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Release... 10-nov-2006



Timewise, this Grandmix fills in the gap between the "annual" series and the "specials" series. It also marks the change of sound in dance music. Where before productions where mixed according to traditional standards, taking care of levels and avoiding distortion, from the mid 90's the sound is being pushed more and more to the limit resulting in high sound pressure and accepting distorted, over-compressed and over saturated levels as a new style of mixing and mastering.

Where the audio industry welcomed 24-bit 96KHz as a final relieve from digital artifacts, Daft Punk uses those dreaded artifacts to create a trademark sound on tracks like "One More Time" where they go back to 8-bit samples or less. (As a comparison, CD's are in 16-bit 44.1 KHz). So now, anything goes but I did use a somewhat more hi-fi mix of Armand van Helden's My My My as the original pushes the levels way beyond what's sensible ;)

How would disco sound today if it never would stopped in the first place. It would probably still have the funky influences, vocals and that “4 on the floor” rhythm. Long intro’s and even longer breaks. But it would also be new. New Disco, Nouveau Disco, infused with stronger rhythms but with that same uplifting feel and the sole purpose to make you dance.So feel that energy and get on the floor. Ben Liebrand

All participating Mixfreaks
Norbert Janssen • Wim Bijkerk • Gino Vriens • Tony Menting • Patrick • Verseput • Erwin Brouwer • Kees Franken • Ivo Roest • DJ Esanto • Harno Arts • Patrick Heymans • DJ Ed • DJ Roel • Martin Rodenburg & DJ Lutz for CD MASTERS