10 minutes to 10. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2004 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Friday -evening in Ben's own show 'In the Mix'
In 2005 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
In 2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
From 7-oct-2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 23:15).
From 18-nov-2006 the minimixes were also broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Erwin Peters Avonturen Show (approx. 21:10).

Jan Hammer - Miami Vice theme
19-12-1986 (Minimix)
2-9-2006 (Minimix)
Art of Noise - MEGA-Moments in loveProduced by Anne Dudley and J.J.Jeczalik.
Solos by Peter Schön recorded Live during a DJ set by Ben Liebrand.

12-12-1986 (Minimix)
27-2-1987 (Minimix)
15-9-2001 (Minimix)
Madonna - Open your heartA hectic big sounding remix with many edit effects
5-12-1986 (Minimix) ?
14-6-1991 (Minimix)
21-7-2000 (Minimix)
10-9-2004 (Minimix)
Chico DeBarge - Talk to meTalk to me before we get disco-nected
28-11-1986 (Minimix)
Janet Jackson - Control (05:40)
21-11-1986 (Minimix)
Herb Albert - Rotation (06:58)
14-11-1986 (Minimix)
Tina Turner - Two people (07:34)
7-11-1986 (Minimix)
7-7-2000 (Minimix)
Grace Jones - I'm not perfekt (06:36)
31-10-1986 (Minimix)
Vienna Symphonic Opera Project - Welcome to the pleasuredomeWelcome to the Curry & Van Inkel pleasuredome minimix(06:51)
24-10-1986 (Minimix)
18-6-2004 (Minimix)
Cameo - Word upKan ie wel kan ie niet Cameo Minimix
17-10-1986 (Minimix)
15-12-2001 (Minimix)
Santa Esmeralda & Leroy Gomez - Oh Lord, don't let me be misunderstood (06:57)
10-10-1986 (Minimix)
Tina Turner - The electric fine typical malebox minimix
1-8-1986 (Minimix)
3-10-1986 (Minimix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - relax/two TribesFrankie Goes Bananas Mix (Relax In Stereo And Lots Of Tribes)
On radio Veronica
26-9-1986 (Minimix) On radio Veronica
23-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love can't turn around
19-9-1986 (Minimix)
17-11-2001 (Minimix)
3-9-2004 (Minimix)
16-7-2005 (Minimix)
Janet Jackson - When I think of you (II)
12-9-1986 (Minimix)
15-4-2001 (Minimix)
Run DMC & Aerosmith - Walk this way
5-9-1986 (Minimix)
Human League - Human (05:10)
29-8-1986 (Minimix)
28-10-2001 (Minimix) Edited version
21-5-2004 (Minimix)
Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom
22-8-1986 (Minimix)
Janet Jackson - When I think of you (I)
15-8-1986 (Minimix)
Janet Jackson - Nasty
8-8-1986 (Minimix)
6-2-2004 (Minimix) On In the mix
24-9-2004 (Minimix)
Tina Turner - The electric fine typical malebox minimix
1-8-1986 (Minimix)
3-10-1986 (Minimix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - RelaxJerome in the US of A-mix
Contains pieces of an interview on American Radio (Scott Shannon's "Rockin' America" on WHTZ) with Dutch DJ Jeroen van Inkel. .

25-7-1986 (Minimix)
Jaki Graham - Set me free
18-7-1986 (Minimix)
Art Of Noice - Paramonia
11-7-1986 (Minimix)
9-12-1988 (Minimix)
10-12-2004 (Minimix)
Ben Liebrand - Dance Classics the mix
- And the beat goes on - The Whispers
- Spank - Jimmy 'Bo' Horne
- Let no man put asunder - First Choice
- Let's all chant - Micael Zager band.

7-7-1986 (Minimix) - And the beat goes on - The Whispers - Spank - Jimmy 'Bo' Horne - Let no man put asunder - First Choice - Let's all chant - Micael Zager band.
Madonna - Papa don't preach
4-7-1986 (Minimix)
Peter Gabriel vs Grace Jones - Sledgehammer
27-6-1986 (Minimix)
11-8-2001 (Minimix)
6-10-2001 (Minimix)
16-4-2004 (Minimix)
Freeeze - I.O.U.(swingfeel mellow mix )
20-6-1986 (Minimix)
17-12-2005 (Minimix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Megamix
6-6-1986 (Minimix)
Timmie Thomas vs Colonel Abrahams - Why can't we be trapped together1986? Ben Liebrand remix incorpoating basslines from "Colonel Abrams' Trapped". (How do you like his funky suit?)
1-6-1986 (Minimix)
21-5-2004 (Minimix)
3-12-2004 (Minimix)
17-3-2007 (Minimix)
Ben Liebrand - The mellow mood mixAretha Franklin - Like i'm gonna love you, …
Earlene Bentley - Point Of No Return
Midnight Star - Headlines
Skipworth And Turner - Can't Give Her Up
Aurra - You and me Tonight

