Grandmix The Summer Edition
The 2nd grandmix to be sold to the public on CD!

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1st Broadcast: 31 july 2000 from 1800-20:00 Parts 1 and 3

The Summer-edition will be available as a 3CD-box

You can buy it at

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1 Ben Liebrand Intro Summer Grandmix (Composited in DD1500)
2 DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh P - Summertime (album version)
3 Shanice - I love your smile (CD maxi)
4 Diana King - Shy Guy(Compilation CD)
5 Shabba Ranks - Mister Loverman (CD Maxi Timestretched to tempo)
6 Joyce Simms - Come Into My Life (CD Maxi)
7 Full Force - Alice (Compilation CD: FullForce/Lisa Lisa)
8 BVSMP - I need you (CD Maxi)
9 Los del rio - Macarena (Compilation CD)
10 Black Machine - How Gee (CD Maxi)
11 Gazebo - I Like Chopin Remix (CD Maxi
12 Dimples D - Sucker DJ (Ben Liebrand Remix from DAT master/Acappella from Vinyl)
13 Timex Social Club - Rumors (CD Maxi which was a vinyl transfer)
14 jimmy cliff - Reggea nights (Compilation CD Album)
15 Kid Creole - Que pasa (Compilation CD Album)
16 Will Smith - Get Jiggy with it (Compilation CD Album)
17 Indeep - Last night a DJ saved my life (CD Maxi
18 De La Soul - Say no go (CD Maxi)
19 Valerie Dore - The Night (Ben Liebrand Remix from Compilation CD Album)
20 Jovanotti - Libera l'Anima (Compilation CD Album)
21 Silver Pozzoli - Around my dream(Compilation CD Album)
22 Shalamar - Second time around (CD Maxi)
23 Lisa lisa - Let the beat hit em (Compilation CD: FullForce/Lisa Lisa)
24 Whispers - And the beat goes on (Compilation CD Album)
25 Kool & the Gang - Ladies night (original mix from CD album)
26 Sugarhill gang - Rappers delight (liebrand 89 remix form DAT master/ Acap from Sony F1)
27 Billy Ocean - Caribean Queen (Compilation CD Album)
28 Jacksons -  Blame it on the boogie (Compilation CD Album)
29 Rocker's revenge Walking on sunshine (Compilation CD Album/Acap from Vinyl)
30 Colonel Abrams - trapped (Compilation CDAlbum/Acap from Vinyl)
31 C&C music factory - Gonna make you sweat (original 12" mix from CD Maxi)
32 Off - Electrica Salsa (CD Maxi)
33 Incognito - Always there (CD Maxi)
34 Nomad - I wanna give you Devotion (CD Maxi)
35 Tony Lee - Reach up (CD Maxi
 36 MC Miker G DJ Sven - Holiday rap(taken from original master on F-1)
37 Doctor's Cat - Feel the drive(taken from original master on F-1)
38 ivan - Baila (Compilation CD Album)
39 oliver cheatman - Get down saturday night(Compilation CD Album:Mastercuts)
40 Kool & the Gang - fresh (Vinyl copy)
41 Miami Sound Machine - Dr Beat (small sized CD single)
42 Bobby Thurston - You got what it takes (excellent CD maxi
43 Bohannon Let's start thedance(Compilation CD Album: Mastercuts)
44 Koto - Visitors (Compilation CD Album)
45 My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (Compilation CD Album)
46 double you? - Please don't go (Compilation CD Album)
47 Heavy D & the Boys - Now that we found love (Compilation CD Album/ instr version:Vinyl copy)
