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MINIMIX - 1985

Minimixes are the mixes Ben made from 1983 to 1993 (and again in the new millennium). They are usually mixes of one track and one artist. They have been broadcasted by Radio Veronica on friday evenings. The dates shown are the dates they were broadcasted for the first time. These mixes are in some occassions the same as on the CDSingles Ben remixed/produced. In other occassions they're just 'practice'. If you have additional information about one or more mixes, please mail me.
In 2000 and 2001 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Saturday, 10 minutes to 3. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2002 the minimixes were broadcasted by 538 on Friday-evending, 10 minutes to 10. On Lindo Duvvall's radioshow.
In 2004 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Friday -evening in Ben's own show 'In the Mix'
In 2005 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
In 2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 21:15).
From 7-oct-2006 the minimixes were broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Sven's Disco Inferno show (approx. 23:15).
From 18-nov-2006 the minimixes were also broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Saturday -evening in DJ Erwin Peters Avonturen Show (approx. 21:10).

Art of noise - Moments in Love
13-12-1985 (Minimix)
Dolly Dots-Unique
6-12-1985 (Minimix)
Colonel Abrahams - Trapped
29-11-1985 (Minimix)
Grace Jones : Slave to the rhythm
Veronica:Curry & Van Inkel
1-11-1985 (Minimix) Veronica:Curry & Van Inkel
9-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
16-2-2007 (Minimix)
Ready for the world - Oh Sheila
18-10-1985 (Minimix)
23-4-2004 (Minimix) On In The Mix
Five Star - Megamix1985?
1-10-1985 (Minimix)
20-2-2004 (Minimix)
Propaganda - P.Machinery
Veronica:Curry & Van Inkel
20-9-1985 (Minimix) Veronica:Curry & Van Inkel
16-1-2004 (Minimix) Veronica:In The Mix
Miami Sound Machine - Conga
13-9-1985 (Minimix)
30-1-2004 (Minimix)
Kate Bush - Running up that hill
6-9-1985 (Minimix)
16-4-2004 (Minimix) 3rd Hour
23-7-2004 (Minimix)
Rah Band - The Clouds Across The Moon And The Songs Across The Years Mix
21-6-1985 (Minimix)
Mai Tai - ??
7-6-1985 (Minimix)
Paul Hardcastle - 19
24-5-1985 (Minimix)
2-7-2004 (Minimix)
Depeche Mode - The Flexible mix
10-5-1985 (Minimix)
6-12-1991 (Minimix)
30-1-2004 (Minimix) On In the Mix
Peter Brown - Megamix1985?
1-5-1985 (Minimix)
Wham - Megamix(Young Guns Go For Club Tropicana
Because That's Where The Bad Boys Do There

12-4-1985 (Minimix)
The Limit - Megamix (No limit)
29-3-1985 (Minimix)
Dan Hartman - Relight my fireMy Fire In The Pyro Mix
15-3-1985 (Minimix)
7-5-2004 (Minimix)
Dan Hartman/Jerry+Ollie - We Are The Young vs. There's No Stoppin' Us
1-3-1985 (Minimix)
Fun Fun - megamix
1-2-1985 (Minimix)
ITM 1985-01-19 (#57)01. S.B.B.L. - Purple Rap
02. Dazz Band - Let It All Blow
03. Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Out Of Control
04. The Time - Jungle Love
05. Deniece Christie - My Love Is My Money
06. Future MC's - Erotic Rap
07. S.B.B.L. - Purple Mix
08. Chaka Khan - This Is My Night
09. Ashford & Simpson - Out Of The World
10. Tea For Two - Time And Love

19-1-1985 (Minimix)
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel FAxel F stands for Axel Foley. The song was written as a theme for the movie Beverly Hills Cop, and appears whenever the lead character Axel Foley, played by Eddie Murphy comes in to action.
Harold Faltermeyer also worked closely with Giorgio Moroder and has also written filmscores for Running Man and Starlight express. Axel F was number 1 hit in 1985 following the success of the movie.
The Minimix features the original version of Axel F, the rap version, as well as outtakes from the Eddie Murphy One Man Show. It jumps back and forth between these versions and includes some scratches with Eddy Murphy's vocals, as well as street sound effects adding to the melody. This Minimix also dates from 1985

1-1-1985 (Minimix)
13-12-1991 (Minimix)
10-3-2000 (Minimix)
30-4-2004 (Minimix)

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