30-5-1986 (Minimix)
Ravel / Art Of Noise - BoleroBolero (The Ultimate Classical Moments In Love Mix)
9-5-1986 (Minimix)
MC Miker G & DJ Sven - The holiday rap1986?
1-5-1986 (Minimix)
Bruce & Bongo - Geil
4-4-1986 (Minimix)
Prince  - Kiss
1-4-1986 (Minimix)
23-4-2004 (Minimix) ITM : Ben's DMC Remix
20-8-2004 (Minimix)
23-9-2006 (Minimix) As part of ITM
april 1986
Telex  - Moscow discoThe intro train pass-by was recorded by myself using a digital Sony PCM F-1 set somewhere in the mid 80's. Recording a pass-by meant sitting alongside the tracks for 2 hours having an oppertunity to adjust levels every half hour (that's how many trains cam by) untill the batteries ran out. Still I got a decent recording
1-4-1986 (Minimix)
10-12-2004 (Minimix)
The SOS Band - The finest1986?
1-4-1986 (Minimix)
Cliff Richard & The Young Ines - Living dollHi-tec big smack beatbox sweatsock big sound nowhere bound get down to the lavatory minimix
28-3-1986 (Minimix)
Whistle - Just buggin
21-3-1986 (Minimix)
14-5-2004 (Minimix) DMC Remix
24-9-2005 (Minimix)
Billy Ocean - When the going gets tough1986?
1-3-1986 (Minimix)
1-10-2004 (Minimix)
Full Force vs Whistle vs Princess vs Paul HardcastleAlice, don't waste my time after the inspector has gone
Just Buggin'
After The Love Has Gone
Don't Waste My Time

14-2-1986 (Minimix)
Drum Theatre - EldoradoElectric Drum theatre was one of the bands in a wave of rock/dance acts like Duran Duran, Mister Mister and Talk Talk (I sense a pattern here....)
This is one of the early remixes, using the first Akai 612 Sampler to add drum and vocal effects. The phasing choir sounds are actually made by sampling my own voice , and adding effects to this "Aaah" sample Additional drum, sequencer and soundeffects are added with the akai sampler.
This first sampler could record one sample, and had a recording time of less than 1 second. The sequences where played into the step-time sequencer of a Korg poly 800 and synced to the music using a teac 4-track recorder.

3-3-200 (CD Mixes) The Minimix CDS
7-2-1986 (Minimix)
20-12-1991 (Minimix)
3-3-2000 (Minimix)
26-3-2004 (Minimix) Adding a substantial amount of precussion and fills to this track, draws it from it's pop background straight to the dancefloor
2-3-2007 (Minimix)
Tramaine - Fall DownWith samples from 5 Star-All fall down
31-1-1986 (Minimix)
25-11-2006 (Minimix)
Jellybean - SidewalktalkBen got his first decent sampler and the world was sure as hell going to know it. :)John 'Jellybean' Benitez

Released in 1984, this track produced by John "Jellybean" Benitez, probably was one of the very first tracks featuring the talents of Madonna. The track is written (and probably also performed) by Madonna, and was made at the start of their musical cooperation which later led to the first true hit "Holiday".
Working from the original the vinyl 12" version, this was the first mix to feature the akai S-612 sampler. With less than second sampling time, this sampler nevertheless was great fun to use, and was even enough to sample all sounds (one at a time) to make the "holiday rap" in 1986. Listening to this mix, you follow Ben's first tryout with the Akai sampler, using looped and reverse sounds, as well as adding the occasional sampled syndrums. This was also one of the 1st minimixes to center around one track, rather then having a megamix style of several songs. (There is a small drop out in one of the channels somewhere in the mix, due to an analog tape edit/dropout. This is due to the fact that the mix was first recorded on to 2-track, then switching to a 4-track tape recorder, erasing the center 2 tracks (track 2 and 3) to ad the sample effects, keeping the outer tracks (1 and 4) playing the stereo edit. All channels where then mixed back into stereo adding some reverb on the sampled sections. Consider the drop out as part of the original "package".

Veronica:Curry & Van Inkel
1-1-1986 (Minimix) Veronica:Curry & Van Inkel
13-10-2000 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
16-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
januari 1986

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