50 Cuba Gooding - Happiness (Vinyl copy) 51
D train - You're the one for me(Compilation CD Album: Mastercuts)
52 Bobby Thurston - Check out the groove (excellent CD maxi
53 Inner City - Good Life normal mix(CD Maxi)
54 Robin S - Show me love(CD Maxi)
55 Nomads - yakalelo (Compilation CD Album)
56 Mystic -  Ritmo de la noche (Compilation CD Album)
57 Bobby Brown - Two can play that game (Compilation CD Album)
58 xpansions - elevation(CD Maxi)
59 Wes - Alane (Compilation CD Album)
60 Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita (Original mix Compilation CD Album)
61 Hugh Masakela - Don't go loose it baby (Compilation CD Album)
62 Fun Fun - Color my love (Master from Sony F-1)
63 Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk (Compilation CD Album)
64 Starlight - Numero Uno (Compilation CD Album)
65 Moses - We Just (Compilation CD Album)
66 Kasso - Kasso (Compilation CD Album)
67 Clivilles & Cole - Deeper Love (CD Maxi)
68 Nerio's dubwork - Sunshine & Happiness (Compilation CD Album)
69 Beckie Bell - Steppin' out tonight (Compilation CD Album)
70 Dr Alban -  Sing Hallelujah (Compilation CD Album)
71 Madison Ave - Don't call me baby (DAT Master)
72 Azoto - San Salvador (Compilation CD Album)
73 Alcatraz - Give Me Love (Compilation CD Album)
74 Santana - Jingo (Compilation Best Of CD Album)
75 KC & the sunshine band - Give it up (Compilation CD Album)
76 DJ Jean - love come home (CD Maxi)
77 Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke Hardfloor mix (Compilation CD Album)
78 Soulsearcher - Can't get enough (Compilation CD Album)
79 Miranda- Vamos a la playa (Compilation CD Album)
80 Righera - Vamos a la playa (Compilation CD Album)
81 Outhere brothers - Boom boom (CDR Master)
82 Jam & Spoon - Stella (Compilation CD Album)
83 Artful Dodger - Re-Rewind (Compilation CD Album)
84 Delirium - Silence (Compilation CD Album)
85 Chicane feat Bryan Adams - Don't give up (Compilation CD Album)
86 Karen young - Hot shot (Compilation CD Album)
87 Ben Liebrand - Music & Passion (DAT master)
88 Sash - Equador (Compilation CD Album)
89 Loona - Bailando (Compilation CD Album)
90 Carillio - Samba di janeiro (Compilation CD Album)
91 Rozella - Everybody's free (CD Maxi)
92 Ben Liebrand - Chase (DD1500 Master)
93 Dial M for Moguai - Beatbox (Compilation CD Album)
94 Weather Girls - It's raining Men (Compilation CD Album)
95 Vengaboys - To brazil remix (Compilation CD Album)
96 ruffdrivers - dreaming (Compilation CD Album)
97 Klubbheads - six-pack 2000 megamix (ben liebrand remix DD1500 master
 98 DJ Jürgen - Higher & Higher (CD Maxi)
99 Blow your mind - Lock 'N load (Compilation CD Album)
100 Perfect phase - Horny horns (Compilation CD Album)
101 Poco Loco Gang - Poco Loco (Compilation CD Album)
102 Sunclub - fiesta de los tamborileros (Compilation CD Album)
103 Airscape - L'esperanza (Compilation CD Album)
104 Soca boys - follow the leader (roof is on fire) (Compilation CD Album)
105 Ben Liebrand Outro Summer Grandmix (Composited in DD1500)  		


* Shabba Ranks   - Mister Loverman (track 6) Allmost didn't make it in the mix,
because of the low 'speed' of the track, but with some timestretching Ben speeded him up.

* Vamos a la playa (Righeira) And KC and the Sunshine Band were Ben's least 'Mixable' tracks in the mix.
No Breaks, no intro, Bad quality. But they were Summerhits....

* Ben used 3 of his 2000 Minimixes in the Mix, Music & passion, The Chase and The Klubbheads Sixpack Mix
Ben also did The Intro and The Outtro

* The following tracks were suggested by the recordcompany, but were rejected by Ben:
* Going to Ibiza from the Vengaboys
* Some tracks from ACE of Base

(photo's and text by Ben Liebrand)

The GRANDMIX of the MILLENNIUM was digitally edited from the
original digital 12" masters, on the AKAI DD1500 Digital Audio Workstation.
This DD1500 has 28 hours of recording time at 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo.
And can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously. The DD1500 does not
use any audio mp3 or other destructive data compression.
The DD1000's used for the previous mixes where limited to 1,5 hours.

DD1500 screen showing the transition from Full Force to BVSMP

First off all, all tracks were gathered on CD where much attention was
paid to selecting the original long dance mixes where possible.
Many masters were taken from the MasterCuts series which feature
excellent 12" or long version masters of dance,disco,Soul & R&B classics
Other masters were ordered from the site (special thanks to Anna)

All tracks were then digitally recorded form a Philips 850 CD player
into the Akai DD1500. After this task was completed the CD versions
were no longer needed, as every track was ready for use in the DD1500
library. Some rare masters were transferred from Sony F1 digital recordings.
If nothing else was available, vinyl copies were used which were recorded
into the DD1500 from a technics SL1200mkII turntable fitted with a new
Stanton 681EEE stylus, and a Studer turntable preamplifier.

Most of the tracks are unprocessed. Only a few tracks are digitally EQ'd,
in the DD1500 and only 2 are given some extra punch by adding some
compression using the Urei limiters.

urei compressor limiters

All tracks were then checked for there exact BPM using a BPM counter
The tracks were then entered in a database and sorted by tempo and key.

CD's , BPM counter and DAT remote contoller
and some small sized CD-singles as released in the 80's

They look like Minidisks on this photo, but they are CD's
This small format wasn't a success due to problems playing
them in many CD-players and Car-audio systems

The intro features the usual system droids, but this time, unaware of the
upcoming broadcast, they are all hanging out on a beach on Ibiza.
The main computer system struggles to get things working without its usual
assistants, which turns out to be pretty difficult. The voices, as usual, are
generated using the sennheiser vocoder

sennheiser vocode input section

A vocoder substitutes the tone in a human voices by a different sound.
It does this by analyzing the frequencies in the speech input channel,
and exactly opening those frequencies in the replacement sound channel,
thus articulating a new sound with your voice. The difficult "S" "T" and "V"
sounds are added proportionally using the speech information, or automatically
using a built in noise generator. This feature gives the Sennheise vocoder
it's excellent quality and clearness of spoken sound

The mix was then mastered onto a Tascam DA30, where also the track id's were added

Tascam DA30
The CD was mastered and P&Q coded at Sony by Paul Adema.
This is the process of actually adding all the track ID's on the CD master to make it possible to locate each song individually.

paul_adema.jpeg (49538 bytes)

Here is Paul Adema adding the P&Q codes (CD track indexes) to the Grandmix

The DAT is transferred to a Sony U-Matic tape using a separate PCM unit
which functions as AD and DA converter. The U-Matic recorders are controlled
by this remote control unit

sony_edit.jpeg (47274 bytes)

Once a position is cued with the jog wheel, it's timecode is marked and
automatically sent to the P&Q (CD track index) recorder
pq.jpeg (21400 bytes)

This device then prints a list with all timecodes/track lengths.

The following restriction apply: A track may not be longer than 1:45
If it is longer, it will be counted as 2 tracks, with a maximun of 44
tracks per CD. These rules must apply to be able to offer the CD at
the current price. this provides the best balance between limitations
and creativity, and results in the best value for money for you.

All lengths are checked. If all is OK it then records this information
on one of the analog audio tracks on the U-Matic, thus completing
the CD master tape. This tape is then sent of to Switzerland for
production. Although this system is in use for a couple of decades,
it still is used as the standard way to master CD's

Alternatively, CDR software capable of placing P&Q info, and
capable of writing Redbook compatible CDR's are also becoming
more and more popular.

The Setup for The Grandmix Summer Edition